reasons why lewis hamilton to ferrari

Opinion: Why is Lewis Hamilton switching to Ferrari?

Like a bolt from the blue, the news of Lewis Hamilton leaving Mercedes and joining Ferrari in 2025 stirred the racing community, heating social media as the fire abyss until the official announcement came. The rumors were approved. Hamilton leaves Mercedes after the 2024 Formula 1 season, but why? We share our thoughts, gathering the significant things so you can find your answers.

#1. Mercedes isn’t fast enough

After the shock proclamation, the pundits came to the opinion Lewis Hamilton had lost his belief in Mercedes. That is false. 

After seven successive seasons and six championship titles with the team, unlikely three seasons of disadvantage against superfast Red Bull disappointed Lewis Hamilton. He made the story with the Mercedes. We believe he hopes to win his eighth with Silver Arrows in 2024. 

However, Mercedes F1 cars are fast, but this is still not enough to make Hamilton’s dreams come true. That is a fact. 

#2. No One Expected

The rumors about the possibility of Hamilton signing a contract with Ferrari had spread for the last five seasons, becoming more evident at the end of the 2023 season. 

According to the different insights that social media stir, no one was ready for such a move. 

Not the Mercedes nor Ferrari’s driver, Charles Leclerc, expected the announcement on these dates. However, it partly explains why the Ferrari F1 team delayed Leclerc’s teammate Sainz’s contract extension. 

As we think, at some point, Ferrari team principal Frédéric Vasseur woke up with a mind – for why we Sainz if we can try to reach Hamilton’s interest. We think Vasseur was wondering no less than Mercedes’ principal, Toto Wolff, who knew the news a day before the announcement.

It didn’t look like a plan.

#3. The Case is Not About Money

According to the latest news, the salary of Lewis Hamilton in Ferrari will be over $100 million per year, and this is the most expensive contract ever made for the team and Hamilton. But the case is not about money.

Vasseur has led the Ferrari for a second in a row, but we believe he is a good businessman. He understands how much income the Ferrari will gain with Hamilton’s jump, which means many new sponsors on the Prancing Horse’s board Mercedes driver will attract. 

Thus, the team will receive a substantial payback from these millions. Remarkable Ferrari’s stocks rose by 13% on the same day with the announcement. 

Yes, it is twice more than Hamilton had ever gained in Formula 1 (in terms of contract) and more than Ferrari can afford. However, both sides win.

#4. Bad News for Charles Leclerc

As for the current Charles Leclerc, it is the worst news he can hear, as it means Hamilton to be a number one driver at Ferrari, at least he would never accept the deal. 

So, look at Lewis Hamilton’s teammate for Mercedes, George Russell. The first thing is how challenging it was to sign Russell, who was waiting for the seat for a few years. 

Moreover, despite a good performance, Russell had taken those team orders to hold his place, the place behind Hamilton. 

Leclerc loses in both ways. Even if there will be equal rules for Lewis and Charles in Ferrari, high pressure is guaranteed for Lelcerc. Rosberg, Alonso, and only Bottas endured to race alongside Hamilton, but all his teammates left the team. Leclerc will be number two.

The story of Leclerc struggling and finally winning against his teammate Vettel repeats, but in pair Leclerc – Hamilton, the conclusion will be different, as we guess.

#5. Everybody’s a Ferrari fan

These legendary words Sebastien Vettel declared at the 2016 Canadian Grand Prix. It is a vox populi that each driver dreams of racing for Ferrari. 

Ferrari relates to Formula 1 in its roots because its founder, Enzo Ferrari, was passionate about motorsport. However, it is what the old fans get used to thinking because they caught the moment when Ferrari was in favor. It was the old good times. Michael Schumacher became world champion for the seventh time, while Jean Todt led the team. Amazing era. 

However, we believe Lewis Hamilton is different, and new fans know that each F1 team racing in Formula 1 has its own authentic story. From McLaren and Red Bull to RB and Sauber, the teams rise and fall with their legends. 

It is what we also exclude.  

#6. The Personal Ambitions

We believe personal ambition is the number one reason Hamilton will join Ferrari.

Seven-time Formula 1 champion Hamilton is well known for what he thinks about himself and what other people think about him, resulting in how he writes his name into the fame of glory. 

Max Verstappen overtook Hamilton in terms of popularity and set his place as the youngest F1 champion. It is like people forget for a while how many racers Hamilton won. 

Another aspect is that Hamilton won six titles at the wheel of a Mercedes car, which makes him a bit mediocre, despite breaking all the possible and not records. 

Therefore, winning even just one race at the wheel of a Ferrari car will top him at quite another level. Hamilton will make the impossible, while the title with Ferarri will make him unreachable in terms of Formula 1 history. He will be the greatest, something that perhaps no one can ever repeat.

Last but not least. Hamilton’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, the same as Michael Shucmaher’s. He is stubborn, and ambitions play a role in his lifestyle. However, how then Hamilton can be sure Ferrari will meet his expectations?

#7. The Story Is Repeated

Back to the 2012 Formula 1 season, after winning his first championship with McLaren, Hamilton got the deal to race for the Mercedes. Everybody thought it was the fault, but Hamilton accepted the call. He started winning championships for Mercedes one by one after the year.

Currently, signing the contract with Ferrari seems to be the fault because Ferrari has been struggling for 16 years! They haven’t enough pace, strategy, and brains of the team. Each one singly is perfect at Prancing Horse team, but when they start working together, it comes to chaos, especially in controversial moments

However, the cause lies under the right people behind Hamilton, who knows many details regarding Formula 1 rules and prospects. They like spies, knowing everything about rivalries, and are free to make any assumptions for the future. It is confidential information that journalists and reporters will never know, but Hamilton does. 

Most likely, Hamilton knows more than anyone at the grid about future changes in the Formula 1 regulations for 2026. Thus, he accepted the deal. It was not like Frédéric Vasseur promised victories for Lewis; it was the proven information, and that is how it was with switching for Mercedes from McLaren.

#8. The Timely Announcement

Hamilton declared his decision to leave Mercedes was up on time. Without delay, instead of going with a hard heart, he announced it as fast as possible – on the following day.

Not in terms of his contract nor on the emotional discomfort, the Mercedes has no reason to be angry with Lewis Hamilton. They need to improve their performance to prove Hamilton is wrong. Yes, Lewis Hamilton is very influential. 

However, we believe Mercedes will focus on George Russell first. Perhaps they have to do it early. 

Hamilton’s moving to Ferrari also stirred one of the most confidential points in Formula 1. The case is about the drivers’ market. It was the calmest part of the season, but for now not.


Gathering all the information from Mercedes driver Hamilton’s past and present, it is clear that Hamilton knows what he is doing. Switching from Mercedes to Ferrari looks like a mistake, but the deal opens the doors for many perspectives for the time Formula 1 champion, including the eight titles and personal achievements.

Alongside many opinions, we believe that personal ambitions are the number one reason for Hamilton to take the Ferrari seat for the 2025 season. 

However, the actual reasons will be known only when Hamilton becomes the Ferrari driver officially. There is no need for additional information because he must finish the 2024 season with Mercedes well.