What is the FIA? Federation Internationale de l’Automobile


What is the FIA
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FIA meaning 

FIA stands for Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, a global organization dedicated to motor sport. It also promotes sustainable, safe and secure access to mobility for all road users around the world. FIA works in several key areas such as campaigns, mobility and sport. In the field of mobility, the FIA works to ensure that affordable, clean and safe means of transport are available to all road users. FIA is not only a motor sport organization, but is dedicated to the safety of people on the roads.


What is the FIA

FIA and Racing

FIA have long been involved in motor sport. The Automobile Club de France decided to join forces with twelve clubs from all over the world to form the International Association of the Automobile Club Reconnus. In 1950, the Formula 1 World Championship was opened, which made the FIA a global motor sport organization. They are among many different championships such as the World Rally Championship and Formula 1. They are dedicated to motorsport and want to ensure safety and fair play for all who participate in these sporting events. The FIA helps to regulate the major sporting events associated with motor racing. They provide an impartial evaluation system and are considered to be world arbitrators in the world of motor sport.



What is the FIA
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FIA World Championship includes:

  • Formula One World Championship (Formula 1),
  • FIA World Rally championship (WRC),
  • FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), 
  • FIA World Touring Car Cup (WTCC), 
  • FIA World Rallycross Championship (WRX)


For more information, you can see the official FIA website – www.fia.com



FIA Organization

The Mobility Department of the FIA is overseen by the General Secretary of Automobile Mobility. It represents mobility clubs around the world to ensure the exchange of best practices and information that club members represent at an international level. the Department works on public policies, strategies and initiatives for the FIA. 

The General Secretary of Motorsport is involved in the activities of the FIA Sports Department. This Department represents sports clubs on a global basis. It works on best practices and the exchange of information between clubs and implements decisions decided by the World Motorsport Council. The General Secretary will work with various sports commissions working with the FIA.



What is the FIA
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FIA in Faces


Membership – 239 national organizations
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Driving Safety

Most people understand that motorsport is quite dangerous, so the FIA is working to improve safety at major sporting events and at all levels of various competitions. The FIA is committed to reducing the number of deaths from racing each year. It is committed to reducing injuries and deaths in all areas of motorsport. It is working to develop and improve safety technologies to ensure the safety of drivers. It is working to improve standards, provide training and training so that all drivers and workers in motorsport are safe. They are working to reduce the number of road deaths on a global scale, but their new road safety program is helping to save the lives of millions of people by the end of this decade. Their work has been taken up by many governments around the world, organizations and member associations.


What is the FIA
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FIA Institute, FIA Foundation, International Olympic Committee, World Health Organization, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, World Tourism Organization, UN Environment Programme.

The FIA is also working to ensure that there is a green future in motorsport and that we protect our environment in the long term. It is also working on initiatives to ensure that more women are represented in the world of motorsport.


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