what to wear to Formula 1 race

How To Dress Up To A Formula One Race?

What to wear to Formula 1 race? Everything is the first thing that comes to your mind. In fact, an outfit has to be planned a long time ahead. In exploring our past experiences, we found the most essential points. So, the wear has to be comfortable, for the weather, suitable and distinctive. As a result, we have put together a short guide on how to dress up for the Formula 1 race that you can follow.

Let’s clarify the situation.

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There is a vast difference between the Formula 1 race weekend you spend on the sofa and the event you attend personally. The main thing is that the trip to the race is all-day-long action instead of those two hours you spend behind the TV. Therefore, the best outfit for Formula 1 keeps these four rules…

  • Be Casual 

    This is our first piece of advice. The clothes to Formula 1 journey is when less is more. Be casual with the wear and be simple with the accessories. The most popular look for Formula 1 race weekend is jeans, a t-shirt, and a cap. It’s a win-win option.

    Do you thinking of a dress to impress? Forget about it. Of course, you can test the attire idea with a masquerade mask or a fancy hat. But you still have to run a long distance each day of the race weekend. The bulky cap looks freaky and attractive, but carrying it will be demanding. 

    So, when we traveled to Formula 1 last time, we completed about 25 000 steps for each day of the event. Do you still have doubts? 

    F1 fans on the pitlane walkPhoto by Patrick

    The Circuit de Monaco, the shortest F1 track, is 3.340 km or 2 miles harbor. With the F1 racing circuit’s average length of around 5.500 km or 3.4 miles long, your temptation to walk on the track will force you to make another thousand steps. 

  • Opt The Comfort

    Long pants, a shirt, or a polo shirt for men, and a cozy dress, skirt, or pants for women are the most comfortable outfits to wear to a Formula 1 race. They say it is “smart casual,” but we know it is all about opting for comfort, where footwear is the key to feeling confident 24/7. 

    You can take off or put on the sweatshirt in any case, but this option doesn’t work with squeezy shoes in the same way. So, sneakers are the best footwear option to wear to a Formula 1 race.

    Dress to a Formula 1 race advice
    The comfortable outfit is about freedom. Choose a suit with multiple pockets for carrying small items like phones and wallets.

  • Dressing For The Weather

    Check the weather forecast before visiting the Formula 1 racing circuit. The case is in the details: temperature changes, rain possibilities, and wind shifts. 

    At some Formula 1 Grand Prix we attended, the weather was sunny, with an average of +28C. We were happy to join the pit lane walk, but the cold wind and huge crowd made our waiting for a challenge.

    what to wear to Formula 1 raceFormula 1 Race Circuit de Spa Belgium 2015 – Saturday – Fans at Eau Rouge Village

    Please do not act as we did. In the heat, consider materials like a cotton blend for breathability. A lightweight polyester suit for rainy days.

  • Show Off Your Team’s Loyalty

    It is not a necessary rule but a quality experience. Formula 1 is an event that brings hundreds of thousands of people from around the world together. In some terms, it is the international racing party. You never know who you will meet at the grandstands. 
    It can be a calm office clerk visiting Formula 1 for the first time and a bizarre enterprise who has been passionate about F1 for many years. 

    And you never know who is who. What makes these two familiar? Naturally, both the worker and the businessperson are Ferrari fans. How do you know it? Both are wearing Ferrari merchandise. 

    This way, your outfit is both a comfortable suit and an identification sign simultaneously. So, give yourself the freedom to support your favorite team by wearing clothes in the team’s branded colors, and you will feel like a part of one giant community. 

    Max Verstappen fansPhoto by Daan Haagen

    The first time we visited the Formula 1 Grand Prix, we were denied wearing a branded cap or other accessories. We were looked like the odd out, while F1 fans asking which team we follow.

  • Grib The Accessories

    The more people, the more opinions on what to take to the Formula 1 race. We are sure that less is more. So, here is the checklist of necessary accessories for the Grand Prix:
    -Photo camera (if needed),
    -ID and other documents,
    -Fanatic attributes (flags, posters, etc.),
    -Water bottle. 

    Likewise, check information on what items you can bring to the racing circuit’s grandstand. The F1 racetrack’s official website provides the data.

    Besides, a comfortable backpack and a small back are the best options for carrying your accessories together. 

    Italian Grand Prix Tiffosi

    The water bottle is necessary, which we have kept at every race. We should have considered that racetrack regulations change from year to year. So, we didn’t explore the rules and were forced to leave the bottle at the turnstile. In fact, that year, water, juice, tea, and coffee were the items you couldn’t bring to the track. 

Concluding on what to wear to a Formula 1 race

Choosing the proper clothing for a Formula 1 race is not a complicated task but a fascinating adventure. Following our simple rules, you can find the most comfortable dress to impress race fans. Also, you can express your passion for Formula 1 in every detail of your look. It is more fun if you will prepare for the trip ahead, so you will be ready to meet Formula 1 at your best.