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Fuel Your Inner Power With The Best F1 Quotes!

Do you have a bad day? You are not alone, and Formula 1 can make you help. As being the top of the racing, this sport is the most challenging drivers can race in. From wasting physical loads to exhausting rivalries and heartbreaking dramas, Formula 1 is the test that the ones only pass, but it makes them rise as the most influential people. Therefore, power, motivation, and inspiration are something each driver must have to keep on. So, we gathered seven influencing Formula 1 drivers’ stories, explored their minds, and reinforced them with the best F1 quotes to bring your right mindset back and support for every occasion. Let’s get fuel your inner power!

#1. That’s Right, You Can!

It sounds like a cliche, but yes, you can. Do not listen to those who tell you that you’re not good enough, but recall the story of Sir Jackie Stewart, his quote in F1, and his mind that nobody is perfect and that is good, but each one has the option to be better. 

In its origins, racing safety wasn’t one of Formula 1 priorities, and drivers doubted whether they would finish, but they couldn’t refuse the race. 

However, the fear didn’t prevent Stewart made the impossible in the 1968 German Grand Prix at the track that people get used to calling the Green Hell, Germany’s Nürburgring. 

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Sir Jackie Stewart’s German Grand Prix 1968 

The German Grand Prix’s start was postponed because of zero visibility due to fog, while the hard rain caused streams of water on the track.

The conditions were so bad that Jackie Stewart doubted participating, but his boss, Ken Tyrrell, ordered him to drive no matter what.

 Despite the efforts of such mature drivers like Graham Hill, Chris Amon, Jochen Rindt, and Dan Gurney, Stewart’s lead at the end of lap 2 was almost 34 seconds, but the moment when everything seemed to be decided, the accelerator of his Matra-Ford had jammed. 

The debris got into the engine, and the oil pressure had dropped at the mid-race.

Struggled but still hoped, Stewart blocked the wheels, and the car flew straight into Marshall, who jumped for cover at the very last moment.

Stewart crossed the line with a four-minute lead! He won the German Grand Prix in 1968. After a while, he said:

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Many years later, Ken Tyrrell shamefully admitted that it was the only time he had instructed the racer to drive no matter what, causing him to suffer psychologically and emotionally, fearing for Jackie’s safety for each lap.

#2. There Is Always A Way Up!

To fall is always heart, but failing in front of millions of people worldwide can destroy your future. And Sebastian Vettel is that one, undaunted.

After the fourth championship title for Red Bull, Vettel became the youngest F1 champion before Max Verstappen outdid this record. 

However, Vettel decided to race for his dream team, Ferrari, but this path was full of struggles. First, it was the lagging car’s performance. However, when the team switched preference for his teammate, Charles Leclerc, it finally broke Vettel at the end of 2020.  

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Sebastian Vettel’s Falling

He could lose his seat in Formula 1, but in the Paddock, they knew that German still had the drive. Aston Martin’s owner, Lawrence Stroll, invited Vettel. The 2021 season’s beginning was bad because Sebastian did not finish above 10th place in the first four races.  

The media highlighted Vettel’s time was over and the best thing he could do was to leave Formula 1, while the F1 community agreed. With deep inner power, Vettel had resisted the public’s opinion over the years. Therefore, his F1 quotes are among the most famous.

So, the Baku Grand Prix 2021 became the rage, and while no one expected it, Vettel finished second and gave Aston Martin its first podium after a 61-year absence! 

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Vettel smiled from the podium at all those who had lost faith in him. That was one of the best F1 races in recent times.

Today, Sebastian Vettel is a respected opinion. Fans are proud of him, while his racing talent is an undeniable fact with which nobody now dares to argue. 

#3. Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity To Learn!

Everyone knows Lewis Hamilton as a seven-time Formula 1 champion, but few people know without his natural desire to learn, he probably wouldn’t have achieved as many victories as he has. Of course, you can lay his success on the Mercedes engineers or the fortune, but the truth is the winning team has two drivers.

So, during his career, Hamilton yielded a championship to his teammate only once – to Nico Rosberg in 2016, causing it was the last season for Rosberg in Formula 1, as he retired. 

Hamilton started Formula 1 alongside Fernando Alonso for McLaren in 2007, resulting in Alonso signing for Renault, announcing it in the same year. Their rivalry had launched a chain of consequences that forced the team to forget about the constructor’s win.  

Then, Heikki Kovalainen became Hamilton’s teammate. After two years, he retired in 2009, but later, he revealed that racing alongside Hamilton was tough, as he always was the head ahead.  

The former Hamilton teammate Jenson Button shares the same feelings, as he also admitted that Lewis Hamilton is a ‘weird’ teammate

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Lewis Hamilton’s Rising

Does it need to say how exhausting was the rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg? It was the Silver War that had been dividing the Mercedes team into two sides for four years. Starting as two friends from childhood, Rosberg and Hamilton became sworn enemies.

With sweat and tears, Rosberg finally gnawed the championship title for the third time, the fourth year in the team, and finished the last race as his Formula 1 career forever. 

However, among the two, it was Hamilton who, despite the hating wave, resisted and took another four championship victories in a row. What was his advantage? 

The truth was there were no advantages, as Rosberg and Hamilton both were equally on the edge, but Hamilton’s secret power was that he learned fast from his rivalries. By exploring soon their strongest and weakest sides, he understands their actions on the track and behaving outside. 

Moreover, he plays with those pieces of knowledge, forcing his teammates to make mistakes. Furthermore, it is hard to find a loud story charging Hamilton’s game was unfair.

All things being equal, his sharp mind and self-focused make him unreachable and are what amazes us. So, Hamilton’s view and philosophy take a special place among the best F1 quotes.

#4. Turn The Experience Into The Personal Value

Partly, Lewis Hamilton learned a lot from his mentor – Niki Lauda, who was famous for the unique feature. 

Likewise, Lauda had never stopped learning, but he also transformed every experience, good or bad, into personal value, no matter how difficult it was. 

Therefore, Lauda’s philosophy is rare, while his motivational duel with James Hunt has been the subject of the ‘Rush’ movie. Let’s recall the most terrible story that changes your mind.

To start his Formula 1 career in 1974, Lauda had to sacrifice everything to go the way he wanted, despite family, friends, and money being against it. 

So, the week before, Lauda was the fastest, but during the German Grand Prix 1976, his Ferrari came off the track on the second lap. He crashed into an embankment, went up in flames, and collided with Brett Lungers Ford. 

Lauda got in the fire rubble. That was the end, as drivers pulled him out of his car too late. His face caught fire, suffered severe burns, and breathed in toxic gases.

Later, he fell into a coma. He suffered large scars, but he survived.

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Niki Lauda’s Come Back

 The fire disfigured his face, and the accident overshadowed his experience, but did it stop him? Never.

Austrian came to the press conference in Monza like nothing was happening. Six weeks after the accident, he finished fourth at the Italian Grand Prix!

Even more disciplined, he became a cold machine, indifferent to the rise and falls but taking the most of it.

Lauda was the most respected person in world racing. Austrian legend was non-executive chairman of Mercedes AMG until he left the world in 2019. He was the only one with whom team principal Toto Wolff could speak wisdom.

#5. Embrace The Power Of Your Flow!

Iconic Enzo Ferrari. His name sets the top of iconic F1 quotes, as he has been more than the source of inspiration, but he was the synonym of racing, like his cars.

Everyone knows who Enzo Ferrari was, but fewer people know Ferrari was not a skilled driver, nor did he have any education. Moreover, only ones remember how tough his way to success was, and Ferrari wouldn’t be so great if not for the passion that made him the pride of Italy!

It started when the ten-year-old Enzo saw the victory of Felice Nazarro in 1908. It lighted a flow in Ferrari’s heart.

Due to the World War, Enzo Ferrari did not even finish school but joined the Italian army. He had nothing as the country’s economy had laid in ruins. At that time, thousands of unemployed people marched through the cities. 

After a failed attempt to get a job in FIAT, without work and money, Enzo sat on a bench in Valentino’s Park in Turin and cried desperately in 1918.

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Enzo Ferrari’s Way to Success

However, gathering his strength into a fist, Ferrari tried with every loose order, plunging into car racing. He knew what he loved, and after a while, he became a driver for CMN racing.  

Enzo Ferrari debuted at the Parma-Bercheto circuit in 1919 and finished ninth. The following year, he joined the Alfa Romeo team as a fourth driver.

Shortly afterward, in 1929, he founded his racing team. It was the team with the proud name of Scuderia Ferrari. And Ferrari’s story had started. The story would not happened without a flow.

Enzo Ferrari created a veritable engineering empire despite the dramas happening in his personal life. However, his passion is still evident in the curves and shapes of every Ferrari car. 

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#6. Appreciate the Other People

Whether good or bad, appreciate your rivalries and friends because they increase your personal growth. 

That is what we can learn from Ayrton Senna’s story, and his quotes in F1 about life and relations in the sport take the top of all the time. 

Despite being aggressive on the track, Senna was famous for his deep empathy and respect for the opponents and the team.

Their story started when young Senna joined as Alain Prost’s teammate for Mclaren-Honda in 1988 and had never stopped until 1990.

Their battles with Prost were so fierce that it seemed both were ready to crash each other. Moreover, history knows of two cases when the race could finish with a severe accident, but Senna loved Prost as his opponent. It was something between love and hate, but a driving force for Senna. 

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 #7 Love what you Do! 

We want to explore another driver’s story to finish our motivational insights. Despite Daniel Ricciardo not winning any championships, his F1 quotes make sense, as his opinion differs from the rest.

Daniel Ricciardo likes to reflect on inspiration and motivation, but his optimism sets him apart. Without deep thinking and delving into the details, Ricciardo has never lost the positive energy, no matter how bad his day is.  

It is, perhaps, the reason for his curious career’s adventure in Formula 1. 

Australian F1 driver started his career in 2012 with Toro Rosso – the younger sister of Red Bull, which he signed after two years. 

But after spending there for five years, Ricciardo changed his mind and moved to Renault. Then he repeated the loop with McLaren and stood a step to retire from Formula 1, but he was lucky. 

So, as the AlphaTauri (currently RB) team retired their Nyck de Vries, Ricciardo is back again. He was over the moon. 

Furthermore, Ricciardo has all the chances to race alongside Max Verstappen in Red Bull again, replacing Sergio Perez, which means making a career loop.

Will he be successful? Time will tell. His example proves again – smile to the world, and the world will back you with the same. 


Formula 1 has seen many stories of the greatest racers, especially their rises and falls. The mistakes in front of people worldwide, overtaking obstacles, enduring physical tests, and resisting public opinion while keeping the flow, transforming drivers racing in the sport into influential people from those we can take an example.

Let’s conclude with our best F1 quotes.

Remember to believe in yourself like Sir Jackie Stewart. 

Recall the story when all the world was disappointed in Sebastien Vettel, but he smiled at the podium against all odds, as the rise happens after the fall. 

Learn from everything like Lewis Hamilton does, which makes him so unreachable. 

Whether the good or bad experiences, use the knowledge to make the most of that, without overthinking how other people find it right or wrong like Niki Lauda made his comeback.

Think about how much power you have. The passion for racing helped Enzo Ferrari to overcome life obstacles and create the most successful racing empire.

Moreover, respect all the people surrounding you, like Ayrton Senna respected his fierce rival, Alain Prost. Good or bad, these people increase your inner growth.

Last but not least. The great success is not always what each one must to gain. Sometimes, love in what you do is everything you need. So, don’t forget to have joy in that, like Daniel Ricciardo having fun racing in Formula 1. He smiles the fortune sincerity, and the luck backs him with the same.