F1 Miami Grand Prix 2022 (1)

F1 Miami Grand Prix: The Exciting Battles Made You Surprise

F1 Miami Grand Prix featured many racing battles. Overtaking, overcuts, crashing and collision. Even the yellow flags caught the Grand Prix. Here are the most exciting battles you will remember from the inagurual F1 Miami Grand Prix 2022. 

People expected that the F1 Miami Grand Prix would be quite boring because of roadbed disadvantages and track specifications. Therefore, to create intrigue, there were three DRS zones. In fact, something happened wrong and most of the overtaking came up in corners rather than on straights. 

Charles Leclerc vs Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen proves again: he wins or retires for technical reasons. The Red Bull driver, as usual, won the Miami Grand Prix 2022 easily. No one expected it. The tension between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen had been increasing at the start of the first pits and peaked at the last ten laps. In the background of faster Red Bull cars, it seemed like Carlos Sainz took a nap when the lights turned green. Therefore, Max Verstappen took P2 already in Turn 1. 

Charles Leclerc and his teammate Carlos Sainz were quick on Friday and uncatchable in Saturday’s qualifying sessions: The two pole sitters were ready to bring victory to the team after defeat at the homeland Imola GP. However, the power of the Red Bull was enough to overtake the Spaniard and Monegasques. And on the 9th lap Leclerc lost the lead to his rival. 

On lap 24, Charles pitted from mediums to hards. Max Verstappen answered with his stop two laps later. Improving the pace, the Dutch driver had been breaking away lap by lap.

Fortunately, the second chance came to Scuderia Ferrari on lap 41. A clash between Pierre Gasly and Lando Norris, which sent the McLaren driver into a spin as his right-rear tire ripped off, triggered the safety car. Under current conditions, the Ferrari driver did not make use of the free pit stop. The power was still not enough to catch Max Verstappen, and by the last laps there was already a seven-second gap between the first two.

There’s no doubt that Max Verstappen is a real threat to Scuderia Ferrari’s lead. You could read the tension on the faces at the podium celebration. After F1 Miami Grand Prix, the gap between Red Bull and Ferrari in the constructors’ championship is only six points! 

 Sergio Perez vs Carlos Sainz on F1 Miami GP

As a teammate, Sergio Perez made an incredible start, but Ferrari was calm about him. Mexican drivers have been reducing but also increasing the gap to Sainz. And only on lap 52 Perez attempted to pass Sainz but was locked up. Both drivers avoided contact. That was the first and last try.

However, there were still possibilities to pass Ferrari, but the Mexican driver did not risk it. The weather was so tough that Miami Grand Prix was a real physical challenge. +33C in the air, +52C at the track: they reached the podium, exhausted and panting. 

Choosing between saving the place and trying to take P3, Sergio Perez preferred the first option and finished the race in 4th position. 

The magnificent George Russell against Lewis Hamilton.

A race battle between the two teammates was an actual surprise. But Lewis Hamilton and George Russell had been battling for the whole Miami Grand Prix. It was sometimes difficult for even the TV operator to catch the moment, since their positions were swinging up and down.

You already believe George Russell has an incredible strategy. Russell made the gamble of an overcut by delaying his pit stop until the last moment. What’s next? He got it right, predicting safety car mode and winning a free pit. Started 11th and pitted during the VSC. Russell overtook Lewis Hamilton on lap 54 and finished the race in fifth position! Young strategist! 

The pace of Lewis Hamilton’s car in Miami was faster than it was in Emilia Romagna. Mercedes upgrades its cars and continues to address issues. 

Also, both drivers got the bouncing in turns with uneven surfaces in turns at Miami International Autodrome. 

Lewis Hamilton’s chosen strategy was a mistake or a stumbling block for the team. On the last laps, the team asked the seven-time F1 world champion whether he needed the pit stop. Hamilton countered, the team should know better. 

Lewis Hamilton may have finished the Miami Grand Prix in seventh place, if not for the embarrassing mistake by his ex-teammate Alfa Romeo driver, Valtteri Bottas ran wide at Turn 17 on Lap 49. Mercedes driver finished sixth in the inaugural race in Miami.

Fernando Alonso was furious at F1 Miami GP.

It seemed nothing could stop Alpine driver Fernando Alonso from finishing in the top 5. But it seemed to occur before the Grand Prix in Miami. Alpine had a fantastic start and high hopes for the first ten laps, but they still lack power and need to work hard. 

The Spaniard’s teammate Esteban Ocon finished eighth and is tipped to finish in the top 10. However, he was penalised by five seconds for contact with Gasly.

They gave Alonso a further five-second penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage on the penultimate lap. Thus, the Spaniard finished 11th at the Miami Grand Prix.

Alex Albon is slowly but surely making his way into the top 10. 

Even though it may not be accurate to state so, describing Alex Albon as one of the main characters of the Miami Grand Prix is accurate. It was tricky, calm and Alex Albon again finished inside the top ten, just as he did in Imola. It appears nothing is special in the tenth place, but everything is likely to change when Williams drives outside the competition lines. 

After Fernando Alonso’s second 5-second penalty, Albon moved up to P9. Therefore, Alex Albon, the only driver from the team, scored the points, while Nicholas Latifi didn’t score, so Mick Schumacher had no points.

Mick Schumacher, Kevin Magnussen and Sebastian Vettel.

After the Miami Grand Prix Haas F1 driver Kevin Magnussen admitted that was the toughest race of his career, especially on the last laps. Every minute of the last lap, these brave guys keep us on our toes. They had been racing like lions. Even though none of them got the points, they rushed.

Kevin Magnussen battled Lance Stroll for P10, but retired after contact with Aston Martin. 

As we predicted ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, Mick Schumacher turned into a naturally talented driver. The German driver tried to score the first points of his career, but in vain. Getting into an accident with Sebastian Vettel made his dreams far away. No pain, no gain, as they say. 

Sebastian Vettel, who has very special feelings for Mick, asked the team with whom he collided, hoping it was not Schumacher, but it was clearly Mick.

What’s next? After two weeks, we will start again. Spanish Grand Prix 2022 is preparing for some surprises. F1 teams, including Mercedes, are preparing updates for their cars despite the track not being suitable for overtaking and wheel-to-wheel battles. And who knew, maybe at the Spanish Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton and George Russell would return to the top three to race against Red Bull, as they did last year.