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F1 books

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” Marx

It can be challenging if you were a formula one enthusiast and at the same time a bookworm, as books are often marked with calmness and peacefulness while Formula one is marked with rage and the noise of both the engines and the audience.

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But what is the common feature?

If you search deeply, you will find that Formula one is an art in itself, it’s the art of making the most perfect cars and it’s an art in its unique and outstanding moments, it’s an art in its drifts , its passion, it’s more like a plot that can’t be discovered till the last minute of the race, it’s the unknown and untold story that you need to look carefully at its details to find out its hero, Formula one is just like any good story. It isn’t just about the protagonist which in this case the driver, but it’s also about the co-stars, the cast who makes an incomparable effort with self-denial, of course in F1 the co-stars are the constructors.

Reading formula one book can give us a glimpse about the unseen events, the backstage of the racing tracks, how the drivers suffer and train continuously, how the pioneer drivers started the race knowing that it might be their last. Reading Formula one book shed the light on the huge team that helps the driver reach the pole position. Formula one book also emphasis on the normal life of the stars away from the stardom spotlight.

Besides, Reading Formula one book can pave the way for those who are willing to enter the thrilling sport.

In this article, we are going to go on a journey with some of the must-read books in Formula One, which is divided into biographical and Educational books.

Books about Formula 1 – – Biographical books…..The untold stories

  • Michael Schumacher ” the edge of greatness

Michael Schumacher is, statistically, the greatest Formula One driver of all time. The German icon won 7 championships making him the most successful driver in history. His total domination was from 2000 to 2004, when he won 5 titles in a row. In his book, Schumacher exposes the secret of his astonishing accomplishments along with some interesting untold story about his personal life and career.

  •  Winning is not enough By Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart is, without any doubt, one of the Formula1 legends. The man, who won three F1 championships and 27 Grand Prix, was ranked as one of the Top five Formula One drivers of all time.

In 2007, Jackie published his successful book ” Winning is not enough” to illustrate the world of the F1 in the 1960s and 1970s. A time where drivers had no safety at all, Jackie stated on this subject by saying ” I raced at a time when so many died. There were 18 or 20 of us who used to go round the Grand Prix. We were close in a way the drivers aren’t now. We went on holidays together with our families.” Danger fostered a macabre unity. The odds, then, on a driver who raced for five years surviving were just one in three. Motor racing was a blood sport”

The book was reviewed by many critics to be an honest confession, from a very successful man on and off the track, about the complex personality of the drivers who had to battle against death every time they put on their helmets and started the race”

The book also showed the glamour and the luxury that F1 drivers lived at, a reason that was probably enough to challenge potential death.

  • Life at the Limit: Triumph and Tragedy in Formula One By Sid Watkins

“Not all heroes wear capes. And not all Formula one legend wear helmets”

Sid Watkins, the English neurosurgeon, wrote his book to Promote safety and medical rescue, Sid opened up about the fatal accidents that he witnessed on the tracks and the drivers who had their last moments with him , Life at the limit started a revolution in Formula One and was a cause of many safety measurements afterwards. Sid Watkins’s book is the guide to know how medical response in F1 has evolved over the years.

  •  How to Build a Car By Adrian Newey

It can be enough to say that The world’s greatest Formula one designers of all time wrote that book to involve it in the must-read books

“How to build the car” is one of Adrian Newey’s greatest inventions as the book is a fascinating combination of Adrian’s marvelous designs and firsthand details about the backstage of some of the greatest drivers in history.

Adrian’s 35 career is full of astonishing accomplishments and marked with 154 Grand Prix and 10 constructors’ championships with three different teams. Newey wrote about his secret of success and innovation that made him adapt with different teams, Newey’s book is full of great stories about some of the greatest untold stories in Formula One. Some critics view the book is an archive to Formula one as it includes the development of the dangerous sport and how it was improved in every aspect.

All of the previous books are suitable for those who have been following Formula One for years, but what if you were a newbie?…. Well, No worries.
We suggest you read

  • Formula One Racing for Dummies by Jonathan noble and Mark Hughes

The book has everything you need to know about Formula one from the strategies, technology till spirit needed to win the races. The book covers rivalries and politics that have turned the sport into a global phenomenon

  •  Going Faster!: Mastering the Art of Race Driving: The Skip Barber Racing School by Carl Lopez and Danny Sullivan

The book is considered to be a guidebook to those who are willing to become future F1 drivers. The book covers competition-proven methods of f1 instructors and tips from the top drivers on how to race and most importantly on how to stay at the front. The name reveals the content of the book as it’s a “FAST” guide to an F1 world without Barber instructors.

Where to get the books?

Now, as you become ready to enter the F1 books world, the questions lie “where can I get the top-rated books and the Answer is pretty simple “you can find these books and more on Amazon.com”

You need to remember that Reading a formula one book is a journey that shouldn’t be rushed, take your time, prepare a decent cup of tea and lie back on your comfy couch and Finally…. Enjoy the ride.