enzo ferrari famous quotes and life lessons from them

Life Lessons From Enzo Ferrari’s Quotes For Personal Growth

Workaholic, arrogant, formidable, ingenious, stubborn, and self-assured are words that can’t be better to describe Enzo Ferrari. Someone called him ‘Il Commendatore,’ meanwhile, he preferred ‘l’ingegnere’ or the engineer. A self-made entrepreneur, Enzo Ferrari was a great example that dedicated work, faith, and passion work miracles, while his path from the dreamer to the discoverer is evidence of how powerful he was. We’ve explored Enzo Ferrari’s quotes, watched movies to take an image of a most extraordinary person in motorsport, and found five life lessons from his famous thoughts that we sure can improve personal growth. 

#1. The Discipline Is The Center Of Any Dream’s Fruition

Yes, something similar we’ve heard from Will Smith recently, but Enzo Ferrari was the first to prove that discipline is decisive at any point you’re going to do. 

So, Ferrari’s inner circle had called him a ‘workaholic’ for a reason. He had daily, monthly, and even yearly schedule plans. He had woken up very early every day and was ready to work at 7 Am.

We believe there were no days he had spent doing nothing, as he had worked even during the Sunday services. Ferrari was deeply involved in all aspects of the company, resulting in being the motorsport’s boss.

However, the driving force of such discipline was Ferrari’s belief that achieving success could only be possible through hard work, determination, and a relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. 

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He believed in dedication, and in one of Enzo Ferrari’s quotes, he pointed out that otherwise, one thinks of death.

The life lesson from Enzo Ferrari’s philosophy number one is to find reasons and beliefs that become the foundation of the discipline. Then, to keep the discipline continuously, as it is the center of any dream’s fruition.

enzo ferrari quotes for personal growth
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#2. Strive To Create Value

Enzo Ferarri strove for excellence in everything he did because he wanted to create something precious for people. 

In this way, making his cars better, he effortlessly changed the team’s drivers and quickly parted with people unprepared to sacrifice everything for victory.

You can find these tones in Ferrari’s slogans, like ‘Only those who dare truly live’ and ‘We are the competition.’  

Why so? Enzo Ferrari knew that his creations will live forever, making him immortal. 

So, ‘Death will destroy my body, but my creatures will keep on living ever after, in the years to come‘ is one of the famous quotes.

Furthermore, he pursued progress, believing the next car would be better. Thus, Ferrari became one of the most successful brands worldwide, but as a participant in Formula One, Ferrari recorded 16 Constructors’ and 15 Drivers’ Championships. Besides, Prancing Horse has been participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans since 1949 and has achieved 10 overall and 37 class victories!

Life lesson number two from Enzo Ferrari’s quotes is to strive to create value in your job and the work that you do because, at some point, it describes people on who you are. 

Of course, the money made sense for Ferrari, but the value was always the goal number one. 

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#3. Stand Up To Your Critics

The life of Enzo Ferrari was filled with obstacles while the circumstances laid against him. He must succeed in his father’s business, but the first-ever race he saw, when Felice Nazzaro won at the 1908 Circuito di Bologna, changed ten-year-old Enzo and decided on his future. 

Despite the dream to be a racing driver, he wasn’t successful as a racer, while World War destroyed his business and took the lives of his father and brother. Without education, money, and any future, step by step, he had lifted and established Scuderia Ferrari in 1929. 

We believe there were moments when Enzo Ferrari was exhausted and empty, but he always found the courage to stand up to his critics to build everything from scratch.

Obstacles can be different and destroy us, but the third life lesson is finding the courage to stand up to your negative. Therefore, another famous Enzo Ferrari quote claims: ‘What’s behind you doesn’t matter.

enzo ferrari famous quotes and life lessons from them
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#4. Be A Fan Of Yourself

It is not about narcissism, but it is about setting your needs and wants first. It is about love and appreciation for yourself.

So, nothing could change Enzo Ferrari’s plans, as he set his personal first. Therefore, even his meetings and speeches with people were short, as he preferred to spend time with his own.

Moreover, such an approach helped him to stay a dreamer. Yes, Enzo Ferrari was a big dreamer. He believed if you can dream it, then you can do it.

Ferrari loved what he did and appreciated himself in the way he did. The embracing his love for the work had unlocked his potential and made him achieve remarkable results. 

And this is the life lesson number fourth from Enzo Ferrari’s philosophy that we’ve learned. 

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#5. Focus The Mind On The Right Things

Another thing we can learn from Enzo Ferrari’s quotes is the ability to focus and concentrate on the right things. 

You may say what could be easier? But Ferrari focused on proper points when the case was about rush or stress.

He had millions of times to choose between career and personal life, between racing strategies, and even ways to improve his cars. However, he made the fast and correct decisions because he was focused right.

What exactly helped him to stay focused? Instead of thinking about possible losses, he concentrated on the goals to achieve, focusing on the possibilities, while the failures were the points to work with. That’s it. 

The Takeaways

Ferrari’s first car, the 125 S, was built in 1947. Powered by a 1.5-liter V12 engine, the 125 S was the beginning of Ferrari as a road car manufacturer. Inspired by fighter pilot Count Francesco Baracca, the prancing horse logo decorated the brand’s red-colored car. After Baracca’s death, his mother suggested Ferrari use the prancing horse as a good luck charm. 

Enzo Ferrari created the real car manufacturing empire. What is more, he made it from scratch. A self-made entrepreneur was the evidence of possibilities of personal growth, especially when the right things come together. 

Among them are discipline, passion for creating rare and value cars for the people, the courage to turn the critics off, letting set the personal needs and wants first, and constant concentration with dedicated work. That is all about Enzo Ferrari within his famous quotes