2022 Spanish GP

Best Of The Spanish Grand Prix 2022 In Simple Terms

Spanish Grand Prix 2022 turned into the case when expectations did not suit reality. Bet you assumed to see how easily Scuderia Ferrari drivers would share the podium with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. However, indeed! The racing circuit is hard for fast overtaking, while to see some intrigues could be a gigantic success. In fact, the Formula 1 race exceeded all expectations. The race included many dramas. Absolutely everything, not counting the red flags. Here are the key highlights of the Spanish Grand Prix 2022.

#1 Max Verstappen and DRS’ story.

Max Verstappen had been fighting to manage his Red Bull car’s rear wing. At that moment, when it needed the most to get some power to overtake Charles Leclerc, the opened rear suddenly closed again and again. The team radio with Red Bull got another drama, when the engineer ordered Max Verstappen to try another setting, but in vain. As the rear still didn’t work, the Dutch driver shouted the answers while trying to remain calm. 

#2 Charles Leclerc’s drama on the 27th. Lap of Spanish Grand Prix 2022

All the promises made to Scuderia Ferrari would lead to the team’s success in Spain. The team also came with upgrades for the car. The Scuderia Ferrari of Charles Leclerc whined loudly and backed into the pits on 27th, like thunder in the sky. It is almost impossible to imagine the palette of moods that Monegasque had. He might well have won the round in Spain if not for the technical problem.

Upgraded Scuderia Ferrari was uncatchable. Leclerc remained on soft tyres longer than others. The game was over for Charles Leclerc after six laps from pit to medium. A Monegasque driver had also lost the lead in the F1 drivers’ standings.

#3 Lewis Hamilton and greedy Kevin Magnussen.  

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were seated to get the maximum number of points in the Spanish Grand Prix 2022. To eliminate the major problem with bouncing, the Mercedes F1 team upgraded the car with the most advanced upgrades available. They handled it well. As you can see with the naked eye, the Mercedes car is looking more calm. 

Therefore, both drivers decided not to put things on hold and raced fast when the lights turned green. Haas F1 driver Kevin Magnussen was alongside Lewis Hamilton’s 5th. On the second turn, he was also determined to catch Mercedes. As a result, Lewis Hamilton returned to the pits to fix the puncture. Bet, you suggested too when stewards made a penalty for Magnussen, as the action was too confident. However, there were no punishments for the Haas driver, and the case was closed as a racing incident. 

#4 Carlos Sainz and the second chance.

A failed start at homelands and a flat out to gravel. However, the Spaniard was given a second chance. Both Mercedes drivers got the order to pass the pace, as their gas tanks were low. To save fuel, both Mercedes slowed down. Generally, the FIA could penalize them if their cars got underweight. The tension remained high until 1,5 laps remained. Carlos Sainz finished fourth.

#5 Max Verstappen fights back the Spanish Grand Prix victory after six years.

In the end, the situation with Red Bull’s rear became more explosive. It appeared as if Max Verstappen was trying to overtake himself. Red Bull attempted to overtake Charles Leclerc, who previously was desperately trying to attack or stand ahead of Red Bull.

By coincidence, or rather because of the unreliability issue of the Ferrari Scuderia, Max Verstappen won the F1 2022 Spanish GP.

In 2016, Max Verstappen won his maiden Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Spanish GP. In the end, after six years, he fought back for the coveted first place. It is the third victory for Max Verstappen in F1 2022 season. The Dutch driver leads the standings.

Besides, there were other dramas within the Red Bull team. While Max Verstappen faced a problem with the rear of the car, Sergio Perez was preparing to overtake his teammate. Mexican driver got explicit instructions from the team radio.

There is less than a week left until all the drivers take their places in the upcoming challenge. The historic, legendary city circuit of Monaco is already preparing to host guests on 27 – 29 May.