Best Formula 1 websites

Best Formula 1 websites
Best Formula 1 websites

F1 websites. Flood of information

40 years ago, people had to wait for days just to grab the paper in order to follow up their favorite Formula One driver and the last updates about their teams, Formula one lovers used to collect pictures of the races and stick it in an album. Things have changed since that time as following Formula one nowadays turned into an easy task. The internet is filled and overloaded with tons of information and websites about F1, starting from the latest news, updates, drivers to the backstage of the races.

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Despite this flood of data and information, it can be challenging to define specific websites to visit regularly, in this article; we are going to shed some light on the best websites in The F1 world.

1- Official Formula 1 website. Home of formula one

In case you were looking for a place where you can get all the latest and most legit information, then is your destination. The official website for formula one has all kinds of information starting from the HOME page which enables you to find out the latest updates and stories about the racing sport and to get to know the races timings without forgetting the Driver’s and Constructor’s rankings, the home page has attractive feature as it has all the details of both the last and the next one making it easy for followers to keep up.

Moving from the home page to the LATEST section where you can find the latest stories in details. Next, to it you can find the Championship section which has 5 subsections “races, Drivers, Teams, Inside F1, and Awards”

The next section “Results” includes results of the current season, driver’s championship, constructor’s championship and archive from 1950 till today.

The fourth section is “Live timing” has live updates of the races, and next to it is “Gaming” which includes “Easport, Fantasy, Daily fantasy”

The next section is “Tickets” which includes “Paddock club and F1 Experiences “packages, you can book easily book your ticket in any race via that section.

The last section is the “Store” section, you will be able to purchase all that you need from the Official shop of F1, you can shop by team, buy T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps, gifts… etc.

F1 official website is attractive with bright colors (mostly white and red). It’s user-friendly and you won’t find any trouble or complexity trying to surf on it. seems like an easy and obvious option, but what about other highly rated websites?

1-Autosport …. Motorsport Experts

Autosport is considered to be one of the oldest magazines in Motorsport as it was founded 68 years ago, in 1950 to be specific, and ever since that time the magazine has been very respected in the Motorsport field. In 2005, The magazine realized that it was the best time to enter Digital world so they took over AtlasF1, a rival Formula One news website, the website was called Autosport-Atlas but in January 2006 the name was changed to

The website covers the latest stories in Formula one with the wide range of updated articles and analyses from the best writers in Formula One.

You can check it out yourself from this link

2- The 8W….. History is a click away.

8w is the home for F1 history; the website is unique in every aspect, as its name itself has subtle meaning. 8w refers to the “five Ws” of journalism – who, what, where, when and why – added to the three of the worldwide web.
In the “who” section you can find drivers’ biographies which start with ” the champions” with the most famous legends of all time, along with the Intriguing trios followed by dramatic duos, Amazing masses, Feature stories, short profiles and lastly Facts and figures.

In the “what” section you can find more about the men behind the scenes, the constructors.

The website includes the top stories of the greatest constructors in the history of the F1, and how they were the reason behind the Foundation of the motorsport.

At the “where” sections, the spotlight is on the track and its development, the safety measurements and how the sport developed from a bloody sport into a much safer one.

The history is embodied greatly in the “when” section as the events that formed the f1 are illustrated widely at this part and its main aim is remembering the Glory days of F1 among various memories.

The “why” section focuses on the technical efforts that created Formula one, it emphasizes the failed attempts to create cars which eventually led to the cars that race today.

The website is a hidden treasure as it’s full of the most creative articles among Formula one website. The articles acquire a one-of-a-kind style that is marked with dramatization.

You can check the website from the following link

3-… As huge as it looks is, probably, the biggest website in Motorsports in general and Formula one in particular, the website is available in over 20 languages making it the most international website in the business, the website has a global approach in its articles as it contains mostly informative and descriptive articles which are full of analysis and statistics, the website is proud to be the destination of fans from over the worlds. The website has two versions, a free one and a paid one to get exclusive access to technical analysis and the stories behind the headlines.

All of these websites can get you busy on the internet, but we shouldn’t forget some of the most famous blogs in Formula one, here are our

Top 10 suggestions for online blogs

1- F1 News

2- Formula 1 -Reddit

3- James Allen on F1

4- Daniel Ricciardo

5- Racecar Engineering Blogs

6- Racer-F1

7- Crash.Net F1

8- autoX Formula one

9- Sportwalk F1

10- Stefan Johnasson Vaxjo-F1 Blog

In conclusion, you should remember that all of these websites and blogs are there to help you engage more in the sport, get more information about it and probably buy some items related to the races. But Never Forget. You are the judge, you should watch the race yourself, choose the website that suits you the most, and who knows?? Maybe you can start your own blog or even website one day.