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Here Are Six Resolutions The Abu Dhabi GP 2022

The Abu Dhabi GP 2022 marked the conclusion of the Formula 1 season 2022. All the points are scored, all the places are set. In some sense, most storylines end in an unpredictable way. Some drivers are leaving Formula 1. Someone has too many questions. That is what we want you to focus on. The following are six resolutions following the 2022 Abu Dhabi GP.

#1. Sergio Perez placed third in the drivers standings contrary to expectations.

The idea became clear. In the wake of Max Verstappen’s two-time world championship and Red Bull’s constructors championship, what could be easier for Sergio Perez than to claim the vice championship alongside Verstappen? In reality, the task would not have been so easy.

Sergio Perez began his career at Red Bull with one certainty: he supported the team, and the team helped him. The Mexican F1 driver played a pivotal role in the development of Red Bull. He helped Max Verstappen win the first and second titles of the Formula 1 World Championship.

Sergio Perez was expected to win the vice championship in Brazil already. But the reality was quite different. Verstappen announced on the team radio at Interlagos that Perez’s problems remained Perez’s problems and the Dutch F1 champion would not make a freegiving. So, if Sergio wanted second place in the standings, then he had to race, of course, against Verstappen. So, as a result, Verstappen faced many criticisms from F1 fans for his steadfastness. It was unfair to your teammate, especially when your main battle was already over, but on the other hand, perseverance is an invaluable characteristic of a champion.

As a result, Sergio Perez placed seventh in Brazil behind Max Verstappen. In the deciding Abu Dhabi GP 2022, Perez finished third behind Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. Max Verstappen won the night race. Overall Segio Perez scored 305 points to Leclerc’s 308 points, placing him third in the drivers standings.


A conflict has arisen within the Red Bull racing team. Sergio Perez was grateful to the team because they encouraged him to stay in Formula 1, but he also expected help and full support. This is not the first time this has happened with their drivers, current and former. Daniil Kvyat, Pierre Gasley, Alex Albon, and even Daniel Ricciardo faced similar issues.

Thus, the continuation of Ricciardo’s Formula 1 career with Red Bull in 2023 looks very strange, at the very least.

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#2. Daniel Ricciardo returns to the Red Bull team.

Australian F1 driver started his career in 2011 and joined the younger sister of Red Bull, Toro Rosso in 2012. In 2014, he signed with Red Bull after demonstrating an excellent pace for two years. Ricciardo had been winning seven races with the team for five years. Then, in 2018, he was empty and tired, so he decided to take on a new challenge with Renault F1. In 2021, he switched from Renault to McLaren.

After two years he’s back to Red Bull. The news made the wonder at least, as Australian was full of enthusiasm after leaving Christian Horners’ team. Remarkable, that even team principal Horner noted that it is impossible to Ricciardo to return. In one of Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” serie they literally marked his name like “ex”.

Until the last, it was assumed that Ricciardo was going to leave Formula 1 in 2023 or at least take a break. Almost every former F1 driver had warned Daniel that returning after the season would be impossible. Another story was that Haas was considering Ricciardo as a replacement for Mick Schumacher, but he declined the deal. Could it be that the experienced Australian rejected the Haas second seat in favor of becoming a third driver for the team where he raced like a man from fire just a few years ago?


Daniel Ricciardo is set to return as the second driver for Red Bull. You may wonder, but there are plenty of valid reasons. The Red Bull team is okay with drivers switching between Toro Rosso and vice versa. If Sergio Perez is not satisfied with his position within the team, Ricciardo will be ready to take his place. That’s the point.

But on the other hand, Perez has no other options, as almost all positions are occupied. Daniel Ricciardo’s career as Red Bull’s third driver could end if the Mexican driver accepts the rules. Damon Hill was mentioned in that context. But there is another possibility. In other circumstances, Riccirado may take a second seat at Toro Rosso.

Red Bull has a lot of tricks in its pocket. Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez are both sitting in very shaky chairs.

#3. Haas’s spicy mix: Hulkenberg and Magnussen.

Mick Schumacher is preparing to finish his F1 career next year at least. Unlike Gunther Steiner, Haas had high expectations for Schumacher, but his unwell results proved more convincing. However, Nico Hulkenberg is happy to take a seat at Haas. The main dilemma, or more accurately, two concerns are how Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg will get along together in one team?

First of all, both are very temperate. The last time we saw them both in Formula 1 racing was in 2017, when Hulkenberg raced for Renault and Magnussen for Haas. At that time, all interviews had to be muted to avoid offending each other. Hulkenberg is still the only driver in F1 who has never won a Formula 1 race. So, Nico and Haas agreed on one goal – to archive his first victory.


The news that Mick Shumcaher will be leaving Formula 1 in the near future is disappointing. However, Hulkenberg and Magnussen’s combined performance suggests they could surprise F1 fans in 2023. TV interviews should not have to be bleeped too much, we hope.

#4. Sebastian Vettel is empty.

Schumacher is not the only one who will leave Formula 1, at least he does not have a contract for the next 2023 season. This is about Nicholas Latiffi and Sebastien Vettel. Honestly, it’s very upsetting to see Sebastian Vettel leave in this way. Aston Martin’s contract seems to have rejuvenated him after struggling with Scuderia Ferrari. Especially after his first victory in a long time at the Baku Grand Prix in 2021.

Despite this, the miracle did not happen, or it only happened for a short while, as he faced new technical problems shortly thereafter. With this scene, it is difficult to recognize the four-time F1 world champion he was not so long ago.


Despite Sebastian Vettel retiring from Formula 1, he has more chances than Nicholas Latifi and Mick Schumacher combined.

#5. Fernando Alonso is ready for the 2023 season.

Despite these sad stories, another person is switching from Alpine to Aston Martin in a positive way. The Spaniard is thus preparing for the new season with his new team.

Remarkable that esteban Ocon, who was so positive and pleasant in public, explored a non-easy person behind closed doors. According to rumors, Alonso’s decision is part of the Ocon’s case. Today, it seems impossible that the Spaniards helped Ocon to win the Hungarian Grand Prix 2021.

The toxic atmosphere in Alpine is evident to Alonso as well, even if he is a difficult person. Lawrence Stroll, owner of Aston Martin, is delighted to suggest his team and son Lance Stroll as teammates.


Feranndo Alonso odd for Aston Martin is an excellent decision, as the team is adding year to year. It means that Aston Martin will race in the top 5 at least in 2023 due to the experience of the Spaniard.

#6. No wins for Lewis Hamilton in the 2023 season.

Hamilton broke his own record as he spent much of the Formula 1 season without winning a Grand Prix. Moreover, the tension inside Mercedes is rising. Race experts have called Hamilton’s teammate George Russell the future of the team and of Formula 1. They focus on Russell instead of Hamilton. Such circumstances aren’t the best thing for a seven-time F1 world champion.

So, two years ago, we caught Lewis Hamilton on the verge of leaving Formula 1. Nevertheless, he is likely to race until he is at least 40 years old. The response from Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff was to reduce the cost of drivers’ salaries the following season. But something tells us it won’t stop Hamilton. Besides, Mercedes is in the process of fixing some of its problems with the car. This means they will finish at least second behind Red Bull in the 2023 season.

But it also doesn’t change the entire picture inside the team. It seemed that everything was in place for Lewis Hamilton to win the Brazilian Grand Prix as his first victory for Mercedes in 2022. However, something turned horribly wrong when Hamilton was instructed to change tires during the crucial moments of the race. Russell claimed his maiden victory. Lewis made an impression, but we didn’t believe it.


In 2023, there will be a dilemma between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in the Mercedes team.


It was a very calm finish to the season at Abu Dhabi GP 2022, with no tension as there was at Yas Marina in 2021. While almost every team had dramas happening behind closed doors at the end of the season. Even the leaders from the other side of the grid, Red Bull and Haas, were included. At Red Bull, everyone knew Sergio Perez was the best candidate. The Mexican driver was confident too. Perez finished third behind Lelcerc despite a fast RB18.

We’re sure the answer is clear as to why Daniel Ricciardo is returning to Red Bull after a long “happy” absence. It was not expected that tension would rise between Lewis Hamilton and young George Russell. Sebastian Vettel in this position is unexpected, but he has better chances than both Latifi and Mick Shumacher. For 2023, Haas F1 is poised to test the endurance of the entire team as Hulkenberg returns to the game.

Of course, we had to mention how much Scuderia Ferrari lost since we’re still puzzled about Charles Leclerc’s nerves. It is true that many people pointed to Ferrari as the biggest losers of the year, so we decided not to do a row.

It became clear that each driver had started to prepare for the new season after Abu Dhabi GP 2022. There will be many surprises in store for us in the next season.