f1 drivers favorite movies exploring popular films among formula 1 racers

What Kind Of Movies Do F1 Drivers Like To Watch?

Thrilling actions, nervous dramas, and comedy stand-up in front of the press, it seems that drivers have it all with prosperity due to the racing in Formula 1. However, it’s not like that. Like their fans, F1 drivers watch different movies just like common people, while someone on the grid may spend even hours sticking with lovely series until the last episode. So, let’s get to know the current F1 drivers’ favorite movies and find out the most film buffs on the grid.

‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ became more than grossing films worldwide but found popularity at Formula 1’s grid directly. So, despite the lack of time and everyday training, F1 drivers are movie lovers. Be sure.

What Are F1 Drivers’ Favorite Movies?

Comedies. Most F1 drivers prefer comedies, including intelligent and not. So, pick anyone on the Formula 1 grid, and their answer would be clear -comedies.

Besides, contrary to opinion, Red Bull star racer and youngest Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen doesn’t like the ‘Rush’ but prefers comedies.

Comedy Movies Lovers

Whether it is silly or wit, who cares if sticking with a funny movie brings a positive mood! That’s Max Verstappen’s mind. ‘Hangovers’ is his favorite film.

Furthermore, the other racers would agree, as Valtteri Bottas, Lando Norris, Haas drivers Nico Hulkenberg, and Kevin Magnussen love comedy movies. 

As for more personal preferences, Aston Martin’s driver Lance Stroll ikes films with Adam Sandler. More interesting is the case with his teammate Fernando Alonso, who hides his tastes from the public.

However, from his previous interviews, we know Alonso also likes comedies and watching films with Ben Stiller, while ‘Duplex’ was among his favorite ones. 

The RB racer Yuki Tsunoda said his favorite film – ‘Ted.’ Tsunoda’s teammate Daniel Ricciardo loves ‘Talladega Nights.’ Who doesn’t like The Ballad of Ricky Bobby? 

So, if you invite an F1 driver to watch a movie, choose Talladega Nights, as the film was liked by all the grid, including McLaren driver Oscar Piastri. It is his favorite.

Alpine’s Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon are also fans of comedies. Both like ‘Taxi’ and ‘Cars.’ But, if you ask Gasly what he would prefer between watching a Holywood movie or playing a role in one, he will definitely choose the second option. 

As for the rest, Williams driver Alexander Albon loves ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel, while Sauber racer Guanyu Zhou sticks with ‘Jumanji,’ but likes the old version more. 

Something Big: Action Movie Lovers Among F1 Drivers

What may be more hooking than the superpositive comedy? The action movie, of course! 

From stories about superheroes to drama, action films are the second most popular genre among F1 drivers like to watch.

And the superiority comes to the ‘Days of Thunder’ with Tom Cruise starring role. Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, and Sergio Perez like ‘Days of Thunder.’

As for Perez, he is a fan of ‘Man On Fire’ with Denzel Washington playing a role. It is his other special one.

Back to the charming Tom Cruise, his casting in ‘Top Gun’ is what Perez, George Russell, and Lance Stroll like a lot. Furthermore, Tom Cruise is among F1 drivers’ favorite actors, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Will Smith. 

However, what they prefer to watch more than ‘Top Gun’ is James Bond’s saga, especially Russell, Stroll, and Lando Norris.

As for Norris, he is a fan of ‘Batman.’ Nice choice. ‘Batman’ fan on the grid is also Esteban Ocon, whose favorite movie is ‘The Dark Knight.’

Who Is The Most Movie Buff On Formula 1 Grid?

Among the current F1 drivers, two racers have watched the films as many as possible. The case is about Lewis Hamilton and Oscar Piastri.

Thus, in his interview with GQ Sports, Hamilton admitted that he likes many movies, from simple ‘Cool Runnings’ and ‘Bad Boys to tough and meaningful ‘Ali’ and ‘I Am Legend.’ 

Therefore, no doubt, ‘Oppenheimer’ went to Hamilton’s favorite film collection.

And only Oscar Piastri outdid Hamilton as a number-one movie buff in Formula 1. 

Watching ‘Narcos,’ ‘Suits and Ozark,’ ‘The Last Dance’ and ‘Sacrifice,’ Piasti is a true Netflix fan, while ‘Gran Tourismo,’ ‘Rush,’ ‘The Gentleman,’ and ‘Talladega Nights’ are among his favorites. 

Although, there is another film that Piastri likes the most.

What is the Most Popular Movie Among F1 Drivers’ Favorites?

Among so many films we mentioned above, one sets top and touches the hearts of all Formula 1 drivers – ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ with Leonardo DiCaprio in the primary role. 

Piastri, Carlos Sainz, Valtteri Bottas, Logan Sargeant are fans of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ Why did they like it? It seems each one found something familiar to their personalities.

However, there are other racing movies that F1 drivers watched: ‘Rush,’ ‘Driven,’ ‘Le Mans,’ ‘Grand Prix,’ and ‘Need For Speed.’ Besides, Max Verstappen has pointed out ‘Need For Speed’ as one of his favorite films many times.

TV Series or Movies?

Probably a little of both, as those who like movies also watch the series, and Oscar Piastri is an example of that. 

As for the series, ‘ Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ F1 drivers like to watch, and these are favorites for Carlos Sainz, Sargeant, and Russell. 

You wonder, but Fernando Alonso is that unique guy who stands out from popular series on Netflix. So, neither ‘House of Cards’ nor the ‘Game of Thrones’ he didn’t see. 

There could be only one reason for this. Alonso knows – these pictures will get him from reality for a long time. Therefore, deciding not to spend the time, he prefers to focus on his Formula 1 career. He’s holding up well.

F1 Drivers Melodrama Lovers 

However, it is something that most F1 drivers are hiding, as they need to look like the bravest athletes in the world, as racing in Formula 1 is not playing a chess game. However, we know who now and again let out a stingy man’s tear. 

Although it is just what the assumptions are, we think Sainz, Leclerc, Hamilton, Stroll, and Hulkenberg are those because they are more emphatic than others on the grid. So, even if they would deny everything, do not believe. 

However, Stroll once revealed that he cried after watching ‘Pianist’ movie. In fact, it is a very tough film and made us cry too. Lance, you’re not the only one.

Lewis Hamilton is another person who likes to reflect on good and bad things in the world. So, he watched many movies with his favorite actor, Will Smith, including ‘The Pursuit of Happyness.’ We don’t believe he hadn’t cried once during the drama because we did.

So, there is only Charles Leclerc, whose favorite films were hard to explore, and taking ahead, we couldn’t find worthy information, except that he liked the ‘Harry Potter’ saga, but it was what was in the past.

We think the valuable reason is that Leclerc is the biggest fan of melodramas in Formula 1. We guess he loves movies with Tom Hanks, including iconic ‘Forrest Gump,’ ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and definitely ‘Green Mile.’ Whether we’re right, time will tell. 

Formula 1 Drivers and Movies

The crucial point we figured out is that F1 drivers like watching movies more than reading books. Although it seems that they already have such emotions as dramas, fantasy, and actions, the fact is that films help racing athletes.

F1 drivers prefer comedy films most because these switch their focus, relaxing from personal problems in the sport.

Secondly, a great movie with meaningful characters helps to find new role models, like those from Batman or James Bond. 

Besides, action movies are related to F1 racers’ lives and help them not to lose their temper, especially during the off-season.

Concluding the above, it is as well as for any other person in the world. As for our two cents in the matter, ‘Transformers’ should be included on the list.