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People know Lewis Hamilton as a Formula 1 world champion, but not everyone knows that the path of the Briton in Formula One was not so clear. He had to pass many tests before he could become a strong driver.
Experienced and motivated, Lewis became one of the most influential people and highest-paid athletes in Britain. Few people know that Hamilton, apart from his own political views, also has sporting successes and a large car park.
He plays a special role in supporting actions against racism and his own foundation. Lewis also loves music, animals, travel and fashion. A prime example of this is his collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger.
His outfits become a talking point on social media and magazine covers. But that doesn’t stop him from remaining who he is: he leads his own lifestyle and does charity work.
Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram is one of the most influential accounts on the network. More interesting is how multiplice F1 world champion keeps himself motivated in every situation.
Today, Lewis Hamilton has an army of fans as vast as the amount of his haters. Generally, there is no clear opinion among racing fans about the current Formula 1 world champion.
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