How to dress up for F1 weekend?

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How to dress up for F1 weekend?

Going to Formula 1?
Want to be the most stylish fan in Formula 1?
Do you appreciate comfort and comfortable clothes?

Especially for you, with my friends from different fan clubs, I made up the must-have clothes’ memo on every Motorsport events. So keep it to yourself, because my advice will help you more than once time! Let’s go!

Open any program of Formula 1 events, Baku City Circuit for exampleAny race weekend is full of Motorsports events. Therefore, if you want to feel the real Motorsports atmosphere, then you need to visit (try) everyone.

Baku City Circuit info
How to dress up for F1 weekend?

By the way, this applies not only to fans, journalists are no exceptions. Any other race circuit has about 6 km.
You have to walk on it average for 3 times, that’s all per one day! So,  now we will choose not just stylish, but also the most comfortable clothes shoes and other accessories, which are must have for every Formula 1 fan.

1. Sneakers. 

The most comfortable shoes at Formula 1 race track – sneakers! You can argue for a long time, but did you imagine how much km you’ll have to walk? Slippers? It will works, but you won’t be on style. What about replacement shoes? If you won’t have any plans for evening, than it’s better to don’t take, because after 2-3 hours you will tired even more, and be dream about where to throw it away. If you’ll suddenly need replacement shoes just leave it in the parking lot near the racetrack.

!Important! If you travel from another city or country, you need to book a Parking place. Look at the services on the official website of the racetrack for this.

2. Stylish coat. 

Even if you won’t be need it, you may still need it! For many years I understood weather is always changing and the cold wind or rain can catch you by surprise. Stylish cloak, (not exactly warm) will be your real friend. 
!Important! In advance to see the weather forecast. I do this for 2 weeks before.
How to dress up for F1 weekend?

3. Backpack. 

I’d been saw Motorsports fans with big bags at the circuit many times. It’s a mistake that could makes whole weekend ruined.
*Large bags are inspected at most racing tracks. It means the internal will have to turn out.
* Weight. You need to know that you can’t take all that you want on Formula 1 (don’t need it), or will have to carry everywhere. As in the case of replacement shoes, you will dream about where to throw your bag after 2-3 hours. Small and neat backpack-just a godsend! Hands free, movement doesn’t restrict.
!Important! Don’t fill the bag with unnecessary things. Whatever? Read on.

Sport bottle
How to dress up for F1 weekend?

4. Accessories. 

Don’t forget to drink! The human body is made up of 80% water. Doesn’t matter, that you have small backpack, but there are a few things must be. Bottle of water, money, documents(and F1 tickets to), phone, painkiller. Trust me, the whole day at the racetrack would makes you feel not so good, analgesic will help you out, and maybe your friends to. As for the bottle, this is very helpful, especially in warm countries. Moreover, you can pour the tea or coffee. Yeah, there’s a lot of little cafes at the circuit, but what if you want to drink right now?

!Important! Under the new rules, water in your bag is not allowed at some race tracks. Keep in mind that will have to leave the bottle beyond the grandstand. You could learn about it on the official circuit’s website.

5. Telephone case.

You need to accept the fact your IPhone or Samsung, or Huawei will fall down to ground, it will happens very often. Because you’ll get it very often at the racetrack: to take a photo, take a selfie, call a friend, take a photo again, and then take a selfie again. So take care to protect your phone in advance.

Something that you wanted to take, but wondered. 

Photo camera. High-quality images is perfect, but modern phones have the necessary functions for this. By the way, lasts don’t inferior to portable cameras. Big camera is extra weight. However, if you have photography hobby, then make sure to bring your photo camera.
To girls! 
Don’t make my mistakes! The race circuit is not a place for sports suits, tight trousers and uncomfortable jeans, especially shoes with big heels and short dresses. Powder and water is your must-have for the Formula 1 race weekend
And don’t forget your sunglasses! They helped to complete your trendy look. Now you’re ready for a new experience for this Formula 1 weekend!

P.S: Our look is really very fashionable. And most importantly, it will looking very good for anyone my dear reader!