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Grixme Is Made With Car Racing Sport Passion

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Honestly, the idea to launch a website came to me immediately after my first visit to the Formula 1 Grand Prix, but I didn’t have a clear concept. It needs to be said that the trip ‘changed my mind.’ However, it would be too simple because everything I knew about auto racing before seemed to be just a theory.

It was like to get out of the box. I remember my first time at the grandstand, circuit walk, autograph session, and even Paddock’s club. ‘What is going on here?’ was the question that had pursued me every minute of the adventure. I wanted to know how all these work and why so many people are passionate about it.

After visiting FIA WRC and DTM, coming to the senses, and putting everything in its place, I figured out each world racing championship is like a ‘private universe,’ with its rules, terms, and primary characters, while the fans are always an integral part of it.

However, the way of race fans is not a simple path because it is filled with different experiences, thrilling feelings for the favorites, and traveling to races. So, even our lifestyle differs, where the weekend is painted to the minute to get ready for the race start. However, it’s an astonishing experience that can’t be compared with anything. 

What Do Race Fans Need?

So, what do race fans need?

That is the question that I always ask myself. In my experience, the answer is clear. Each race fan wants to understand how everything works in this big theatre on the wheels. With this purpose, my concept was finally completed, and Grixme was founded to explain the sense of auto racing, to provide information about races and drivers, and to give a few tips.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are a new one in this sport or a die-hard fan, welcome! You will find insights into Formula 1, the FIA WRC, WEC, Le Mans, and other racing championships here, including our main characters – cars and the drivers. 

People Want To Know About People

That is the crucial thing

I have understood because each rise and fall of champions, teams, and legendary cars has a personal story that lies under the success. Therefore, Grixme is about people. For this purpose, you can find racing stories about enthusiasts who have chosen the races in their lives. 
Moreover, you can share your own by filling out a contact form or sending a letter to hi@grixme.com

It is Grixme’s mission to share the car racing passion and to inform you about the world of motorsports wherever you are: at the track, team box, grandstand, college, or at home.

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And I hope it has suited your expectations in the best way. So join Grixme to explore the exciting world of motorsport racing together!

Taisa Lavi

Founder, journalist, fan of the FIA Formula 1 and WRC since 2012.

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