British Grand Prix

What To Expect At The British Grand Prix 2023?

British Grand Prix is worthy of calling the ultimate adrenaline-fueled challenge in the Formula 1 season. From the heart-pounding speed of the Formula 1 cars to the electrifying atmosphere of Silverstone Circuit, the legendary race promises to be a spectacle like no other for reasons. So, what can you expect at this iconic race? Let’s unveil the excitement that awaits at the British Grand Prix 2023.

Historical Insights of the British Grand Prix 

The British Grand Prix has a rich history dating back to 1926, when it was first held at Brooklands. Switching to the fastest Silverstone circuit in 1947, it has become one of the most prestigious races on the Formula 1 calendar.

 From legendary drivers like Sir Stirling Moss and Jim Clark to modern-day champions like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, the British Grand Prix has seen some of the sport’s most outstanding talents grace its track. 

The race has also witnessed numerous iconic moments, such as Ayrton Senna’s famous battle with Nigel Mansell in 1991 and Hamilton’s record-breaking sixth British Grand Prix win in 2019. Moreover, Hamilton himself compared a flat-out lap around Silverstone to flying a fighter jet! 

With such a storied past, watching the British Grand Prix is not just about the present excitement but also about being part of a longstanding tradition that celebrates the best of motorsport. 

However, the British Grand Prix 2021 highlighted the controversial clash between Hamilton and Verstappen. While the last race at Silverstone turned into history as one of the gold races of Formula 1.

Max Verstappen British GP 2021, huge g-force in F1

What is so unique about Silverstone Circuit?

Since 1947, the British Grand Prix traditionally occurs at the iconic Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire, England. The circuit is known for its fast and challenging layout, combining high-speed straights and technical corners. However, Silverstone has kept its fundamental character despite numerous layout changes over the years. 

The uniqueness of the Silverstone circuit lies under two key features. First, with a lap distance of 5.891 kilometers, Silverstone is one of the longest circuits on the Formula 1 calendar. Moreover, that distance and specific layout provide plenty of opportunities for overtaking and intense wheel-to-wheel action. The track is wide and flowing, with a high potential max speed – around 200km/h! 

Second, with all the above, the Silverstone circuit is also one of the quickest courses on the F1 calendar. Its iconic corners, Maggotts, Becketts, and Abbey, present some of the most enormous challenges for F1 drivers! The left-right-left of Maggots, Becketts, and Chapel is the circuit’s crowning feature and among the most revered. 

The three kinks are taken at pace, allowing cars to open up before they fire down the Hangar Straight and into Stowe. Both the new Turn 1, Abbey, and the old Turn 1, Copse, are taken at full speed and offer opportunities for passing. Abbey, located after the main straight and has DRS, is a great place to pass. Therefore Silverstone circuit is appropriately old school.

Did you know?

In 2008 Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix from Nick Heidfeld in second by 1 minute and 8 seconds or 68 seconds. The record went to history as one of the most significant winning margin times. However, the 1958 Portuguese Grand Prix’s record still remains. Stirling Moss went out from Mike Hawthorn for 5 min 12.75 seconds!

What to expect at the British Grand Prix in 2023?

The British Grand Prix in 2023 promises to be a thrilling spectacle for three reasons we expect to watch: red flags, the battle in the midfield, and the unpredictable British weather. 

The Red Flags

British Grand Prix is a real adrenaline rush. With a very high speed, there is hard for the Formula 1 driver to keep an unconscious mind. Drivers have to not overdrive their pace too much or brake too late. That is the main trick of the Silverstone circuit.  

If Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Fernando Alonso have to work hard with that, Oscar Piastri, Yuki Tsunoda, and Nyck de Vries are most likely in the danger zone.

Another reason to expect red flags is the high-tensioned battle in the mid-grid. Previously we watched three teams close in the fight for the top five. Although it is still hard to race against Red Bull, as Max Verstappen’s RB19 is clearly charged like a rocket, we will see real racing between Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. at the wheel of Ferrari, cars, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton at the Mercedes cars, and Fernando Alosno and Lance Stroll by Aston Martin. These three have the pace.


Despite the above, something exciting Mclaren has prepared for the fans for the British Grand Prix. Their bet for car updates met the expectations at full throttle when Lando Norris made breaking through and finished the Austrian Grand Prix in fourth. However, perhaps it was just a result of Norris’s personal feelings about the Red Bull Ring. 

However, there is another team, which, step by step, is closed. The case is about Williams. At the time when Formula 1’s Paddock wrote them off, they have been continuing to update the car and wedging to the top ten very carefully. Sounds week? Then, imagine that Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll finished the race in Austria in ninth position, while Williams’ Alex Albon highlighted with 11th! That’s that. Therefore, Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg wouldn’t be so happy with such improvement from Williams drivers in Great Britain. The racing battle is an imminent thing in this case.

British Grand Prix 2023: forecast

The weather in Great Britain is a very unpredictable thing. This F1 weekend won’t be the exception. Thus, Saturday’s qualifying sessions will be held in wet conditions. The forecast promises rain of about 70 % possibility. While Sunday’s race, there will be sunny and partly cloudy. 

However, in these terms, Saturday gives the brave and experienced a big chance. Therefore, there is a high chance of watching Fernando Alonso at the podium in qualifying. Despite the misstep on the Canadian Grand Prix, when he opted for hard tires for the final stint instead of mediums, the Spaniard is the most skilled with the wet conditions at the grid. 

Did you know?

Mclaren is the second most successful team at the British Grand Prix with 14 wins!

British Grand Prix 2023 schedule

British Grand Prix 2023 schedule

Full schedule and event describing is availible on the Formula 1 official.


The British Grand Prix is an event that combines speed, skill, and passion into a thrilling spectacle that captivates fans worldwide. From its rich history to the exciting on-track action and off-track entertainment, attending the British Grand Prix is an experience like no other. As the 2023 race approaches, the anticipation continues to build, with motorsport enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness the world’s best drivers battle it out at the iconic Silverstone Circuit. So, mark your calendars and prepare for a weekend of adrenaline-fueled excitement at the British Grand Prix 2023!