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Top facts about F1 helmet. What is its value?

The F1 helmet is made of high-quality carbon fiber, the same material used manufacture of Boeing 787 wings and part of the fuselage! It will pass dozens of different tests before it reaches the racer’s hands. Formula 1 helmets offer opportunities for creativity. The most effective way for a driver to express himself is through cool design. The most significant function of any racing helmet is the head guard. Here is everything you need to know about helmets in Formula 1.

The F1 helmet saved the lives of many drivers. In 2009, Felipe Massa was hit by a spring that tore the rear suspension of Barrichello’s car. This accident happened at 240 km / h.! What would have happened if Felipe Massa did not wear a helmet?  

What makes an F1 racing helmet?

The primary function of the Formula 1 racing helmet is to protect the driver’s head with the best visibility possible. It provides fire protection and overdrive safety during the enormous load on the head. When speeding up to 300 km/h on the straight and braking to 80 km/h, the racers get a powerful overdrive all over their body and the head is the most important thing. Without the F1 helmet, sudden changes in speed would break the driver’s cervical vertebra. Therefore, neck exercises are an important training point for all drivers.

What about Formula 1 driver neck?

It is not the secret drivers can experience up to 8Gs acceleration in corners, but their necks cannot withstand this pressure without special equipment. Otherwise, it should be like steel. Special collar solves the problem of strengthening the neck. It is attached to the F1 helmet, with a Halo system. All these devices provide almost full safety for the head of the F1 driver.

F1 helmet
Sebastian Vettel & Robert Kubicas’ helmets on the pit wall

Formula 1 helmet manufacturing.

It starts with the driver arriving at the factory. Specialists measure his head. The measurements are necessary because the helmet should fit around his head and keep him safe during the race. No foreign noise penetrates inside, as the drivers in the pits have a fixed connection to the team. Besides communication, there is also a water pipe attached to the helmet.

What is the expected manufacturing time for F1 helmets?

Manufacturing of any Formula 1 racing helmet is very lengthy and takes about 3-4 months without the time to create the design. Although these two processes come together.

What tests does a F1 helmet have to pass?

  1. Future Formula 1 helmets will test their strength with special electronic devices by throwing them to the ground from a height of 25 meters.
  2. Another part of the tests is that about 4 kg of “pike cargo” is throw on the helmet, while the helmet contains a head model weighing 5 kg. Future F1 helmets ban even if there are the slightest dents.
  3. One of the necessary tests concerns the visor of the helmet: it must withstand the shot of a gram bullet flying at a speed of up to 323 miles per hour. Shooting takes place at three points: front, top and back. In this way the company “Bell” checks the helmets for the best quality standards.

The technical aspects.

Are F1 helmets fireproof?

According to the quality standards, the F1 helmet is fire resistant and must withstand outside temperatures of 700°C for no less than 45 seconds, while the inside temperatures remain below 70°C. In fact, the racing helmet is not always intact in such a situation, but it does hold fire.

In 2020, Roman Grosjean was involved in a terrible accident. Fireball swallowed him, driver was trapped in a car in Bahrain. He spent 27 seconds in the fire. Grosjean’s racing helmet withstood the fire curtain. The driver suffered severe burns to his hands. Roman’s eyebrows and eyelashes melted due to the high temperature, but his eyes and head were unharmed.

How strong is the F1 helmet?

Formula 1 races are a risk for drivers because there can always be a crash. Therefore, the helmet body is so strong that it can withstand the impact of the 1.5-tonne car on both sides.
According to the FIA 8860-2018 standard, all helmets must withstand an impact of 9.5 m/s or 34.2 km/h, with the maximum deceleration at the “driver’s head” not exceeding 275G.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, Monza 2021

The collision between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at Monza 2021 was the true proof of how strong the F1 helmet is. Red Bull’s wheel raced onto Hamilton’s head. Lewis was not injured, but then complained of discomfort in his neck that passed after a massage session.

How heavy is an F1 helmet?

It’s directly depends on sizes of driver’s head, but the standard is about 1,4 kg.. Relatively light weight of F1 helmet avoid the additional strain on the neck and shoulders of driver. It may to multiple several times during acceleration and deceleration.

Sebastian Vettel helmet
Legendary Vettel’s helmet, the most expensive F1 helmet

F1 helmet price and design aspects.

How much does F1 helmet cost?

The Formula 1 helmet is the most personal part of the equipment that has a special meaning for each driver. A new racing helmet without a design pattern costs 3,600 euros, with a design pattern – 4,600 euros and the price could be up to 80,000 euros!

What is the most expensive F1 helmet?

Sebastian Vettel helmet
Sebastian Vettel helmet 2013 Nürburgring Grand Prix

The most expensive helmet ever auctioned is the helmet of four-time champion Sebastian Vettel, with which he celebrated his home victory at the 2013 Nürburgring Grand Prix. Gold glittering racing helmet sold for 118,000 dollars!

How many helmets do F1 drivers use?

Until 2020 F1 drivers maintained the following rule: they had one current helmet and another with a special design. They wore an exclusive helmet on special dates and at home races. In 2020, the FIA permitted a helmet change. This freedom allowed some drivers to change their unique helmets several times over the weekend.
During the season, 8 helmets are sufficient. However, some of the current F1 drivers have three different helmets for a weekend. On average, a driver uses 15 helmets per season.

What helmets do f1 drivers use?

All current Formula 1 drivers have different head sizes and designs. At the same time, they use the same brand – Bell Racing helmets, designed for professional drivers.
Since 1954, it has been the leading supplier of FIA8860 helmets for athletes competing in Formula 1.

What is the coolest F1 helmet?

Lewis Hamilton helmet
Lewis Hamilton racing helmet with Black Lives Matter movement

There is no definitive opinion as to which helmet is the most beautiful. At the 2020 Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg Lewis Hamilton presented the specially designed black-and-purple helmet. It was more than just a piece of racing gear and supported the Black Lives Matter movement. The design reach to the top of the iconic F1 helmets.

Niki Lauda helmet
Niki Lauda replica helmet

If you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars, can you buy the F1 helmet?

Yes! Today you can buy replica F1 helmet. It costs much cheaper, but just looks great, like one in a real one. In fact, replica F1 helmets are one of the most appreciated gifts for race fans, especially if the case is about a fan’s favorite racer signing on to the amazing attribute. Therefore, they are very popular today. 

What are the most popular F1 drivers’ helmets to buy?

All replica F1 helmets are selling like hotcakes, but here are the top three sellers. 

 #1 Lewis Hamilton black racing helmet. It came out on top for fundamental reasons. Hamilton is a seven-time Formula 1 world champion and supports very meaningful movements such as “Black Lives Matter”. After all, it is very stylish.

#2 Max Verstappen helmet. After Max Verstappen became the youngest F1 champion in 2021, the market for F1  gifts and accessories has changed.  

#3 Niki Lauda helmet. This replica of Niki Lauda’s Monaco helmet is always on the top of the most memorable gifts for Formula 1 fans. It is especially for those who remember the history of auto racing and the origins of Formula 1.

In addition, replicas of Sebastian Vettel (2019 Monza Special) and Romain Grosjean’s helmets could also be included at the top. The originals of the replicas are ones of the best F1 helmets of all time.

Here’s just one question.

Where to wear it?

A million plus an idea on how to use a F1 helmet, we can find for you, but George Crawford probably knows better. In 2021, a software developer within Team Aston Martin took part in the London Marathon in Lance Storll’s suit. Aston Martin Team gave George the current shape of their driver, including Formula 1 helmet. Crawford took part in the London Marathon with the goal of raising 5,000 for a charity.

George Crawford
George Crawford runs in Lance Stroll suit with F1 helmet

George Crawford didn’t win the marathon, but ran faster than 4 hours. Thus, we think you’re going to do it on your own.