FIA WRC Calendar 2023

WRC Calendar 2023: Exciting Destinations For The New Season

The FIA World Rally Championship schedule for the new season has been approved, as a new WRC calendar for 2023 has been announced. Travel destinations are really exciting. In addition to the traditional beginning, the second part of the calendar marked a new challenge with the Central European Rally in three countries: Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. Get out your world map and pins.

The FIA WRC calendar 2023: a traditional beginning.

When someone asks you when the WRC will begin, never doubt them. The traditional starting point is the Rally Monte Carlo. First destination is Monaco, which opens the season on 19 – 22 January. Rich, delightful and dangerous challenge.

The snow show with prickly ice continues in Sweden from 9 – 12 February. The second pin on the schedule is Umeå city. After successful launch in 2022, it is impossible to imagine a WRC calendar without Sweden. There will be so much snow, it will be difficult to distinguish the horizons. Prickly ice is a true test of endurance and driving skills for our brave drivers.

Sebastien Loeb WRC Monte Carlo 2022

Mexico will be the third jewel in the WRC schedule in 2023.

One of the most colorful challenges of the season is authentic and original. The third pinn will be held in Guanajuato from 16 – 19 March. The transition from white snow to the sounds of mariachi in Mexico is like stepping into a dream.

There were plans to include a Mexican adventure in the WRC calendar, but the restrictions caused by the covid pandemic turned everything upside down. The first time we return to Guanjuato since 2020 will be in 2023, which makes it difficult to call last event normal. In those days, Rally Mexico started despite Covid limits and became a scandal, which meant that it was held in haste.

In 2023 we expect a dusty route through the desert, but nothing will stop us from taking part in the carnival. So take your sombrero!

¡Qué suerte!

Croatian fixture

Following Mexico Rally Croatia returns us to Europe for the first all-asphalt event of the year. Take into account that it was the covid 19 pandemic that pushed Croatia into the 2021 WRC calendar. Their attempt to hold the WRC rally during a difficult period caused a furor. Fans were happy with this legendary route and it was the most efficient way to hold the event in terms of logistical loads. This is how Rally Croatia took the slot and it was worth it.

As a result, Rally Croatia 2022 became one of the most dangerous events in the world rally championship. As a result of the rainy weather conditions and thick fog, rally fans started referring to Kalle Rovanperä as a real champion. This is because he successfully passed the test and won the Rally Croatia 2022.

For the third time, we will visit the area near Graf Drakula’s home in Zagreb. Your most important artefacts from 20 – 23 April are the umbrella, garlic, and holy water for good luck.

WRC Croatia 2022 Esapekka Lappi

Unchanged middle of the WRC calendar in 2023.

Portugal is the fourth destination, where tire reliability issues are traditionally the most hotly debated. Punctures are a traditional headache on the route. Interesting, dangerous pin near Porto. The Rally Italia Sardegna takes us back to Europe again for the asphalt-earth course to test the endurance of our drivers and give us picture-perfect scenery along with the smell of pizza. Just for a moment to take a breath.

Safari Rally Kenya is the sixth jewel in the WRC calendar for 2023.

What is the most dangerous and wild rally of the world rally championship? Where can you watch rally cars running so close to giraffes and elephants? That is all about Rally Kenya. It is the only destination where each driver is so close to failing, given the circumstances. Every day we can’t count the cars, as less and less drivers are available to finish here.

Punctures, puds, animals, everything can happen on the route. Safari is one of the most sought-after rally destinations for the season. Danger is their second name.

Estonia takes the charts.

A real show was put on by Rally Estonia at the last event of the WRC 2022 season. With thousands of rally fans crowding here, it was like a real party. The organizers promised the best rally yet and made the goal so lofty that it is nearly impossible to imagine how they plan to repeat the success in 2023. As for the traditional colored show along the narrow roads into the cities, it’s guaranteed.

Rally Finland

Legendary Rally Finland is on the schedule.

Iconic place to stop and stare at rally cars flying. Rally Finland is the place with iconic rally jumps that you can’t miss. Here, Kalle Rowanperaa is a national star. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to name every Finnish rally star, as here people love rally racing. The celebration takes place from 3-6 August in Jyväskylä, and you are already in. Traditional dates for a legendary event.

The Acropolis Rally Greece will close its summer doors from 7 – 10 September and return with a similar look and feel.

WRC calendar 2023 dates

Unpredictable finish line of WRC calendar 2023

Rally Chili is back.

First thing that surprised us is that Chili returns to the WRC calendar for the first time since it debuted in 2019. The event was canceled due to pandemic restrictions. Rally Chili is famous for its unique atmosphere and unpredictable nature. It is also classified as the most dangerous rally. The gravel event is the eleventh pin and will run from 28 September – 1 October.

Passau is twelfth exciting destination.

Central Europe Rally encompasses three countries: Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany. All we know about the destination is that it is Passau, Germany. In some ways, you’ve already seen this, like the Rally Monte Carlo with French cities like Gap on the route.

Here is the case of three countries. It appears that conditions will be very different, making the round quite challenging. At the moment, it’s just an assumption.

Rally Japan

Rally Japan is the finish line of the 2023 WRC season.

Japanese adventure rallies finally made their way onto the WRC calendar in 2022 after years of preparation. There can be no doubt, when asked what the toughest route in the WRC is, it is Rally Japan.

Co-drivers spend a lot of time making pace notes and keeping notebooks. Narrow roads with high barriers left drivers with no room for mistakes. Additionally, autumn in Japan gives the eye a real treat with its vibrant colors.

This was a great way to conclude the world rally championship season. It was also a great way for Toyota to pursue the manufacturing championship because there is nothing better than returning home with a win.

Outside the line

Compared with the WRC calendar in 2022, we lost the Spanish round, Rally Catalunya. The Central Europe rally will probably replace the lack of asphalt challenges near Salou. But will the attempt succeed? We will know by the 2023 season.

Although information about the WRC calendar for 2023 has been confirmed and announced, changes are still possible. We are monitoring the information, so the schedule will be updated according to official statements.