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Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix: Nine eyes on prize ahead of the race

Authentic and mythical, simply to say “Selfmade” Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix is the kind of colorful fiesta of motor racing. Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is already waiting for his heroes. Race in Mexico City returns to the F1 calendar after missing last year because of the pandemic. This time, the passion for the Grand Prix is mixed with the celebration in offline mode. Meanwhile, the excitement in Formula 1 is increasing in every respect, there are only a few races to go and for the time being all eyes are on the prize.

Sergio Perez’s eyes on the prize as thousands of fans watch.

If you believe that Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will play the leading roles, then you probably simply do not know how people here love their national hero. Sergio Perez is next to Pedro Rodriguez the most successful Mexican F1 driver in Formula 1. You would probably ask: “Who Rodriguez was”? Well, the track we are driving this weekend is named after Pedro and his brother Ricardo – the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez!

That’s the point! Sergio Perez is a heartbreaker at home today, because Checo was not even a race winner on his last visit to the Grand Prix. The Mexican F1 driver is coming home with victory in Bahrain last year and into the most successful Formula 1 team – Red Bull. Yes, it gives wings and also the hope that Sergio Perez can stand on the podium in Mexico City and even more – think of the home win in front of his adoring fans!

Ma Verstappen by F1 official
Max Verstappen US GRand Prix 2021 by F1 official

Max Verstappen only agrees on the prize!

A couple “eyes” of the magnificent Red Bulls in Sergio Perez and, of course, Max Verstappen do not disapprove agree no less.The leader of the F1 drivers’ standings is determined not to make mistakes. Moreover, the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is absolutely not the place where you can make mistakes. Mexican racing circuit is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. Here is absolute discharged air which affects the aerodynamics and operation of the engines. You and I have not yet taken into account the track description and the unpredictable and atmospheric turns 13 and 14!

But back to Max Verstappen, the F1 driver is calm and comfortable with the enormous support of the fans of Sergio Perez and Red Bull. Before Max’s eyes, however, it is not just about a prize, but perhaps a Formula 1 championship title. Today, Max is in the defensive role, he still has a seven-point lead over Lewis Hamilton. Great start to the Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix for Red Bull, right?

Ferrari F1 team are battling McLaren for third place.

You may be surprised, but this fight has even more excitement. These two are separated by only 3.5 points, McLaren’s lead in the constructors’ standings. McLaren is demonstrating progress throughout the 2021 Formula 1 season. Step by step Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo manage to show the amazing results no matter what happens. The last heartbreaking loss for Lando Norris at the 2021 Sochi Grand Prix. Norris suggested to delay the tyre change, but the rain was the deciding factor. Lando lost the remarkable victory, but the waste made him even more powerful.

The Scuderia Ferrari F1 team is the dark horse. They work hard behind closed doors and keep quiet. Their recent power unit upgrade has proved to be a great success, helping the team achieve high downforce without suffering in terms of top speed. It could be the key factor on the Formula 1 Mexico GP 2021, as the track here is high, you need as much downforce as possible. So here are two pairs of eyes of Scuderia Ferrari F1 and Mclaren. Given Charles Leclerc with Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris with Daniel Ricciardo staring at the prize in Mexico City.

Plus two pairs of eyes from Alpine and Alpha Thauri

Well, what agile guys in Alpha Tauri! Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda, focused on beating Alpine for fifth place in the constructors’ standings! After the Russian Grand Prix, things seemed to be going well for Alpine, extending their lead from 103 to 84 points after AlphaTauri had suffered their first two failures to score a point in consecutive races. But the Alpha Tauri are fast this year, hitting back with a solid sixth place for Pierre Gasly in Turkey and two points for Yuki Tsunoda in Austin.

Only ten points separate them from the coveted position that the courageous Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon are ready to defend. Esteban Ocon meanwhile ensures that F1 Mexico Grand Prix will not be an easy race weekend.

Ahead of F1 Mexico Grand Prix outlines, photo by F1 official
Lewis Hamilton Turkish Grand Prix by F1 official

Lewis Hamilton is the main “eye” of Mercedes on Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix

The seven-time world champion focused on the top prize – first place at the Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton has progressed step by step to an eighth world title but Max Verstappen has expressed a desire to stop Mercedes’ dominance. Mercedes, for their part, planned that the United States GP would be a good chance to reclaim the drivers’ championship lead, but something went wrong. Austin provided a little surprise when Max Verstappen took pole position and then won on a track that has traditionally been a Mercedes stronghold, with Hamilton winning five of his last eight visits.

Lewis will therefore face a unique situation: on the one hand, he has to win to regain the lead, but on the other hand, it would not be an easy task as almost the entire Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez applauds their hero – the Red Bull team. Not an easy mental challenge!

Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix 2019 - Autodromo Hermanos Rodrigue
Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix 2019 – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, photo by F1 official

Formula 1 Mexico Grand Prix Schedule

Formula 1Press Conference12:30 – 16:00
Panamericana SeriesPractice Session09:50 – 10:15
Formula 1Practice 111:30 – 12:30
Formula 4 NACAM ChampionshipPractice Session12:55 – 13:20
Formula 1Press Conference13:00 – 14:00
Freightliner GTMPractice Session13:45 – 14:10
Formula 1Practice 215:00 – 16:00
Formula 1Team Pit Stop Practice09:20 – 09:50
Freightliner GTMQualifying Session09:55 – 10:20
Formula 1Practice 311:00 – 12:00
Formula 4 NACAM ChampionshipQualifying Session12:25 – 12:50
Formula 1Qualifying14:00 – 15:00
Formula 1Press Conference15:00 – 16:00
Freightliner GTMFirst Race (30 Mins)15:30 – 16:05
Carrera PanamericaQualifying Session16:30 – 16:55
Carrera PanamericaRace (12 Laps or 30 Mins)08:35 – 09:10
Formula 4 NACAM ChampionshipRace (16 Laps or 30 Mins)09:35 – 10:10
Freightliner GTMSecond Race (30 Mins)10:35 – 11:10
Formula 1Drivers’ Parade11:50
Formula 1‘We Race As One’ Gesture12:43 – 12:44
Formula 1National Anthem12:44 – 12:46
Formula 1Grand Prix (71 Laps or 120 Mins)13:00 – 15:00
* Please note that this timetable is subject to amendments, local time

Nine eyes full of racing passion ahead of the Mexican Formula 1 Grand Prix. Each of them will be pushed hard as the final races will be the last chance for drivers and teams. The colorful atmosphere in Mexico City will add to the intense excitement that will turn this weekend into a noisy motorsport fiesta!