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Race On Sofa: Revealing My Best Formula 1 Books

As a very technical sport, Formula 1 is a bit of a challenge to understand quickly. Because each team has a history over the years, it can take a while to feel the wins and losses in full measure. It’s a history that is hard to experience in documentaries because it requires emotional feedback. How do we cope with that gap? However, everything you need to become a real F1 expert is hidden in the pages of the accurate narratives. But the problem is there are numerous different books about Formula 1 today. Some of them lack details, while others are hard to read. Let me share with you my favorites – the best Formula 1 books that are worth reading. They will give you the insight to penetrate the thrilling facts and the inner drama behind Formula 1 racing so that you can form your impression.

For better navigation, I have divided them into categories: Books about the history, moments, and evolution of Formula 1, Cars and Design, Safety Issues, Drivers, Business and Management, Circuits, and Nearly related to the sport. So here these are.

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The Best Books About The History Of Formula 1:

Every decade of Formula 1 has its triumphs, tragedies, and iconic moments. Experts have known each of the decennaries since the 1950s, but for us simple fans, it is impossible. However, the following books will give us a glimpse into the significant moments that made the sport what it is today.  

Formula 1: All the Races – Roger Smith

Why is it worth the read?

The 3rd edition of All the Races book by Roger Smith is worth reading because it is a comprehensive guide that chronicles every F1 race from 1950 to 2015, including a detailed account of each Grand Prix, highlighting the key moments and championships that defined the sport.

Simply put, it is everything that you could miss in the past to extend your knowledge of Formula 1.  

For beginners: suits well. Moreover, it is a good idea as a gift.

My rating: 10/10

Formula 1: The Pursuit of Speed – Maurice Hamilton

Why is it worth the read?

Maurice Hamilton has been writing about Formula 1 for over 40 years, and this book deserves your attention. Featuring iconic moments, legendary drivers, and breathtaking action shots, The Pursuit of Speed provides you with a visual journey through the history of Formula 1.

Along with remarkable storytelling, it is a true collector’s item that you can list again over time.

For beginners: It will be very enlightening.

My rating: 10/10

The Limit: Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit -Michael Cannell

Why is it worth the read?

Read this book if you’re an advanced F1 fan or a fish out of water in this sport because it’s interesting for those who want to compare F1 of the past and present. They are two different competitions, but why? Michael Cannell will give you the answers in Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit.

For beginners: It is not a good book for new F1 fans, as it will be challenging to understand.

My rating: 8/10

The Mechanic’s Tale: Life in the Pit-Lanes of Formula One -Steve Matchett

Why is it worth the read?

There are two reasons why you should read The Mechanic’s Tale.

First, because its author, Steve Matchett, is a former mechanic for the Benetton F1 team. As such, he offers a first-rate, immersive exploration of what it’s like – to work behind the scenes.

Secondly, this book is very entertaining, with funny stories and anecdotes that provide a captivating glimpse.

For beginners: It is worth a try, as the book is well-written and easy to understand.

My rating: 10/10

Total Competition: Lessons in Strategy from Formula One – Ross Brawn and Adam Parr

Why is it worth the read?

The Total Competition is not an easy read, but it is well worth your time because of the author, Ross Brawn.

Ross Brawn has more than 30 years of experience in Formula One, having gone from engineer to Formula One manager.

What goes on behind the scenes in Formula 1, and why is it so demanding? You will find out in Ross Brawn’s book, and then tire management and aerodynamics will get a fresh coat of paint.

It is a unique book for me, as Ross Brawn gathered everything I need to know about the behind-the-scenes racing strategies in Formula 1. Even though the book was published in 2016, the information is still relevant and valuable today.

For beginners: It is unsuitable, as this Formula 1 book is a bit difficult to understand and partly challenging to read.

Also, this is the perfect book to give to an advanced F1 fan who joined the sport in the 1990s to 2010s.

My rating: 9/10

The Formula: How Rogues, Geniuses, and Speed Freaks Reengineered F1 into the World’s Fastest-Growing Sport -Joshua Robinson and Jonathan Clegg

Why is it worth the read?

This Formula 1 book is worthy because of its simplicity in reading and fastening your journey through fascinating information on different sides of Formula 1, including the business, rules, and decisions.

Although Joshua Robinson and Jonathan Clegg are professional correspondents for the Wall Street Journal, the book contains many interesting insights and a bit of humor.  

For beginners: It is a must-have as very well written.

My rating: 7/10

Lights Out, Full Throttle: Stories from the Pit Lane – Damon Hill and Johnny Herbert

Why is it worth the read?

What would happen if two middle-aged men with 100 years of world championship experience got together to talk about the sport that taught them both good and bad? They would speak about events, motorsports, characters, and politics as far as possible.

And this is what Damon Hill and Johnny Herbert’s book is all about. Although their Formula 1 book gives a hilarious account of life in the F1 pit lane, it is like a transcript and may seem like a chatty and light read, but that is its concept.

Another drawback is the lack of pictures.

For beginners: Overall, I wouldn’t recommend Lights Out, Full Throttle for beginners. It is an engaging and entertaining read, but only for advanced F1 fans who have been following the sport since the 90s.

My rating is 5/10

Life at the Limit: Triumph and Tragedy in Formula One – Sid Watkins

Why is it worth the read?

The memoirs of the Grand Prix track doctor, Professor Sid Watkins – are well worth reading for their insight into how safety worked at the tracks, including insights into the medical details. So, you know what happens when the cars crash during the races?  

Overall, Life at the Limit could be more detailed, and if you want to learn more about the subject without getting into the details, it is a good read.

Also, Professor Sid Watkins has written two books, but I think the first one is more interesting because F1 was different until the 2000s. Why? You will find out in Life at Limit.

For beginners: I would not recommend it, as it’s hard to read and doesn’t contain enough information about the drivers that novices often want to know.

My rating: 6/10

Survive. Drive. Win.: The Inside Story of Brawn GP and Jenson Button’s Incredible F1 Championship – Nick Fry

Why is it worth the read?

Maybe it is just me, but at some point, I have undeservedly overlooked the story of Brawn GP. However, there is a kind of magic behind the team’s 2009 season when Brawn came from nowhere to win.

It is a story that has never been told in its entirety, and former Honda F1 Team boss Nick Fry tells it in this Formula 1 book, including the victory, the drivers, and the negotiations, and giving his perspective on the sport.

How did the 2009 season turn out to be the most surprising and unpredictable yet? Find out in Survive. Drive. Win.

For beginners: The book is not for beginners, as it is difficult to understand and presents one side of the story that may be biased.

My rating: 6/10

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My Must-read Books About The Formula 1 Cars

Art of the Formula 1 Race Car – Stuart Codling

Why is it worth it?

Art of the Formula 1 Race Car doesn’t have embarrassing terms and doesn’t give you deep technical insights, but it has other value to offer. It is a beautiful book, a feast for the eyes.

Stuart Codling has gathered a collection of photographs of Formula 1 cars over the years and has added intriguing stories behind them.

For beginners: Art of the Formula 1 Race Car book is a must-have for any F1 fan’s library. Moreover, it makes a perfect gift idea for dad, son, or any of your car enthusiasts.  

My rating: 9/10

How to Build a Car – Adrian Newey

Why is it worth the read?

Adrian Newey’s How to Build a Car is the best Formula 1 book about cars without exaggeration. It is my number one recommendation because its author is the most successful F1 engineer, who wrote this book with a passion for mastery.

Here, Newey shares his experiences and insights into the innovative engineering and evolution of Formula 1 cars.  

For beginners: How to Build a Car by Adrian Newey is written in a way too easy to understand, but I don’t think it is for novices. So, if you are passionate about F1 cars primarily and want to delve deep into the technical wizardry, then it is the must-have. Moreover, Adrian Newey’s book is that item that must be in each F1 fan’s library.

My rating: 10/10

best f1 book on cars for beginners - perfect car nick skeens

Alternatives Books On F1 Cars For The Beginners

Frankly saying, How to Build a Car by Adrian Newey hasn’t alternatives in terms of its value, but you can start with uncomplicated books on Formula 1 cars that help you to figure out the main terms.

The Perfect Car: The Biography of John Barnard – Nick Skeens  

Why is it worth the read?

It is the simplest book ever written about Formula 1 cars! It reveals the perspective of a British F1 designer at McLaren and Ferrari, John Barnard, who revolutionized F1 with cutting-edge technologies such as paddle-shift gearboxes, suspension flex, and carbon monocoque.

Despite its 600 pages, this is a landmark book that anyone interested in motorsport and design will find enjoyable.

My rating is 9/10

The Chariot Makers: The Definitive Text – Steve Matchett

Why is it worth the read?

Although there are some insights into the technical information about the cars, I don’t think Steve Matchett’s book aims to be your Formula 1 thesaurus. It is the kind of book where new fans start learning about Formula 1 cars, from the engine to the aerodynamics.

The Chariot Makers: The Definitive Text is like a novel that is easy to read.

My rating: 5/10

The Science of Formula 1 Design: Expert Analysis of the Modern Grand Prix Car – David Tremayne

Why is it worth the read?

David Tremayne, a long-time motor racing journalist and F1 correspondent for The Independent, explores the evolution of technology from its earliest days.  

So, this Formula 1 book will also be helpful for those who just joined Formula 1, as it is the complete guide to the technical aspects and main principles behind the design of F1 cars. What are the brakes, engine, aerodynamics, and suspension in Formula 1, and how do they work?

Overall, it completes your impression without going into too much detail.

My rating: 8/10

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A Worthy Book On Formula 1 Drivers

Driven: The Men Who Made Formula One – Kevin Eason

Why is it worth the read?

If you do not have the time to delve into every driver’s story, Kevin Eason offers you the most important ones, touching on many themes such as highs and lows, drama and humor, and covering over 60 years of Formula 1.

Moreover, Kevin Eason presents it simply, without demanding technical information, so that you immediately understand the origins of the battles and the good and bad sides of the famous people in Formula 1.

For beginners: This is a good book for new F1 fans as it is engaging and will appeal to all devotees alike as it provides a good insight into the sport.

My rating: 7/10

Books On The Business And Management Side Of Formula 1

The Winning Formula: Leadership, Strategy, and Motivation The F1 Way – David Coulthard

Why is it worth the read?

David Coulthard is the person I can trust. Yes, he is not the most successful F1 driver, nor has he won a championship, but his professional competition on and off the track is hard to overestimate.

I like this book because it teaches you to be a better version of yourself. Coulthard tells his own stories and provides valuable lessons from the mindset and strategies of F1 drivers to achieve success that doesn’t lose its meaning over time. Plus, you dive in very quickly as Coulthard reveals them in simple and entertaining terms.

So, you’ll learn how to apply this to your personal and professional life, including clear definitions and actions to develop your strategy, leadership, and motivation to be better at whatever you do.

For beginners: It is pretty good for new fans of Formula 1, but this is still related to personal growth and business, so some who are not interested in the topic can pass Couthard’s book, as they might find it boring.

My rating is 8/10

The Business of Winning: Strategic Success from the Formula One Track to the Boardroom – Mark Gallagher

Why is it worth the read?

Mark Gallagher, a former Formula 1 sports marketing executive with over 30 years of experience, shares his perspective on success in a competitive, high-pressure business environment.

It is helpful for Gallagher’s insights on leadership, communication, development, and working to unrelenting deadlines with immensely tight regulations. So, I think anyone can come up with new ideas in life after reading this Formula 1 book.

For beginners: Similar to David Coulthard’s The Winning Formula, it is a specific book with a more formal tone. It is a good read for those interested in business growth, but beginners might find it boring.

My rating is 7/10

best formula 1 book on business piranha club timothy collins

The Piranha Club: Power and Influence in Formula One – Timothy Collings

Why is it worth the read?

Imagine the other side of Formula 1. It is a place where commerce, showmanship, business, technology, industry, and international politics meet in no less thrilling battles. It is what Timothy Collings’ book is about.

For me, it is a serious study of the fascinating and influential people who wield real power in the sport, answering questions about how F1 works behind the scenes, who runs it, how it makes money, and what goes on behind the races.

So I think the book is essential reading for anyone who, like me, wants to know more about the business behind the scenes. You will find the answers to many old controversial moments related to Max Mosley, Frank Williams, Ron Dennis, Bernie Ecclestone, Enzo Ferrari, Paul Stoddart, and many others.

The Piranha Club tells it like it was and forces you to open your eyes to the hidden side of Formula 1. You may find new thrills in the sport, but also you may lose interest.

For beginners: The Piranha Club: Power and Influence in Formula One is not good for new F1 fans, as it is challenging to understand, and as a result, they may leave the book before reaching the middle.

My rating 9/10

good f1 book on circuit - novel malcolm folley

A Worthwhile Read On The Formula 1 Circuit

Monaco: Inside F1’s Greatest Race – Malcolm Folley  

Why is it worth the read?

All the Formula 1 circuits have kept the special moments inside the curves over the years, but some of them, like the Monaco Circuit, become sacred ground with racing heritage. What is the power of the Monaco circuit?

Malcolm Folley explains it well enough in his novel. Featuring Bernie Ecclestone, Nico Rosberg, Ross Brawn, Damon Hill, and many others, Folley immerses you in the history, glamour, and allure of racing in Monaco, providing an entertaining journey through every angle of the circuit, as deep as you’re here, walking the track, pausing to sit in the grandstand.

For beginners: The book is not suitable for new F1 fans as it is difficult to read at times, but on the other hand, there’s no way to describe such an iconic race track in two words.

My rating 7/10

strong f1 book williams story

A Different Kind of Life – Virginia Williams

Why is it worth the read?

Virginia Williams’ book differs from my list of the best Formula 1 books because it’s not primarily about the sport but has many in common.

A Different Kind of Life will definitely touch your heart, as it is the story of Sir Frank Williams’ wife, Virginia, who gives a different perspective on the success of the family-run Williams F1 team.

She honestly shared her struggles, pains, perseverance, and determination that she went through falling in love with Frank and the obstacles after the incident that disabled Williams. The author opens the door to the other side that F1 fans have never seen.

For beginners: Because the book is about love and devotion, it is a must-read for those who like the stories that go on behind the scenes. Bear in mind that it is a tough story. Williams’ story is a good fit for both, new and old F1 fans.  

My rating 8/10

Formula 1 Books That I Do Not Recommend

The following books about Formula 1 are very popular. Even though someone might find them a good read, I didn’t like them, and here’s why.

The Mechanic: The Secret World of the F1 PitlaneMarc ‘Elvis’ Priestley

Yes, The Secret World of the F1 Pitlane book allows you to go behind the scenes, but it is a kind of undercover that I prefer not to be informed about.

Compared to similar books like Ross Brawn’s Total Competition or Timothy Collings’ The Piranha Club, Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley’s book doesn’t offer any worthy lessons, but it is funny and easy to read.

I believe that Formula 1 is a top-level sport and that the people involved are persistent, hard-working, and strive for their goals. So I don’t want to know what makes it fun because this sport is primarily about other, more valuable things.

My rating: 2/10

How To Be An F1 Driver: My Guide To Life In The Fast Lane – Jenson Button

I apologize to all of Jenson Button’s fans. It is not his best book. Yes, it is well-written with honesty and fun, but it is just an easy read. Despite it having some insights and perspectives on the F1 career, you can find that in other, more serious books.

Also, I’ve read the book published in 2019, and I think some perspectives are a bit outdated because the career of an F1 driver depends on so many factors that are constantly changing every year.

So, if you want to be an F1 driver, in my opinion, you won’t get enough valuable information from this book.  

My rating: 4/10


The world of Formula 1 racing is a compelling mix of history, technology, and human drama. As you explore each of its parts, you not only embark on an extraordinary adventure but also begin to understand the sport page by page. And that allows you to fully enjoy the Grand Prix as you open those secret doors of the sport that are inaccessible and hidden from most spectators.

I think these books fully cover each of the cornerstones of Formula 1. One thing I deliberately left out is the Formula 1 biographies so you can check it out in another post.

What about your library, or did I miss anything?

Feel free to share in the comments.