About Us

We love racing…

Grixme.com is a site that unites racing fans and enthusiasts from around the world. The project was founded in 2017 and here is a minor story to put things in order. 

In 2017, we were invited to the Formula 1 race in Sochi for the first time. We got the idea that motor sports racing is a huge, but private universe with its own orders, terms and main characters. We should add that race fans are the most influential part of any Grand Prix. You always need to be in the trends to understand how it works. But for fans, it is challenging to know everything. Following our trips to the FIA World Rally Championship round in Turkey and to the DTM races, we confirmed our thoughts.

Here, news turns into stories.

The Grixme.com offers more than news, since each news story has its own passion and storyteller, and we appreciate each one. We do not collect and republish the news, but we pick the stories that make sense. 

We share the racing passion

What do race fans need? That is the question that we always ask. Our own experience suggests that the answers are: information about racing, live streams and schedules; useful tips and hacks for fans, previews of the races, and, of course, about their favorites.  

People want to know about people

Therefore, here on Grixme, you can find information on your favorite driver. But also about race fans themselves, their stories, as well as about racing teams and people who have chosen the races in their lives. 

Therefore, you can find storylines on Grixme.com as well as share your own. You can contact us by filling out a contact form or by sending a letter to hi@grixme.com.  

It is Grixme’s mission to share the passion and to inform you of the trends of the world’s motor sports wherever you are: at the track or at home.