Daily Racing

Here you are on the Grixme page of the ‘Daily racing’ category. We chose the label for a reason.

Therefore, you can find posts about different racing disciplines, such as DTM, IndyCar, FIA WEC, and Le Mans on the ‘Daily Racing.’ Here is the information about the iconic cars and drivers of other world championships.

Simply, everything that we want to share with you but that relates to the other racing.

Moreover, here you can explore some historical moments, including the first cars and races, and insights into the female car racing sport.

Under the label, we gathered some inspiration, like the tops of quotes by the car racing champions and just stories of drivers, such legends as Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda, and others. Also, we are placing information about FIA, what the organization is, and its rules and regulations for the different championships.

Last but not least, under this category, you can find helpful life hacks about attending the races and advice on what to wear for the race. We added information on buying tickets and other ‘how to’ posts for the fans through the other racing series to be ready for the events. We also have ideas on what to give to race fans, what to read, what to watch, and how to cope with time during the pauses between the races.

Until the end, we couldn’t find the right name for the category, but we knew that it had to include something to stay in racing daily. However, we’re still thinking about its name, and if you have any ideas, welcome to our contact page.