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New W Series 2022 Calendar: Ladies Start The Engines!

The girls know what fast cars are from first-hand experience. The W Series 2022 calendar covers ten Grand Prix weekends in the partnership with Formula 1, including the series’ first-ever race in Asia Suzuka in Japan and closing double-headers in Mexico in October. 

What are the prospects for female drivers and why W series 2022 is interesting?

We are sure, however, that every race is interesting on its own. So, no matter what, if there are sport cars racing wheel-to-wheel, it will be exciting by default. Althoguht, female drivers have a promising future.

W series racing was launched in 2018 and as a discipline it has great backstory. Because of this, there are reasons to make this race more interesting today. The chance to reveal the full potential of every female driver.

The W-series in 2022 will maintain the major policy. Drivers are selected based on their ability only. The W series cars are identical or mechanically identical as it says. The most talented drivers will win races and championships rather than those with the biggest sponsorship. Therefore, all drivers are subject to the same conditions. Talking about sponsorship, we should note that the W series is a free to enter championship. The main criterion is talent.

Moreover, the close partnership with Formula 1, the most popular racing series, allows W Series drivers to make the most of their experiences in the racing circle. The young female drivers watching the atmosphere and the  F1 drivers behaving with each other and with the press and learning. Such collaboration provides the experiences. 

w series 2022 calendar
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W series cars are faster than F3, but slower than F1 cars.

F1 fans are often wondering what type of cars are racing in the series since the Tatuus F3 T-318 homologated looks very similar to one of the F1 cars. Yes, the power is less, but the W series car is still very fast and dangerous.

2021 W series season made headlines with one of the most devastating crashes in the history of the discipline. There were six drivers involved in the crash at Belgium’s Spa, which is nevertheless one of the most dangerous racing circuits. Sarah Moore spun coming out of the rapid Eau Rouge turn and hit the barrier on the way up to Raidillon. Abbie Eaton, Visser and Agren before Belen Garcia ploughed into the wreckage at a speed approaching 140mph. 

This vehicle is smaller and comparable to the 2019 Formula 3 cars in terms of power and lap times, and is 26 seconds slower than Formula 1 cars. Such a feature was noted around the Red Bull Ring.

In W Series 2022, drivers will also use cars provided by Toyota Gazoo Racing New Zealand (TGRNZ) in Spain and Japan rather than their own. That will be a good chance to observe how fast female drivers switching to different types of vehicles.

W series 2022 Calendar

Previously announced W series 2022 calendar covered eight races to support Formula 1 Grand Prix weekends. After a while, the route was changed by adding two stops in Miami and Mexico. The highlight of the W series calendar for 2022 is the iconic Suzuka circuit in Japan. A very difficult racing circuit will be a challenging test for the drivers.

6-8 MayMiami, USA
6-8 MayMiami, USA
20-22 MayBarcelona, Spain
1-3 July           Silverstone, UK
22-24 JulyLe Castellet, France
29-31 July   Budapest, Hungary
7-9 OctoberSuzuka, Japan
21-23 OctoberAustin, USA*
28-30 OctoberMexico City, Mexico
28-30 OctoberMexico City, Mexico
Note that schedule is a subject to change, **Subject to contract

In addition, there are those to whom it is to test. Therefore British female driver Jamie Chadwick has big plans for a career in Formula 1.

About Jamie Chadwick

In some ways, Jamie Chadwick has something similar to Lewis Hamilton. When it comes to racing, she has no equal, and she knows how to talk to the press effectively. The young female driver inspires others with her talent and her belief in herself. 
Jamie Chadwick won All female W Series 2022 races and she doesn’t think to stop as her main goal is to drive for the Formula 1 team. This is not without reason, as Chadwick is already a development driver for the Williams F1 team.  

Although, there are reasons to be nervous about Jamie Chadwick’s future. As she approaches twenty four years of age, she wants to improve herself through more advanced rules such as Formula 3 or Formula 3.

However, as the story was told, Sophia Flörsch and Tatiana Calderón did not succeed in Formula 3 and Formula 2. Sophia Flörsch failing to score a point during the 2020 season. A member of Sauber’s junior team, Calderón had more experience in grand prix-supporting junior series but still struggled with her HWA Racelab car until Anthoine Hubert took a race win with the same car that season before his tragic death on track. Jamie Chadwick may now be in a position to move forward, but will she be able to compete among so many talented rivers and still succeed? That is an open question.

Sums up

There is no doubt that the popularity of the W series increased. The race at Silverstone attracted 1 million TV viewers!

By creating the FIA W series, the founders brought the sport’s racing closer to women. They also created equal opportunities for them to compete in the new type of event and gain experience. The stumble blocks of W series are the same, as the racing world outside W series is different. It lives by its own rules and terms. While the racing world outside W series is different. It lives by its own rules and terms. In other disciplines like Formula 2 and 3, female drivers are lost in the background of so many strong and unexpectedly talented drivers.

It’s possible that there is just a need to make more W series races, and Jamie Chadwick is just an exception. Everyone is hoping it will happen sooner or later, but just a little bit more and a new, female name will appear in Formula 1.