F1 Drivers’ Favorite Football Teams: Time To Reveal Secrets

Formula 1 drivers are natural athletes, and they are more than willing to participate in soccer matches one-to-one. Just show them the soccer ball and be ready to concede! And one of the reasons is that football often runs hand in hand with Formula 1. In their free time, racers attend matches of their favorite teams, and many of them are friends with world-famous players. But we are also smart, so let’s reveal the F1 drivers’ favorite football teams.

No, it’s not just a charity match on Thursday at the Monaco Grand Prix. It is an influential event for F1 drivers and needs to be handled like a professional.  So, even the masters of world racing are passionate football fans.

Formula 1 requires physical training. That’s why every driver has additional training. One rides a bike in addition to regular training like Fernando Alonso. Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton prefer skis, and Carlos Sainz has nothing against a party in tennis. In any case, they all enjoy football: some more, some less, but all love it.

What football teams do F1 drivers support?

What football team does Lewis Hamilton support?

Lewis Hamilton has supported Arsenal since he was five years old. He also played for the school football team. Hamilton also had the attending a training session when Arsene Wenger was coach.

Today it would be a little more difficult to catch seven-time Formula 1 champion playing football. Lewis Hamilton prefers more extreme hobbies such as skiing, parachuting and jet skiing in his free time. Although, be sure he is unlikely to refuse a friendly match.

In April 2022, Lewis Hamilton and grand slam champion Serena Williams bid to buy Premier League club Chelsea. The Red Bull driver Max Verstappen made the commented that he was always thinking that Hamilton is a fan of Arsenal and Verstappen wouldn’t do the same in Hamilton’s place, regarding his favorite football team. But, he shouldn’t to hurrying with the conclusions as the deal with buying Clesea’s club wasn’t successful. By the way, about Max Verstappen, who became the two-time Formula 1 champion in 2022, he is faithful about favorite football teams.

F1 drivers and football players

Max Verstappen’s favourite football team

Max Verstappen is a true football fan and supports two teams! He is a PSV and Barcelona fan. How does it happen? Well, at the beginning of his racing career in Formula 1, the Dutchman candidly said that he was a fan of PSV Eindhoven. After a while, he also became a fan of Barcelona as an international team. Verstappen also supported Ajax in the Champions League.

Moreover, the F1 world champion likes to play FIFA in his spare time when it comes to gaming. Max Verstappen enjoys playing football. Someone has seen Verstappen play with Frenkie de Jong, a Dutch international and FC Barcelona player, but shh.. do not tell anybody, as these were paparazzi.  

What football team does Sergio Perez support?

Perez is a die-hard fan of former Real Madrid and Inter Milan star Ivan Zamorano. 

What F1 driver is the biggest football fan? Ha! Hold on! Because Perez is such a huge football fan that even his 11 number in Formula 1 is all about soccer!  The number of Zamorano’s footballer jersey when he scored goals for Club America influenced Sergio Perez’s choice of number in Formula 1.  

“He was my idol and was wearing No 11″–Sergio Perez revealed about Ivan Zamorano.

Today, the Red Bull driver is a fan of Lionel Messi. The Mexican driver is good friends with former Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez.

In case you were not impressed, just imagine Sergio Perez has his own football team! It is his own amateur team, for which he played with his friends, mostly as a striker. Red Bull’s driver also has a favorite national football team – the America from Mexico City. That’s that.

What is Charles Leclerc favorite football team?

Charles Leclerc is a fan of the AS Monaco football team. Ferrari driver from Monaco, no surprises here. It would be wrong to call Charles Leclerc a die-hard fan, especially after knowing how passionate Sergio Perez is about soccer! Leclerc spends more time racing. It doesn’t matter if it’s virtual or real. He enjoys racing games and virtual grand prix as well. 

When it comes to football, the Scuderia Ferrari driver is a frequent guest of his local AS Monaco team. Charles Leclerc regularly takes part in charity football games and will never turn down a friendly match.

F1 drivers and football players

What football team does Carlos Sainz support?

Carlson Sainz is one of the F1 drivers who have favorite football teams, but his most favorite is Real Madrid. And he’s not alone, because another Spaniard is joining his team – Fernando Alonso. 

Be sure, no one can get through to Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso as soon as the Champions League begins. You don’t even try, because they support the Real Madrid football team.

They are both openly celebrating the team’s success on social media. The greatest celebration undoubtedly begins on the street near their houses, with every Real Madrid goal.

Besides, Carlos Sainz is an amazing footballer. Sometimes it may seem that he plays soccer with the same passion that he has for racing.  But what’s all about Real Madrid and why is Fernando Alonso so passionate about it?

Fernando Alonso favorite football team

Alonso is a huge fan of Real Madrid and Real Oviedo. He received a customized jersey from Real Madrid’s president, Florentino Perez. Fernando Alonso is a fan of Zinedine Zidane, Kylian Mbappe, and Roberto Carlos.

Both were born in Spain and enjoy playing football with their friends. So, they are like one huge soccer fan family when it comes to the match. 

In an episode of Netflix’s Drive to Survive, Sainz revealed that he and his family are big Los Blancos fans too. Anyway, Alonso and Sainz watch the football team’s games together. But there is one thing that distinguishes Alonso from the other F1 drivers at the grid. 

The two-time world champion has been following the team since he was a child, and he loves football. Fernando Alonso isn’t just making headlines for words. He can show you more than a few tricks with the ball on the football field. The Spaniard is a very competitive footballer. You won’t even blink an eye when he scores a goal, so don’t even bother calling him on the field.

Carlos Sainz favorite football team

What football team does Sebastian Vettel support?

Sebastian Vettel supports Eintracht Frankfurt football team. We rarely see Sebastian Vettel on the football field, but when he steps out to fight at a charity match, he plays with passion. The Aston Martin driver speaks frankly about his impressions of the football game. Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel supports his home country – German football club Eintracht Frankfurt.  

Pierre Gasly favorite football team

Pierre Gasly is a fan of Paris Saint-Germain. He never misses games with his favorite football team. The French F1 driver is also ready to show off his best football skills.

However, Pierre Gasly remembers very well how football passion influenced his racing career. The case is that Gasly has been friends with Alpine driver Esteban Ocon for over fifteen years. When they were seven or eight, their parents were friends. Pierre Gasly had been playing football while Esteban Ocon was driving go-karts. Esteban’s father suggested to Gasley to try Esteban’s go-kart and after that he quit football for racing. 

Nico Hulkenberg follows Bayern Munich

Today Nico Hulkenberg has no free time, as he is a reserve Aston Martin’s reserve driver and working on TV Servus and waiting for a chance to return to Formula 1 as a full-time driver. However, he still follows his favorite football team. Nico Hulkenberg is a fan of Bayern Munich.

What football team does Daniel Ricciardo support?

Daniel Ricciardo is a fan of Manchester United. Being a racer from Australia, it would be difficult to name Ricciardo as a biggest football fan, but Daniel likes football as well. He also supports the Australian Football League’s West Coast Eagles. Someone says he was the club’s number-one ticket holder in 2015 and 2016.

McLaren’s driver isn’t nearly as passionate about football as other drivers, but he has nothing against friendly matches. Perhaps, even some kind of UFC round if it could be possible as the Australian is a big fan too. Someone once asked Ricciardo what he would be if he wasn’t a Formula 1 driver? Daniel had no doubt he would have been a footballer.

What football team does Lando Norris support?

Lando Norris supports Bristol City with all his family members. McLaren driver was born in Bristol, Great Britain, and supports the local football team – Bristol City FC. His father, Adam Norris, an investor and businessperson, is very close with the owner of the football team.

Lando, Lando! The McLaren driver still leaves us wondering how he has time to do everything. Among other things, we watched Landon’s Twitches, Livestreams, virtual Grand Prix, gaming, and many other things. Occasionally, we saw a McLaren driver on the football field, however.

What about other F1 drivers and their favorite football teams?  

If you still have doubts that football is a second hand sport for every F1 driver, here are the proofs. The current Mercedes driver George Russell, like his father, supports Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.

Formula 1 fans saw Valtteri Bottas hanging out at the Richmond Football Club. The Alfa Romeo driver and the goalkeeper of the Finnish national football team, Lukas Hradecky, who was playing in the Euros, are friends.  

Canadian Formula 1 driver, Lance Stroll, is a New York Giants fan. He’s on the couch watching football on a Sunday.  

Former Formula 1 drivers are also football teams fans.

  • Nico Rosberg as Adrian Sutil – Bavaria football club;
  • Felipe Massa and Riccardo Patrese support Milan football club;
  • Jenson Button – Bristol City;
  • Daniil Kvyat, J. Trulli, J. Fisichella – AS Roma;
  • Mark Webber supporting English Championship club Sunderland;
  • Alain Prost is St Étienne fan;
  • Eddie Irvine – Glasgow Rangers fan;
  • Jean Alesi is Juventus fan.

Who is the best football player among the Formula 1 drivers?

All the Formula 1 drivers are ready to show class on the football field. But to compete with Alpine driver Fernando Alonso and Red Bull driver Sergio Perez would be quite challenging. The championship belongs to the Mexican driver. Sergio Perez plays football like a professional player as he spends a lot of time with his own team in his hometown. So, next time when you reach the charity match in Monaco, take a note that will be a real show to watch the game between these two.

Sums Up: 

These guys are pretty skilled at driving F1 cars, but most importantly, most everyone is a passionate football fan. So, when it comes up to the match, they turn into real fanatics… just like ordinary people, who ask for an autograph. 

Someone like Lewis Hamilton has been playing football since childhood. Someone like Sergio Perez was so passionate about his football team that he preserved those special feelings in Formula 1. Someone like Fernando Alonso can always score the goal, even if Paddock is the soccer field. 

Football is not a race, but it is very competitive in the same way. It must be one of the most enjoyable hobbies you can do during your free time, right?