How to buy F1 tickets? Top tips for Formula 1 fans.

F1 tickets
Sochi Autodrom
First time at Formula 1? Do you remember that ad with David Coulthard? This question won’t put you in a deadlock. Let’s choose the F1 tickets right. It is difficult, especially if you’re really for the first time at Formula 1. Grandstands are large, and there are many places, prices are different too. For several years, I noted the top factors with my colleagues and friends.

How to choose F1 tickets?
Where to buy F1 tickets?
When to buy tickets?

So, this makes you to buy F1 tickets a real pleasure for you. I divided them into some tips to make you feel more comfortable. Let’s go!

1. Decide what you want to see at your Formula 1 Grand Prix!

That’s why you will be known “How to see F1?” No possibility to see everything at the racetrack.  All at once is only on TV, and will have to choose at F1 live time.  Therefore, decide for yourself what is more important:
A. Is the maximum speed on straight with overtaking?
B. Great corners?

C. Pit stops and start-finish line?

F1 circuit map
F1 tickets

! Carefully study the circuit’s map, and everything will be crystal clear

A. F1 main grandstand, middle row, left/right corner (depending on the direction of the start)
B. Pay attention to the most interesting turns on the race track. Grandstands are always located opposite these. Your place must be either the highest or average (look to the corner route). The higher place makes you will see more.
C. This grandstand is called the same name everywhere – “Main”. If you want to see Pit Stops – have to take the average place, if the start-finish line is very important, then you need to take the left or right side on the grandstand.
F1 tickets
F1 tickets

2. What emotions do you want to feel by F1’s trip?

In my experience, I have noticed that one part of people enjoy seeing Formula 1 racing. as other like to hear races. So decide for yourself: sound or picture. In the first case – you have to take lower place in the grandstand. If you want to see more – try to climb up to place, but not to the last!

! Important! Don’t forget about the monitors in front of the places. It’s very important. Everything you miss, you will be able to see on the monitor. This is the only way you can be aware of all that happens at the racetrack.

F1 tickets
F1 tickets


3. Count up the budget!

Don’t make my mistakes. Just plan your spending ahead of time. Pay attention to the fact stands can be hidden. If you have free money – covered is your choice (the place selected by the principles described above). If you have any doubts, just remember that at this place you will spend not one, but several days.

F1 fanzone
F1 tickets

4. Plan your weekend in advance!

Especially if you’re going to F1 not alone. I just want to warn you children feel very bad at the race track. Weather, many people, long routes. Children get tired quickly, keep that in mind. By the way, those also apply to girls and women.
But now we are talking about F1 tickets for one day or per the weekend. Remember and tell other fans: those who buy F1 tickets for the whole weekend get not only a  place but also:
*a pit lane walk, 
*a hike to the autograph session and other events. 

You can find out about it on the official website, but a little later. Plan your weekend so, that race weekend was the freest of time. F1 events program is so rich that you will spend almost 9 hours on the racetrack. Remember this.

F1 tickets
F1 tickets

5. Don’t forget about  weather!

In 2016, at the Sochi GP, I did not think about it. There was hot, but I did not pay attention to strong cold wind warning. Fortunately for me, people were like me. We were all very cold. Therefore, pay attention to the weather forecast before the race weekend. Of course, if there promise rains, just do not take the most recent ranks, pay attention to the covered stand. I look at the forecast for 2 weeks before.

Other questions.

Where to buy F1 tickets?

Buy F1 tickets ONLY on official websites or at the ticket offices of circuits. If you have doubts, then I found a web page that I use.

fia info
F1 tickets


Add to bookmarks, useful.

When to buy F1 tickets? Promotions, discounts!

One of the key points. F1 tickets are better to buy in advance for the following reasons: 3-5 months before ( everywhere in different ways) they are almost 35% cheaper, a lot of vacant seats.
By the way, for the same reasons, it is better to choose a hotel in advance and place of residence (if you going to another country or city).
!Important!  Do not forget to follow the F1 news, if the tickets are already in your hands. For why? All my friends doing wrong, when missing the program of events. Dear friend, it can change, always! Remember this. When all events on race weekend are agreed, be sure to print, save, make copies. Believe me, the little program will help you more than once time!
I see you almost read my post, and then you’re ready to buy tickets on F1! Good luck!  If you still have questions, write to me.