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Before the start: Three controversial affairs ahead of the Bahrain GP 2022

In the run-up to the Bahrain GP 2022, the FIA F1 is facing non ordinary tasks. Opposites and singular points of view are at the heart of the 2022 season. However, Formula One management is preparing to once again show the flexibility to decide.

Blind spots in F1 regulations or mass discontent.

Bahrain GP 2022 as the season opener is the greatest opportunity to see the real scores of updated F1 cars in 2022. Time to mask off, as someone says!
Day by day, we stepping closer to the coveted date in Bahrain’s race and the heating is up. During the preseason tests, all Formula 1 teams already noticed that rivals’ cars are looking quite opposite: someone’s better, someone’s… faster.

The cars changed as internal as in the external view. That’s the point where it came from the key controversy “Do the updated cars’ elements breaking the rules in Formula 1? According to the new rules, teams are required to notify the federation information about all unknown elements that they are going to put on their cars.
What if these actually can break the rules officially? As it was in older 2009 when the team of current F1 boss Ross Brawn, without formally violating anything, designed a double diffuser and took both titles. No one wants the flash back from past and repeating the story of Brawn -Mercedes in 2009.

F1 pre-season testing
F1 pre-season testing by Formula 1 official

Thus, the F1 teams at the grid are in a panic. They are watching each other closely with the hawk’s eyes, evaluating every detail of the rivals’ new F1 cars. There are already claims, the discontent is already growing.

For example, updated Mercedes W13, as reporting Italian Corriere della Sera, the car is essentially devoid of side pontoons, which became possible to the dense layout of the power plant and cooling system. The technical solution, as the engineers of the “Silver Arrows” found out when working on the simulator, will give an advantage of at least one second!

Whether sideswipes and noisy disputes behind closed doors will turn into real lawsuits, you will see on the Bahrain GP in 2022. After all, the “illegitimate advantage” of an F1 car is usually visible from the first laps of the fight.

Haas F1 team ahead Bahrain GP 2022
Haas F1 team by Formula 1 official

What Haas F1 Team to do ahead of Bahrain GP 2022?

We pray for the people of Ukraine and hope that the situation will end soon.

In the current situation in Ukraine, Uralkali, as the main sponsor of the Haas F1 team, faced problems with financial transactions because of the sanctions. Company owner Dmitry Mazepin is a father of Haas driver Nikita Mazepin. The F1 team driver line-up agreed in advance with no changes. Although, the circumstances moved into a fast and black cloud under the Mazepin’s future.

Despite the concerns of Russian and Belarusian drivers, the FIA made an official statement and allowed drivers from the countries to race. Anyway, the Haas F1 Team will lose all contributions because of restrictions on Russian investment. Continuing the deal with Mazepin means losing the brand image that Gene Haas’s team isn’t ready for.

But losing of the driver and the tremendous investment is the big problem for the team today. Uralkali demanded money back as the parties failed to fulfil the contract until the end. They will spend all money from the deal on creating a fund to support drivers. There are a few days to go before the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2022 and Mick Schumacher is the only official driver. Second place is still under discussion as Pietro Fittipaldi is not the driver the team would like to see behind the wheel.

Haas F1 needs additional support as the situation is force majeure.

Updated information.

Kevin Magnussen is back to F1
Kevin Magnussen is back to F1, official social media

In a move to support Haas F1 in a difficult situation, the FIA Formula 1 has allocated the extra 4 hours to test new cars, which the team needs as Kevin Magnussen returns after a year’s absence to replace Russian driver Nikita Mazepin. Despite predictions that Nico Hülkenberg will be the first candidate to take the wheel of the updated Haas F1 2022, Magunssenn immediately signed the contract.

Team boss Gunther Steiner was also very relaxed and commented on the break of contract with Uralkali and Nikita Mazepin.

FIA Formula 1 official

What to do with the Russian Grand Prix?

For the same reasons, the Russian Grand Prix, the last race at the Sochi Autodrom, cancelled. However, all FIA races in Russia will be cancelled for a long time. Although, to replace the stage, not even the front row, but also the headaches. Initial suggestions were the Turkish Grand Prix and the race in Portugal.

The Formula 1 calendar 2022 is not as flexible as before because of the 23-race schedule. Although it will not be a problem to keep the seat empty, the managers also maintain hopes for the Grand Prix in Russia. Ticket refund at the Sochi Autodrom has already begun. Rosgonki representatives are demanding a refund from the FIA Formula 1.

Sums up.

The question of which stage could replace the Russian Grand Prix is still under discussion. So it was decided to ask to the F1 drivers in Bahrain. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton proposed the African Grand Prix. Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc proposed Africa or Macau. Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel also proposed the Nurburgring as a replacement for the 2022 Sochi Grand Prix.

The political, economic and environmental issues have a tremendous impact on sport and motor sport. The way it develops in the future will determine the way they solve it. On the one hand, it is good that world racing can support global problems. But on the other, it is difficult for people to become hostages under circumstances.