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Unveiling The F1 Drivers’ Zodiac Signs And Hidden Personalities

Formula 1 drivers are famous athletes, role models, the highest-paid athletes, and the sports magazines’ headline heroes. They are top racing stars. However, outside all tinsel, they are just real people like you, with their own needs, wants, passions, and fears, even if this side is always hidden from the fans. In an attempt to open this closed door a bit, we explored the zodiac signs of current F1 drivers and the legendary Formula 1 championship to understand their personality traits and how astrology affects their performance on the track.

Alex Albon zodiac sign

Aries: The Fearless Competitors of the Formula 1

Aries F1 drivers are Oscar Piastri and Alex Albon.

Starting with Alex Albon. (March 23, 1996). The Aries zodiac sign is known for its energy, creativity, punctuality, and passion. These traits have helped Albon impress Formula 1 as a rookie driver and earn a seat at Red Bull Racing. 

Moreover, after Albon switched for Williams and felt freedom, he became one of the bravest drivers on the grid, who likes his racing, even at the less powerful Williams team. The excitement of Albon’s battles with Lance Stroll, Valtteri Bottas, and Lewis Hamilton have delighted his fans.

Thus, the Belgian Grand Prix 2022 was the stand-out F1 race where Alex Albon proved himself to be a true racing gladiator. He finished tenth, but to hold off five drivers for the final point at the wheel of the less competitive car at the challenging Spa-Franciorhamps was worth it.

McLaren driver Oscar Piastri (April 6, 2001) is an Aries known for his courage, ambition, and assertiveness. Perhaps, these traits lie under his success as a most promising young F1 driver.

Besides, despite the scandalous beginning in Formula 1, Piastri accepted the situation fast. Moreover, at the start of his debut 2023 season, he was calm in the background of such a star teammate in McLaren Lando Norris. After a few races, Piastri became a faster driver full of confidence. 

Among former F1 drivers, Romain Grosjean (April 17, 1986) is another representative of the Aries zodiac sign. Bravery, impulsiveness, and competitiveness are other traits of the Aries that we associate with him. These qualities have helped him take risks on the track and achieve podium finishes in Formula 1. 

The Dark Sides of Aries F1 drivers

However, Grosjean has the weak traits of his zodiac sign, which are stubborn and easily angered. Thus, Formula 1 driver Aries can be impulsive and hot-headed, often leading to reckless driving decisions and unnecessary risks on the track. Their lack of patience and tendency to act on their impulses can result in aggressive maneuvers and clashes with other drivers. Does it remind you of someone? Exactly! Those traits caused many problems for Grosjean for the Haas team. The lack of patience is what we had seen many times for the 2020 season – his last year in Formula 1.  

Yuki Tsunoda zodiac sign

Taurus: The Dependable and Determined F1 Drivers

Taurus is an unpopular zodiac sign because Yuki Tsunoda (May 11, 2000) is the only Taurus among the current F1 drivers. He is known for his determination, persistence, easy-going, and love of his comfort. Even if astrology is abstract, the traits explain Tsunoda’s personality more than enough. So, when Tsunoda feels uncomfortable or disagrees, like it happened at the Emilia Grand Prix 2021, he loses control and starts to swear loudly. That was the problem, as the team radio was often on. Therefore, in AlphaTauri, they hired an additional expert for Tsunoda. 

Another representative of the Tauus is the former F1 driver Daniil Kvyat. (April 26, 1994). His creative way of overcoming obstacles and positively accepting bad things helped him win the fans’ hearts worldwide. Moreover, being down-to-earth, Kvyat immediately started to find other ways in car racing after retiring from Formula 1 in 2020. 

The Weaknesses of Taurus F1 drivers

However, the opposite side of the Taurus is struggling with adaptability and flexibility. You may wonder, but they may be challenging to adapt to changing track conditions. Their stubbornness and resistance to change could hinder their ability to make strategic decisions during races. 

Remarkable Red Bull team advisor Helmut Marko (April 27, 1943), responsible for the Red Bull and Alpha Tauri drivers, is Taurus. We think the comments are needless.

Gemini: The Versatile and Adaptable F1 Stars

Geminis is also a rare zodiac sign among the current F1 drivers. Perhaps, after the following description, you find out why. 

Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu (May 30, 1999) is the only Gemini F1 driver on the grid. Gemini is intelligent, adaptable, quick-thinking, and versatile. They are also highly communicative and social beings. In some terms, these traits may explain Zhou’s success in catching the attention of Alfa Romeo teams and his good relationships with his teammate Valtteri Bottas. 

Zhou Guanyu zodiac sign

Among the former F1 drivers, Rubens Barrichello (May 23, 1972) is also Gemini. Like Zhou, he is known for his adaptability and sociability. That explains well their relationship with a teammate in Scuderia Ferrari, Michael Schumacher from the past. Barrichello was good with the dominance of Schumacher.  

The Weaknesses of Gemini F1 drivers

Gemini F1 drivers have weak traits because they may have difficulty maintaining focus and consistency. They are impulsive and noisy. Due to their dual nature, they may struggle to concentrate for a long time, leading to lapses in performance. 

Simply put, Gemini F1 drivers are the trusted teammates but are overthinking about others, resulting in them losing focus on their own wants and needs.

Sebastian Vettel number in F1

Cancer: The Emotionally Intelligent Drivers of Formula 1

The key feature of the Cancer zodiac sign of F1 drivers is hidden sensitivity and empathy. So, it is for a reason they have so many fans. They literally win the hearts of the people. 

Thus, among the current F1 drivers, Daniel Ricciardo (July 1, 1989) is the only Cancer zodiac sign F1 driver, but it’s a worthy representative. Australian is known for his emotional intelligence, sensitivity, and creativity. These qualities have helped him find a connection to Red Bull. As a result, he went back to Alpha Tauri for the 2023 season. 

In fact, Ricciardo is the only driver who managed back to Red Bull, and we think the case is in his nature charm. Ricciardo easily has found a connection with the fans on a deeper level and became a beloved figure in the Formula 1 world.

Another emphatic figure represented by the Cancer zodiac sign is Sebastian Vettel (July 3rd, 1987). He is known for his emotional, intuitive, and creative nature. With winning four F1 World Championships, Vettel established himself as one of the best drivers of his generation. Besides, his emotional nature helped him to go beyond as he went further into environmental protection.

The Dark Sides of Cancer Zodiac Sign F1 drivers

However, among the weaknesses of this zodiac sign, we highlight a few that these F1 drivers have. They might be overly sensitive to criticism and emotional fluctuations and stuck in the past. Their nature can make it challenging to maintain a consistent mindset, especially during high-pressure situations, while their mood swings impact their ability to remain calm during the race. 

In some terms, it explains enough the racing results of Sebastian Vettel during the last years in Ferrari, when the team signed and made a bet for a young Charles Leclerc. 

As for our two cents on the matter, we have noted that often, when they feel public love, they can lose control, as happened with Vettel at the peak of his fame or Ricciardo with his F1 shoe celebrating. 

Leo: The Charismatic and Dominant F1 Drivers

We have two Leo Zodiac sign F1 drivers: Nico Hülkenberg and Fernando Alonso. 

Unlikely, you will find any other F1 driver who is more confident in himself than Fernando Alonso (July 29, 1981). He is the most highlighted representative of his zodiac sign. Leo is known for his confidence, competitive spirit, natural leadership, and generosity. These qualities played a role in Alonso becoming a two-time F1 World Champion, while his charisma set him as one of the most respected drivers in Formula 1. He is a cold mind racing gladiator and unforgiving to others’ mistakes. 

Nico Hulkenberg

Another Leo, Nico Hülkenberg (August 19, 1987), has common with Alonso. His natural courage helped him excel in high-pressure situations and earn the respect of his peers. Despite Hülkenberg having no victories in Formula 1 yet, he has gained a reputation as the most trusted driver on the grid. Hülkenberg is always ready for the call like it happened a time ago. He replaced Lance Stroll and then Sergio Perez one by one in the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The Dark Sides of Leo F1 drivers

However, Leo F1 drivers have many weaknesses. They have a super large ego. Therefore, they don’t forgive the other’s criticism and exhibit a sense of entitlement and arrogance. Stubborn and dominant, they hardly find a common language within a team because their desire for attention and admiration could lead to conflicts with teammates and a lack of cooperation. 

So, their ego-driven approach might overshadow their talent and hinder their overall performance. That is the reason Alonso has good relationships with only a few teams. 

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, Ferrari F1 team

Virgo: The Detail-Oriented and Analytical F1 Racers

Currently, we have three Virgo F1 drivers on the grid: Esteban Ocon, Carlos Sainz Jr., and Valtteri Bottas.

The key feature of the Virgo zodiac sign among F1 drivers is overthinking. 

Thus, Carlos Sainz Jr. (September 1, 1994) is a Virgo known for his analytical, practical, and hardworking approach to racing. Thanks to these, he achieved consistent results and established himself as a reliable driver. 

The detail-oriented mindset of Esteban Ocon (September 17, 1996) makes us think that he always has a plan, which not everyone would like. With features of the Virgo Zodiac sign like self-contained and predictable, Ocon earned a spot on the Formula 1 grid. 

Valtteri Bottas (August 28, 1989) is also a Virgo known for his practical, precise, and methodical approach to racing. These qualities made him have survived alongside seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes for almost five years! After switching to Alfa Romeo, Bottas always reflects good memories about the contract with Mercedes. 

Moreover, legendary F1 driver James Hunt (August 29, 1947) was also Virgo. The closer people had known Hunt for his precision, diligence, and analytical mind. It helped Hunt to win the 1976 F1 World Championship in a dramatic battle with Niki Lauda. The rest is history.

The Weaknesses of Virgo F1 drivers

Among the weaknesses, Virgo F1 drivers tend to be perfectionists, which can have positive and negative effects. Their attention to detail can be an advantage, but it may also lead to over-analyzing and self-criticism. However, their constant pursuit of perfection may cause them to second-guess their decisions on the track, but it slows them down or causes errors.

So, in some terms, it explains why Sainz is slow with making decisions on the track. He is a perfectionist F1 driver. 

Red Bull drivers Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen

Libra: The Balanced and Charming F1 Personalities

Libra is a popular zodiac sign among current F1 drivers: Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, and Kevin Magnussen.

Max Verstappen (September 30, 1997) is known for his balance charm and diplomacy. You may wonder about diplomacy, but despite the young age and the challenging 2021 Formula 1 season, Verstappen evinced a high level of it after a chain of controversial races against Hamilton. He demonstrated the respect. 

Moving on to Charles Leclerc (October 16, 1997). He is a Libra like Verstappen. Leclerc’s composed demeanor on the track reflects the Libra’s balanced personality. Perhaps it is the calmest that helps Leclerc overcome the obstacles in Ferrari over the years. 

Another representative of the Zodiac sign among F1 drivers is Kevin Magnussen (October 5, 1992), and he is known for his love of harmony and balance. So, when Magnussen feels himself in harmony, you can watch his consistent driving style, even in the most challenging conditions. 

So, in terms of calmest, Leclerc and Magnussen are very sustained, like the former F1 driver Kimi Räikkönen (October 17, 1979), who is also a Libra, balanced, diplomatic, and calm. These qualities helped him to find millions of fans worldwide, while his ice calm made people call him IceMan.

Libra F1 drivers’ Weaknesses

Those Libra F1 drivers have their own weaknesses. They may struggle with decision-making and assertiveness. Their desire to maintain harmony can sometimes lead to indecisiveness, particularly in high-pressure situations. A need for balance and fairness may hinder their ability to make assertive overtaking moves.

Any other driver in the place of Leclerc preferred to race successfully with another team instead of being exhausted with Ferrari, but Leclerc didn’t. Charles acts with unlimited trust and patience for his team. Is it bad or good? You decide.

Lando Norris zodiac sign

Scorpio: The Intense and Ambitious F1 Competitors

There is something magnetic every Scorpio has. They don’t have to be the best, but still, they have something secretive and powerful.

We have two F1 drivers with this zodiac sign: Lando Norris and Lance Stroll. 

McLaren driver Lando Norris (November 13, 1999) is a Scorpio, and he is known for their intensity, passion, and competitiveness. These traits have served Norris well in his Formula 1 career, as he continues to improve and impress with each race. 

Lance Stroll (October 29, 1998) is another Scorpio known for his passionate, intense, and determined nature. It helped him push himself to the limit and achieve impressive results on the track. 

Scorpio F1 drivers Dark Sides

A remarkable feature of these two is that they are magnetically secret persons. Norris had made the impression of a simple friend who spends his free time on video games. In fact, Lando is one of the most high-paid F1 drivers. He moved to Monaco, and he is a good businessman. 

Lance Stroll had made the impression of the son of a wealthy father who is racing due to his father’s big ambitions. In fact, after winning many different races, Stroll was one most titled drivers at the beginning of his career.

However, Scorpio F1 drivers can be highly competitive and intense so much so that can be a vindictiveness or vengeful approach on the track. Their desire to win at all costs may result in aggressive tactics or even deliberate collisions with rivals. The intense nature may also lead to a lack of trust within the team. Well, we didn’t spot it for Norris or Stroll.

Antonio Giovinazzi F1 driver zodiac sign

Sagittarius: The Adventurous and Optimistic F1 Drivers

You wonder, but there are no F1 drivers with the Sagittarius zodiac sign on the current grid.

The former F1 driver Antonio Giovinazzi (December 14, 1993) is Sagittarius. Sagittarians are known for their optimism and energy. It could explain Giovanazzi’s fearless driving style on the F1 track. On the other hand, the Sagittarians can also be impatient and impulsive, which may lead to careless mistakes.

Robert Kubica (December 7, 1984) is another Sagittarius. Same way as Giovanazzi, Kubica may possess adventurous and optimistic traits, but the restless and inconsistent sign could affect his performance. Nevertheless, Kubica’s perseverance helped him overcome a near-fatal WRC rally crash in 2011. 

Lewis Hamilton best quotes

Capricorn: The Disciplined and Ambitious F1 Stars

Today, Lewis Hamilton (January 7, 1985) is one Capricorn F1 driver on the grid. 

Capricorns are known for their ambition, ultra responsibility, spiritual depths, persistence, and practicality. So, if you can name Alonso as the most self-confident on the grid, Hamilton is the most ambitious among the drivers. This trait helped Hamilton become one of the greatest drivers in Formula 1 history. He always knows what he is racing for. 

Besides, former driver and Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher (January 3, 1969) is also Capricorn. German legend is known for his dedicated work and disciplined nature. This proves Schumacher’s seven world championship titles and numerous records are what he deserved well.

f1 drivers zodiac signs explained

Capricorn F1 drivers’ Weaknesses

However, Capricorns have weaknesses. There are pride and pessimism. Despite the representatives of the sight being the hardest workers in the Zodiac, they always set high expectations and go far with pessimism when these expectations aren’t met. They are proud and love the fame, but this prevents them from looking at the actual picture, or better to call it ‘descend from heaven on a snake.’

Red Bull RB18

Aquarius: The Innovative and Eccentric F1 Racers

Aquarius are known for their unconventional and progressive spirit. Alongside Virgo and Libro, Aquarius is the ‘popular’ zodiac sign among F1 drivers. Pierre Gasly, George Russell, and Sergio Perez are Aquarius F1 drivers. 

Aquarians are known for a tremendous desire to learn. They’re peaceful and independent. Thus, Max Verstappen’s teammate for Red Bull, Sergio Perez (January 26, 1990) is an Aquarius. The sign’s qualities helped him to survive in Formula 1, even though he has faced numerous challenges. 

Lewis Hamilton’s teammate in Mercedes, George Russell (February 15, 1998) is another representative of the Aquarius. Russell is friendly and humanitarian in nature and can think outside the box. Alongside hard work, qualities have helped him stand out as a rising star in the Formula 1 and to set the seat in Mercedes. 

Alpine driver Pierre Gasly (February 7, 1996) is Aquarius. The closer people have known him for his independent and innovative approach to racing. The sign’s qualities have helped him surprise his rivals and earn his first victory at the 2020 Italian Grand Prix.

Moreover, the father of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari (February 18, 1898) was an Aquarius known for his innovative and visionary nature. For those who believe in horoscope, it can be a reason Ferrari has become one of the most successful teams in Formula 1 history.

The Dark Sides of Aquarius F1 drivers

As for the negative side of the zodiac sign, Aquarius F1 drivers may struggle with conforming to team strategies and rules. Sometimes, they can act like alienated thinkers and distracted ones. So, their independent nature and desire for individuality may cause them to question and challenge authority. Their rebellious streak could lead to conflicts with team management. Whether it is true or not is still an issue.

Ayrton Senna zodiac sign

Pisces: The Intuitive and Imaginative F1 Personalities

The Pisces is a special zodiac sign among the F1 drivers. Despite there being no racers with it in the current driver line-up, there are three legends in Formula 1 Pisces.

Thus, Alain Prost (February 24) is a Pisces known for his creativity, sensitivity, and adaptability. Thanks to these qualities, he won four F1 World Championships. He survived against Senna. As a result, Prost developed a reputation as a cerebral and strategic driver.

Brazilian legend and three-time Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna (March 21) was a Pisces, and he was known for his spirituality. 

How to become an F1 driver Ayrton Senna

Another legend under Pisces was Niki Lauda (February 22). He had the natural intuition, pure sensitivity, and inner strength. In some terms, these qualities helped him overcome a near-fatal accident, recover fast after the crash, and become a three-time champion.

Niki Lauda Inspirational quotes

The Weaknesses of Pisces F1 drivers

Although the Pisces F1 drivers may be dreamy and imaginative, such nature makes problems for them to stay grounded and focused on the demands. Their tendency to get lost in their thoughts may impact their ability to make quick decisions or react swiftly to on-track situations. 

However, Lauda and Senna had philosophic viewpoints on life. As for thinking outside the box, there are the team principles, who are needed to think ahead and stay creative no matter what the most of their time.

red bull formula one team

The Zodiac Signs Of F1 Team Principals

Red Bull

Starting with Red Bull team principal Christian Horner (November 16). He is a Scorpio. Although we didn’t recognize aggressive tactics from Stroll and Norris, but something tells us that Horner can fight back impressively. Their often skirmishes with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff are proving the above. However, it doesn’t prevent him from leading Red Bull to multiple championships and establishing himself as a respected figure in the sport. 


Frederic Vasseur (January 17), the Team Principal of Ferrari, is a Capricorn. He is disciplined, responsible, and practical. 


Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team principal Toto Wolff (January 12) is a Capricorn too. He is known for his ambition and leadership skills, but sometimes Wolff loses his temper fast. After all, to steer Mercedes towards unprecedented success is a very nervous job.


The Haas F1 Team Günther Steiner (April 7) is an Aries. He is confident, courageous, and assertive, even when the team has failed.  

Aston Martin

Otmar Szafnauer (September 20) the Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team principal, is a Virgo. His detail-oriented, analytical, and practical approach to problem-solving helped him lead the team through various challenges. 


The former Scuderia AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost (January 20) is an Aquarius known for his independent and progressive mindset.  


Andrea Stella (October 22) is leading the McLaren team. He is a Libra known for his diplomacy, fairness, and balance. Zak Brown (November 7) is the CEO of McLaren Racing, and he is a Scorpio known for his passion, determination, and willingness to take risks.  


Mike Krack (June 13th ) is the Team Manager of Williams Racing, and he is a Gemini known for his versatility, adaptability, and resourcefulness that help him to ensure that Williams is constantly improving and evolving.

Alfa Romeo

Alessandro Alunni Bravi is leading Alfa Romeo. He is the Sagittarius. Bravi’s key qualities are optimism, adventure, and a strong desire for freedom.  

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Astrology and Formula 1

The zodiac signs can provide a deeper appreciation for the unique qualities of the Formula 1 drivers. Whether it’s the fiery determination of Aries drivers or the analytical approach of Virgo drivers, each zodiac sign brings its strengths and weaknesses to the track. It opens the doors to each driver’s personality, as most of these moments are hidden from the public.

The astrology doesn’t impact the F1 driver’s success directly, but we consider that it is the map of human features that make sense for the racing career in the top world championship. Therefore, each racer has bad and good traits, while the difference between the best and worst F1 drivers is the case of personal work with all those traits.