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The Best F1 Websites You Need To Follow Formula 1

Each F1 fan needs a great website to keep the mood of the passing and future Grand Prix weekend, to be updated with the latest F1 news, and to dive into the deep analysis of F1 cars’ technical aspects and the regulations of Formula 1. With social media’s introduction, most of them have taken the tasks. However, there is still a need for more comprehensive information, despite social media providing opportunities to discuss everything from the race to any driver’s look. So, highly specialized sites are still the best field for the topic. Therefore, we gathered the best F1 websites to help you stay focused on Formula 1 with fresh trusty news and authority opinions to create your own point in every aspect of racing. 

Googling “Formula 1,” you may find tons of similar information. However, distinguishing the source from rewritten posts and news from rumors is essential. Thus, we selected only proven F1 websites that we use when needing a good point.

F1 best website

#1 Formula 1

It is the ‘online’ home of Formula 1 on the web. The official website of F1 racing provides the latest news, race schedules, driver profiles, team updates, and much more. Moreover, it also features exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes access, including interviews with drivers and team personnel and in-depth analysis of race incidents and strategies. 

Moreover, as the official Formula 1 web escorting, the site provides information on trips to Formula 1: tickets and travel packages on ‘F1experinces.’ Also, here are covering the official F1 merchandise shop and a unique online store, ‘F1Authentic,’ where even die-hard fans can find infrequent racing gifts with their favorite driver o the team. 

Although there is F1 live timing available on the site, the F1 TV is the paid feature. The F1 website boasts a clean and user-friendly interface, making it easy for fans to navigate and find the content they want. 

Why they’re doing so well? 

With a monthly audience of about 40m visitors worldwide, F1’s official website is our primary source of official information. It has its own base of journalists who are first-hand taking interviews and making analyses of the race and F1 cars updates. 

Besides, there is a lot of valuable information in their official Podcasts and guidelines that can be a good shot for new F1 fans searching for technical details and rules of this racing sport. 

Whether you need the latest and trusted news about Formula 1, this website is the number one must-visit for fans.

#2 Autosport

Autosport is considered one of the oldest magazines in car racing as it was founded in 1950, to be specific, and ever since that time, the magazine has been very respected in the Motorsport field. In 2005, The magazine realized that it was the best time to enter the Digital world, so they took over AtlasF1, a rival Formula 1 news website, the source was called Autosport-Atlas, but in January 2006, the name was changed its current. 

However, being one of the most authoritative web sources, the Autosport website is one of the most popular for Formula 1 news and analysis. It offers in-depth coverage of all the races, including live commentary and expert opinions from journalists and former drivers. The source features content made by their journalists and announces news from the official source of Formula 1. Although the posts on detailed analysis or expert opinions are paid content. 

Motorsport Network

#3 Motorsport

It is a comprehensive F1 website covering all motorsports aspects, including Formula 1. Motorsport offers news, analysis, and opinion pieces from experts in the field. The source also has a dedicated section for Formula 1 that includes race reports, driver and team profiles, and photo galleries. As at the Autosport website, valuable, worthy content is also paid for and available for a prime subscription. 

Why they’re doing so well? 

Being part of a vast Motorsport Network, Autosport and Motorsport are two different sources with similar content to provide. We love these two F1 websites because both provide good insights into Formula 1 for free. These are more than just about Formula 1. Both are designed to deliver exciting and fresh content about all types of world motorsport. 

Autosport and Motorsport websites, with over 10 million and 80 million visitors audience monthly accordingly, the sources cover all the car racing championships. So, the content of each is replicated in the other, but with a difference. 

Autosport provides free interesting Podcasts with deep technical analysis, available on Apple, Google, Soundcloud, Deezer, and other platforms. While its ‘brother ‘offers Motorsport TV, which includes about 100 channels by different racing disciplines. Although some content is paid, you can find many live streams and movies about racing for free here. 

Another helpful tool by Motorsport Network for any F1 fan is that it provides a Motorsporttickets website to buy tickets to racing competitions like Formula 1, WRC, WEC, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and even MotoGP.

Concluding, if you are simultaneously a fan of Formula 1 and NASCAR, one of the above F1 websites is your must-follow on our list. 

Racefans website

#4 RaceFans

With a 1,5m monthly audience, is a fan-centric F1 website that offers a unique perspective on the racing world. 

 It offers news, analysis, and opinion pieces from experienced journalists and fans alike. It also has a dedicated section for Formula 1 that includes driver and team profiles. The cornerstone of Racefans is that it provides in-depth analysis, race previews, and exclusive interviews, giving fans a fresh and alternative viewpoint on the sport. 

Moreover, the website features a community-driven approach with forums and comment sections where fans can discuss the sport.

If you’re looking for a source that offers a unique fan perspective on Formula 1, is the place to go.

Why they’re doing so well? 

We greatly respect Racefans and follow them because they are more than just a team of passionate writers; but a community of Formula 1 die-hard fans first. Ultimately it comes the content for race fans from race fans. 

With funding through advertising and contributions, is not interested in misleading information or spreading rumors. The editors cherish editorial independence and esteem the audience. As a result, they provide valuable content for free. That is why this is among F1 websites is on top of the most authoritative in the open spaces of the Internet.

However, it is also a reliable and up-to-date source for Formula E, IndyCar, Formula 2, and Formula 3. This is an excellent option if you watch other championships alongside Formula 1. 

planetf1 website

#5 PlanetF1

The audience of Planet F1 is five times more than Race fans. However, it is another good independent source among the F1 websites. It offers live race updates, news articles, and analyses of the F1 cars and regulations of the sport. 

 It also has a dedicated section for Formula 1 that includes race reports, driver and team profiles. While F1 fans can discuss their favorite sport in a particular forum.

Why they’re doing so well? 

PlanetF1 is the best for fast short news to keep F1 fans updated, whether about F1 driver standings, the F1 race schedule, F1 driver profiles or live F1 coverage. Everything is so simple and uncluttered. We love this website for its straightforward interface and interactive options they provide for fans, including its good F1 quizzes.

best f1 website

#6 F1technical

It is the leading among best F1 websites that provides in-depth analysis and technical insights into the world of Formula 1. The source offers a wealth of information on the latest sports developments, including detailed articles on car designs, aerodynamics, and engine technology. 

With about 500 000 monthly audiences, the website has an active forum community where fans can discuss and debate various topics related to Formula 1. is a must-follow website for any severe Formula 1 fan who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies. 

Why they’re doing so well? 

The website’s name thoroughly describes its primary content focus. So, their main goal is to explain the engineering and technology that sets apart from other F1 websites. As a result, it makes it an excellent resource for those who want to understand how everything works in Formula 1.

wtf1 website

#7 WTF1

If there were an option to explain WTF1 in two words, these would be “entertaining” and “socializing.” Unlikely you would find any other F1 website with a 3m social community across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok! 

WTF1 was founded in 2010 by motorsport enthusiast Tom Bellingham and became a part of The Race Media in 2020. Focusing on a new generation of motorsport fans who engage purely on social media, WTF1 has set the entertaining function of informational sources on Formula 1 relatively high. 

The website offers a unique and captivating perspective on the world of Formula 1. The website provides a mix of news, analysis, and humor. Wtf1 also features a range of multimedia content, including videos, podcasts, and social media posts, which provide fans with an immersive and engaging experience.  

Why they’re doing so well? 

The secret of the WTF1 is that they chose a non-traditional way to connect with their readers. With betting on trends nowadays, this website will interest young F1 fans. 

We choose WTF1 for its positive vibes and straightforward content. However, making complicated things simple and mixing them with good jokes set this website as a must-visit resource for those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest sports developments while also having a laugh. 

bbc sport about f1

#8 BBC Sport’s Formula 1

BBC Sport’s website F1 section provides more than just news, but the analytic thinking of the different issues in this sport. It gives you an in-depth analysis of the races, the drivers, and the teams, giving a comprehensive understanding of the sport. 

Allowing F1 fans to have up-to-date news on the latest developments in Formula 1 written by the experts sets this F1 website at the other top of the web field. Another critical point of BBC Sport’s Formula 1 is they provide exclusive interviews with the drivers and team manager, giving fans an inside look into the sport. Overall, following BBC Sport’s Formula 1 section is an excellent way to stay informed and engaged with the world of Formula 1.

Why they’re doing so well? 

BBC Sport’s website F1 section is worthy; trust and authority source is the main reason we put it on our list. The website provides information that is proven. Moreover, their professional journalists make not just posts, but these are great insights into the epicenter of any issue in Formula 1. To look at the problem from another point of view and to get deep insights are the reason we follow BBC Sport. best f1 website

#9 Red Bull

Red Bull is another fantastic website about Formula 1 and everything related to the company. It offers fans exclusive content such as interviews with drivers and team members, behind-the-scenes looks at the races, and expert analysis of the latest developments in the sport. Moreover, the website provides fans in-depth coverage of every F1 race, including practice sessions, qualifying rounds, and the primary race. Fans can also access a wealth of information about Red Bull drivers and teams, including their histories, statistics, and current standings. 

Why they’re doing so well? 

Despite the source announcing the news in the F1 topic not so often, the content they have made is fully charged with the passion of the sport. It is high-quality clear, and well-written posts about Formula 1. This is a crucial reason why we follow this website.

Besides, with a solid social media presence, the website lets fans stay updated with real-time news and developments. 

Overall, RedBull website is the must-visit website for Red Bull F1 team fans. 

formula 1 reddit

#10 Formula 1 Reddit  

With over 3 million members, Formula 1 on Reddit is the largest online community dedicated to F1 racing. The subreddit has a wealth of information for fans, from news and race reports to discussion threads about the latest sports developments. One of the best things about the subreddit is the quality of the posts. The community comprises knowledgeable and passionate F1 fans who share their insights and opinions respectfully and intelligently.  

Why they’re doing so well? 

We following Formula 1 on Reddit for a few reasons. First, any news on this sport – will be on Reddit first. Being a community, the latest news is spreading here very fast. Second is that Reddit provides a fantastic opportunity for F1 fans’ connections. So, even if your idea wouldn’t work here, you always have the option to follow your favorite team’s subreddit and find like-minded people. Is it a fantastic way to gather all F1 fans together? We’d believe yes.


motorsportimages best f1 website

#11 MotorsportImages

MotorsportImages doesn’t provide news or analyses, but instead, it has the most extensive and most valuable collection of high-quality images that capture some of the most iconic moments in F1 history. It is undoubtedly one of the most reputable F1 websites for fans. You may find rare, iconic, historical photo shots of past and current events here! 

The website’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for fans to navigate and find exactly what they want. 

Why they’re doing so well? 

Motorsport Images is the hugest official media archive of the FIA motorsport events, with photo covering of car racing from its foundations – from the 1950s’. They provide unique, rare footage for anyone for free. This feature of the source sets it at the top of the must-visit F1 websites. 

Bonus: MotorsportJobs

Motorsportjobs website wouldn’t keep you updated with the latest F1 news or live coverage; instead, it has something more valuable. All F1 fans are so passionate about the sport that many desire to work in Formula 1. And Motorsport jobs website provides the opportunity to find work in this field. 

With over 1,000 vacancies available at any time, the search by companies represented in motorsport is available. Moreover, it provides valuable advice in the posts for those searching for a job, even in so closed Formula 1. 

Instead of a conclusion, what is the best F1 site? 

It entirely depends on what you want to find. Thus, when the goal is to be in the course of the latest news – the official F1 website will be the better option. If you have to get in a good mood, the WTF1 is another best option. Regarding technical aspects and deep analysis, F1technical is another great one. While Reddit Formula 1 is an excellent way to stay connected with an F1 community. 

Thus, Formula 1 websites are essential for any racing fan looking to dive deep into the world of Motorsport. These websites provide a wealth of information, exclusive content, and engagement opportunities that enhance the fan experience. 

However, despite the social media step-by-step displacing the traditional sources, replacing them with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, there are still websites that come first that are really helpful to stay up to date even after or even before the Grand Prix.