On the Grixme website, we have a special feel for the FIA WRC, as it is always about rally cars. However, another country is another unique round of the FIA World Rally Championship, which means it has its own difficult terrain, weather conditions, authentic culture, and thrilling racing challenges.

Besides, picturesque views of the racing monsters in the wild nature cannot be compared with. Moreover, the rallying as one of the racing disciplines is one of the oldest in the world, while its iconic Rally Monte Carlo was at the roots of the FIA WRC since the 1900s.

We love to watch the exciting challenges of this sport. With so many factors interfering with the round, the event often comes as an unpredictable race. Therefore, we gathered all the posts under the ‘WRC’ topic to explain all its thrills.

So, here you can find information about the roots of the discipline of rally cars, their speed, different types, and pricing.

Also, we respect the professionals who chose rally sports for their careers. Therefore, you can find posts about the most legendary drivers and new champions under this label.

Another part of the topic that we want to reveal is the preview and schedule of the rally event, which we publish in the middle of each rally week.

Overall, under this topic, we sharing our passion for a rally and providing helpful information to the rally fans. We hope you’re one of them. Welcome!