WRC racing and F1 races: Top tips before you went to the events

WRC racing and F1 races

WRC racing and F1 races are important points for any motorsport fan planning their vacation. Although the pandemic imposes its own restrictions, many people from all over the world want to attend the World Rally Championship and Formula 1. Despite the fact that Rally Sweden has cancelled its staging of the WRC 2021, the Monte Carlo Rally will remain in place on 18 – 21 January. If you are absolutely sure that goint to trip, then you should keep these tips in mind before any movement.


Plan ahead a month. 

Formula 1′ plan “B” means races without fans and decided about a week before the start. A little less in the WRC. In this way logically say “no” to a long-term plan,but a month, no more. 

Spent less

The tickets to F1 or rally racing have money-back guarantee. Logically, to cover more expenses for travel such as: flight, road, hotel booking. The reason is problematic with movement in the city or country due to pandemic. So it’s not just about the cost, it’s also about VIP tickets and Paddock Club tickets.

Sochi F1 2019

Think ahead. 

Any trip during this time is a high risk. Planning the itinerary in this way is the main key for any racing fanatic before going to motor sport events. This is important to know in advance in detail the route, where and when: places, addresses, cafes, sights, shops, etc.

Keep your eyes open. 

The more you know, the easier it is to predict the situation. Official sources on social media could inform you about changes in the racing schedule: from “No Fans in Fan Zone” to “News to the cancellation of the race” So, be ready to be online and monitoring last news with all necessary notifications.

Cancelled Rally Sweden 

Prepare Your Plan B. 

No matter what you have in mind, because if the situation will change fast, your “B” will make you do not lose good mood and positive vibes. For example, F1 fans from eastern countries are planning the trip to Formula 1 in the way to visit as many different places as possible. Race weekend in Abu-Dhabi becomes a real feast. So, just change your program. 

These rules work regardless of whether you are going to Formula 1 or WRC in your country or city. It is very important to know them or just to keep in mind them. Maybe there will soon be the opportunity to go to Formula 1 or rally races after the New Year celebrations, or maybe this date will be later. Do not forget safety, social distance, wearing masks and gloves.