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A Step-by-Step Guide To How To Buy F1 Tickets

Formula One (F1) is a luxury sport from its origins. The glamour, glitz were always a part of that. Besides, with teams spending over $100 million and F1 cars costing over $10 million, it is the most expensive sport in the world! Moreover, buying tickets tens of years ago was hard because Formula 1 was a very closed sport and the most attractive show. Today, by extending its venues and improving social media, F1 racing became closer to its fans. However, buying tickets for Formula 1 races is still can be overwhelming. Today, there are various types of F1 tickets and travel package options. Although, with careful planning and research, F1 fans can secure the best seats and experiences. So, fear not, as we’re here to help with our guide on how to buy F1 tickets and get the most out of the experience.

How To Buy F1 Tickets?

We’ll share tips, tricks, and insider secrets to ensure you have the best possible experience when buying F1 tickets. From understanding the different ticket categories and seating options to finding the best deals and avoiding scams, we’ve got you covered.

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Steps to buying tickets for Formula 1:
Decide on Your Budget
Choose the Race You Want to Attend
Decide Your Ticket Type
Choose Your Seats
Find a Reputable Ticket Seller
Purchase Your Tickets
Plan Your Formula 1 Weekend

buying F1 tickets
Step 1: Decide on Your Budget

The first thing that you have to do is to decide on your budget. F1 tickets can vary in price depending on the location of the race and the type of ticket you want. You need to determine your budget before booking to spend your money wisely.

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Average F1 fans spend about $600 to attend the race. But the location is the primary point that directly impacts the price of tickets to Formula 1. As a result, the average price differs. Alongside Las Vegas, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi, Monaco is considered the most expensive, where fans spend about $1,000 to attend. On the other hand, fans that choose Italy, Hungary, and Austria spend less than $400.

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Step 2: Choose the Race You Want to Attend

The second step in buying F1 tickets is to choose the race you want to attend. The F1 calendar consists of races worldwide, so you’ll need to decide which one to go to. You can find the full calendar on the official Formula 1 website.

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Pro Tip: 

We recommend you reflect on your favorite racing circuit that inspires you the most with its legendary stories. Another option in choosing is think about to combine business with pleasure. There are many travelers visiting the city during the Formula 1 racing week. The prices in shops and hotels are rising as a result. But the three days before it and the same after the F1 weekend, the prices come down as the excitement subsides.

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Step 3: Choose Your Ticket Type

At this step, you must define what you want to see at the Formula 1 racing circuit. You can find several types of F1 tickets: general admission, grandstand seats, and VIP packages. So, each variety has its pros and cons.

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Different types of F1 tickets and their perks

Cheap tickets

General Admission is the cheapest type of F1 ticket and the most affordable. These provide access to designated areas around the circuit, allowing you to explore and find the best viewing spots.
Grandstand tickets are reserved seating in specific areas, giving you a better view of the action, but these are more expensive. The high cost here depends on the type of grandstand and the distance to the track and the corner.
The closer you sit to the action – the higher will be the average price. Therefore, the first and mid rows are always more expensive; the same is with the grandstands. The seats at the far stands are cheaper than at the main.

Expensive tickets.

VIP and Hospitality tickets provide an enhanced experience with exclusive access to premium facilities, gourmet catering, and meet-and-greet opportunities with drivers and teams. These are the most expensive option.

However, there are two primary solutions: VIP hospitality and the Paddock Club packages. The difference between these two may reach three times and depends on the level of hospitality you want to get; the more comfortable and unique the experiences, the higher cost can be.
The Paddock Club offers experience with all-inclusive gourmet cuisine during seated meals, open bars, views from directly above the pits, and access to insider activities such as current and legendary F1 driver appearances, truck tours of the circuit, and daily pit lane walks.

The average price of 3-day tickets in the VIP hospitality category starts from $5,000, while 3-day Paddock Club packages start from $11,000. Both are variated depending on the hosting country.

Each ticket category has its perks and limitations. It’s noteworthy to consider your priorities and budget when making your choice.

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Take your time spending all the money on F1 tickets because you will need the most soon. It is better to think about the good seats at the stand. Besides, as many official merchandise shops open at the track, you will want to buy souvenirs and presents with your favorite team logo.

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Step 4: Choose Your Seats

The seating arrangement at Formula 1 circuits can vary significantly, so it’s essential to consider a few factors when choosing the best seats. The first consideration is the viewing angle. While the places positioned at higher levels or near corners provide a better perspective of the track and more opportunities to witness thrilling overtakes and intense racing action. 

On the other hand, seats held near the start/finish line offer a prime view of the podium celebrations and a close-up look at the start and finish of the race. 

Also, consider the proximity to restrooms, food stalls, and merchandise shops. It can significantly impact your overall experience and convenience during the race weekend.

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Pro Tip:

Unlike the TV, you will not see all the action from the seat at the racetrack because the grandstands hold in front of one-two corners or straight. The other activity at the circuit you will not see. Many fans often use mobile apps or check for live streams from their phones, trying to catch all the racing battles. However, we are sure it is distracting from the racing atmosphere. Therefore, we recommend choosing the seats in front of the TV screens at the track.

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Step 5: Find a Reputable Ticket Seller

Once you’ve decided on your budget and ticket type, it’s time to find a reputable ticket seller. There are many options for buying F1 tickets; however, we discovered three proven methods: via Formula 1 official, with a Motorsport Network partner, and at the official website of a racing circuit. 

So, the official Formula 1 website offers tickets for all races and all places. It is the biggest seller, providing the most variety of seats for different kinds of prices. The stands and general admission F1 tickets are available even for the following Formula 1 season. While on F1 experiences, you can find the entire packageы with their exclusive programs, including VIP hospitality and tickets to the Paddock Formula 1 club. Here the price depends on the offered experiences. 

The Motorsport Network is a global media and technology organization that includes Motorsport, Autosport apps, websites, and TV. Another option is to check F1 tickets on Motorsport Network partner, Motorsporttickets. Additionally, you can find the VIP packages here too. In the privilege experiences category, they offer to the paddock of F1 teams such as Red Bull and Alpine. 

The third option for buying tickets to Formula 1 is to book these on the official website of the racing circuit. Red Bull Ring, for example, provides seats to Formula 1, DTM, MotoGP, and other events held at the track. So, each circuit has an online booking, where you will find the tickets you want. Although, in most cases, the price covers sits at the bleachers without packages. 

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Pro Tip:

Each seller has their terms for buying. Often, tickets to Formula 1 that you book at the racing circuit website, you would take later box office. Besides, there are different regulations in terms of delivery. Be sure to check all the selling rules.

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Step 6: Purchase Your Tickets

After finding a reputable ticket seller, it’s time to purchase your tickets. Make sure to double-check the date, time, and location before completing your purchase.
Some sellers may also offer insurance or refund options if something unexpected happens. Although, it would be easy for you to check all the data of your F1 tickets again. You can change the dates of your trip, but the seats on Formula 1 will be difficult to change after that time. The cheaper your tickets, the more challenging to exchange them.

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Pro Tip:

We found the formula that works well in terms of what to do first in planning a trip to Formula 1.
First, considering the approximate dates, then we determine the budget.
The third is deciding on the F1 tickets. After a while, we book the transport tickets and accommodations.
The fifth step is planning the journey program, including entertainment at the track and the activity outside the circuit.
Besides, we’re planning departure and arrival dates to be set in the mid of the week, because in this way the tourist flow is lower than Sunday.

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Insider tips for getting the best deals on F1 tickets

While attending a Formula 1 race can be a significant investment, here are ways to secure the best deals and save some money. One strategy is to sign up for newsletters and ticket alerts from official F1 websites and ticket vendors. They often offer exclusive pre-sale opportunities, discounts, and package deals. However, the most popular races tend to sell out quickly.

Another way is to follow flash sales and promotional offers, especially during off-peak seasons or closer to the race date, when organizers may release discounted tickets to fill the remaining seats. Another insider tip is to consider bundled packages that include not only race tickets but also accommodation, transfers, and additional perks. These packages often provide better value for money and a more convenient experience overall.

Keep an eye on the race calendar and ticket release dates. Besides, if you’re flexible with your travel dates, consider attending races in less popular destinations or during off-peak seasons to secure better deals.

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Step 7: Plan Your Formula 1 Weekend

Congratulations, you’ve purchased your F1 tickets! Now it’s time to plan your Formula 1 racing weekend. Here you have to make a schedule of events for each day of the race weekend. It should include the times of the races, any special events, and any other activities you might want to attend. But to make the most of your F1 experience, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the race weekend schedule.

Understanding the F1 race weekend schedule

Formula 1 events typically span three days, with practice sessions, qualifying rounds, and the race taking place at different times. However, depending on the location, the racetrack often opens its doors on Wednesday – Thursday with many activities for spectators.

The F1 drivers’ autograph session is one of the significant events for the fans. Usually, the event takes place on Friday but may change depending on the locations. So you better find the place where drivers will give the autographs ahead.

We also advise arriving early, because many sports activities are held in the morning. All the drivers arrive at the track very early. Midday sets for racing actions at the circuit, such as Formula 1 and support races. The shows and performances take place in the evening.

On Friday, early arrival lets you witness the practice sessions and get a feel for the circuit layout. Three days ticket holders can take a pitlane walk.
Saturday is an exciting day filled with qualifying rounds, where drivers battle it out for the best starting positions.

Finally, Sunday is race day, the weekend’s culmination, where the tension and excitement peak.
Understanding the schedule will help you plan your activities, allocate time for exploring the facilities, and ensure you take all the actions on track.

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What to expect on race day: facilities, amenities, and entertainment

Formula 1 circuits transform into buzzing hubs of excitement on race weekend, offering spectators a wide range of facilities, amenities, and entertainment options. Most courses provide food and beverage outlets, offering a variety of cuisines and refreshments to cater to different tastes.
Merchandise shops are abundant, allowing you to purchase official team gear and souvenirs.

Additionally, many circuits offer entertainment zones where you can enjoy live music performances, simulators, and interactive exhibits related to motorsport.

To maximize your race day experience, arrive early, explore the circuit, and enjoy the amenities and activities available.

How to buy F1 tickets

How to make the most of your F1 experience: packing essentials and additional activities

To fully enjoy your Formula 1 experience, it’s important to come prepared with a few essentials. The crucial thing you have to think about is the comfortable. Thus, comfy clothing and shoes are necessary, as you’ll spend significant time walking around the circuit. Remember to bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. We also wrote a guide on what to wear to a Formula 1 race

Besides, pack a small backpack with essentials such as a water bottle, snacks, a camera, and earplugs to protect your ears from the loud engine noise. It’s also worth considering additional activities and attractions in the race location. 

Many cities host F1-related events and parties during the race weekend, offering a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and celebrate the sport.

Conclusion and final thoughts on attending F1 races

Attending a Formula 1 race is a unique experience combining the thrill of high-speed racing, the atmosphere of a live sporting event, and the camaraderie of passionate fans worldwide.

By understanding the different ticket options, considering the best seats, and using insider tips to secure the best deals, you’ll be well on your way to creating unforgettable memories at the race track. Remember to familiarize yourself with the race weekend program and use the facilities.

With the exact preparation and a sense of adventure, your F1 dreams can become a reality. So, start planning your F1 getaway and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other!