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Lewis Hamilton is back in Formula 1 and bringing fans to their senses!

Lewis Hamilton, what a clever guy who has caused us so much concern! The universe follows Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram! The Mercedes driver has not uttered a word on social media since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, in 2021, disappeared from all TV screens and even more cameras. But on the eve of the 2022 Formula 1 launch, Lewis Hamilton is back. F1 fans can breathe a sigh of relief! Does everything now seem right or not?

The toughest weekend in Formula 1 2021 season, the crucial Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021, is the highlight in motor sport history. It seemed like a storm had descended on the earth. Lewis Hamilton, desperate to win in Abu Dhabi and fight for his name as an eight-time F1 World Champion, could not maintain his lead in the race… What a reason, of course!

First, the sudden crash of Nicholas Latifi, who ate a ton of hateful comments on social media about the accident. Second, Max Verstappen’s fresh tires and, of course, just one decisive move by Formula 1 race director Michael Masi. The decision not to skip all lapped cars and give the lap to continue the battle between Hamilton and Verstappen made Michael Masi “persona non grata” in the eyes of the audience.

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The wait for Lewis Hamilton’s back shook our heads.

Then chaos broke out! Masi was judged on what was right and wrong. A storm broke out among the fans: absolutely everyone was arguing. All the chaos that followed led to a real public beating of the race director. Bet you, members of F1 commission are still be in a state of strife in this case! They shout at each other loudly as they re-watching Abu Dhabi’s last laps.

The lion’s share has been in the silence of Lewis Hamilton and the departure of the Mercedes team into the shadow, including the FIA Prize giving ceremony. Once so active, he is constantly worrying about the universe. Lewis Hamilton was not only upset, he was depressed and everyone felt it. Fans were shocked, being following at least some news about the future of the seven-time F1 champion.

Will Lewis Hamilton return to Formula 1 and who will replace him? What a different prediction we’ve had over the past two months! The storm seems to be over. Lewis Hamilton is back and has finally updated his Instagram account.

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A clean slate of 2022 Formula 1 season -the game changes

Too many changes show for the 2022 season will be very different: updated rules, biofuel, Formula 1 cars with the new appearance. There won’t be any action against racism before the race starts. F1’s driver line-up for 2022 also changed.

Has Lewis Hamilton signed for 2022?

Officially, Lewis Hamilton is back to the team. He has a valid contract with Mercedes until 2023. All speculation around his refitments is pure rumors. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff never considered the option of Lewis Hamilton leaving Formula 1 after 2021.

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Who will be Lewis Hamilton’s team-mate in 2022?

George Russell is official teammate of Lewis Hamilton for the 2022 season. Although Williams’ driver replaced Lewis Hamilton on the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2020, Russell became the official Mercedes driver in 2022.

Mercedes is a very demanding team for the psychological climate. Valtteri Bottas’ replacement for Russell is likely to have a profound effect on the atmosphere within the team. George is younger and a very talented driver with skills of future champion. Against or with Lewis Hamilton? The question is now causing a lot of discussions among pundits and journalists.

Sametime, former teammate of Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas joined Alfa Romeo. Because of the new contract with Frédéric Vasseur, or because of the winter break, Bottas admitted that working with Lewis Hamilton has been quite a hard job.

Lewis Hamilton is back to F1

Will Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car be so fast to win the title in 2022?

The new Mercedes F1 car will be fast in 2022, but not as expected. The major rival, Red Bull team, had worked with RB18 during the season.

What about the fans?

The Mercedes F1 Team did a good PR job for their driver and the team. Toto Wolff, as team principal, understood exactly how much attention they were getting after Abu Dhabi. Like a skillful player on his nerves, he delayed with the official information until the end. Finally, the goal archived, the FIA appointed a special commission that is still investigating the last laps of Abu Dhabi 2021. Max Verstappen got even more fans for his decent behavior as a staunch champion.

Today Lewis Hamilton is back in the team. At Mercedes, they didn’t hide the joyous hugs, which suggests the tension is behind them. Would the 2022 Formula 1 season be easy? No, it wouldn’t be especially for Lewis Hamilton.

The 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was a good reason to learn the lessons. It’s pretty clear to say Lewis Hamilton is back, or rather, starting the new chapter in his Formula 1 career.