World RX schedule 2023

World RX Schedule 2023 With Rounds In Africa And Asia

We are making plans for the next racing season as the world motorsport council approved most of the racing calendars. The World RX schedule for 2023 is today’s topic. And the FIA World Rallycross prepared many surprises for its tenth – 2023 season. With the return of the old favourite rounds along with iconic venues, plus the addition of new ones, the tournament will return to its top glory.

Rallycross is a very tense racing event, as it brings together rally racing and circuit racing in the best way. Depending on the circuit, you can see asphalt roads and dusty dirt. That is why it makes head-to-head battles attractive.

In 2023 season World RX is set to please rallycross fans as well as appeal to new audiences. World RX prepares to race full speed ahead into the second campaign of its exciting electric era. The race formst has also been changed.

The FIA World Rallycross Championship returns to its origins and becomes a more traditional racing format in the following season, including six-car finals and semi-finals and the distribution of championship points to the top-scoring drivers in the heats.

The FIA World Rallycross Championship Calendar 2023

The World RX 2023 schedule features ten very diverse venues. However, the season starts with Nyirád in Hungary hosting the FIA European Rallycross Championship curtain-raiser with a stand-alone event on May 20-21.

While the World RX 2023 season kicks off in Norway on the 17th of June. The best way to celebrate rallycross is at the legendary Höljes circuit in Sweden. As World RX celebrates its 100th round on the 1-2nd of July, that will be a special event.

The second surprise comes next. For the first time since 2019 World RX returns home to Lydden Hill on 22-23 July. It is hard to imagine, but the World Rallycross was born in Britain more than half a century ago.

There will be a third surprise for race fans at another iconic racing circuit Mettet in Belgium. Throughout the event, there will be a real racing atmosphere. Moreover, it also covers the upcoming Portugiese World RX round at Montalegre in August 26-27. The previous race here made headlines as one of the most spectacular shows.

Track homologation and race promoter agreement.

Though, both races in Britain and Belgium are subject to homologations and promoter’s agreements, so both are on the table for discussion. Looks like it’s just a formal thing.

German racer Estering is the final European pinned in the World RX schedule for the 9-10th September 2023.

In addition to races in Britain and Belgium, Germany is also the subject of an agreement. Furthermore, the World RX race in Germany in 2016 was one of the most memorable in World RX history. So, that is worth waiting for.

However, after Estering we will be heading to Cape Town. South Africa’s Killarney International Raceway is one of the highlights of the World RX schedule for 2023. A real duel between Andreas Bakkerud and Timmy Hansen ended in a stunning result.

However, Killarney International Raceway is in the process of being homologated.

In the FIA World Rallycross championship, the majority of racing pins will be behind, creating the fifth surprise for race fans. World RX’s 2023 campaign will head to Asia.

Asian venue on the rallycross calendar in 2023.

No venue has been officially announced for the Asian round to host the World RX race despite the scheduled date of 25-26th November.

There has been a rumor that the case involves the Japanese racing track Toyota, but until official information is made available it is still only a rumor.

While the majority of the World RX schedule for 2023 has been approved, there are still a few events whose dates or venues may change. A final race in Asia is also on the debuting table.

This information is updating, so we’re also checking for upcoming announcements.