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Trendy comments: Toto Wolff, Damon Hill, Alan Jones on the key

Toto Wolff, Damon Hill and former Formula 1 World Champion Alan Jones commented on the topical issues with words that are on everyone’s lips. To correctly give the answer on an urgent problem without crossing the line – that’s the key to successful motorsport politics. Our great minds are endowed with such talent and it’s a real pleasure to read the interviews of some Formula One members. Trendy comments this week: Max Verstappen’s near-victory, the Mercedes driver line-up and Sebastian Vettel’s disaster. The cameras are on Toto Wolff and Zak Brown as well as Alan Jones and Damon Hill.

Toto Wolf vs Zak Brown

It all started with Zak Brown’s decidedly realistic assumption about the Mercedes line-up a week ago: according to McLaren boss, George Russell and Max Verstappen will drive for Mercedes in 2022.

Yes, I think you will see Max and George there in 2022,”

I think that is the obvious conclusion. Lewis wins title number eight this year and is the winningest driver [most successful] in every category, they have a one-year deal with him.

George is coming out of his deal and Max has a deal he comes out of. You have Max’s experience and youth, you have George’s youth.

If I am Mercedes, that is a pretty killer line-up for the next five years.” Zak Brown told the Daily Mail.

Amid rumors of one-year contract for Lewis Hamilton, such speculation is adding fuel to the fire, but Toto Wolff knows how to respond correctly.

Brown is just like Christian Horner. They just spread nonsense

I think Zak wanted to give Christian one with it. I don’t care.” – Toto Wolff.

As far as the relationship between his drivers is concerned, Wolff was as cool and reasonable as ever.

This is the first time I’ve heard that. The condition of my drivers is the least of my worries.

But I can imagine that, because the competition between the two is very strong. The big ones feel when a good guy is coming. And George is the next generation.” – Toto Wollff to OE24

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Damon Hill best describes Sebastian Vettel’s poor start

The thoughts of the 1996 Formula One World Champion, Damon Hill making every Sebastien Vettel fan reflect. German driver’ start to the 2021 Formula 1 season has raised many doubts about his abilities. Everyone was outraged by the failure of qualifying and the Bahrain Grand Prix. During this time there were many negative comments towards the German. Damon Hill, however, was the one who spoke out in the best possible way about Sebastian Vettel

It’s like watching that Mexican game at the party, the pinata. He is getting beaten to a pulp.

What’s happening to him is awful to watch. I do feel something has got to shift in his psychological constellation. He needs to see a mystic and go and have some sort of evil spirit removed from him. He’s done something wrong to deserve this.

I think there is some sort of psychological balance tipping point thing. And I think that if you feel on your heels if you feel a little bit tentative about anything. It’s like a rugby tackle, you cannot go in half-baked.

And he’s feeling like that the punishment he’s been getting. And the bruising he’s been getting has been worrying him. I’m afraid it just gets worse, it has to be a kinda jettisoning of all those bad, negative feelings.

Once he’s done that, he’s got all the ability in the world. He could race at the front with Lewis and with Max,” said Damon Hill to F1 Nation podcast

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Alan Jones added thoughts on Bahrain Grand Prix

The third key figure is Alan Jones, the 1980 world champion, who expressed his opinion that Max Verstappen should drive at the Bahrain Grand Prix after giving first place to Lewis Hamilton. According to the Australian, Verstappen would have driven much better after his overtaking maneuver.

He could also have just focused on increasing the lead, because they often give you a five-second penalty and I think there was a good chance he could have extended that lead to the point where it would have been more than five seconds.” – Alan Jones

Whatever the outcome of the Bahrain Grand Prix, if Max Verstappen had not conceded Lewis Hamilton, we will not know. However,  Max Verstappen, like Sebastian Vettel, will have a new opportunity to showcase all his racing talent.  Italian Grand Prix starting in just one week from 16 to 18 April.