10 Real-Life Lessons from Ott Tanak movie

Ott Tanak movie
photo by ralissimo.it

You have never enough time to get used to the new car, the new car is a new challenge.

Since the last months of 2019 people asked about the “Ott Tanak” movie. What is it about: drivers, driving, cars, people or drama with heroes? Let’s do without any bets and spoilers. You will know it anyway. Now, catching the moment to say the best real-life lessons from Ott Tanak the movie, more than just about world rally championship. Those tell the real motivation and true racing passion in life.

  1. Rallying is a long game, it’s not won and lost on a single stage
  2. You’ve just given your absolute all through the stage. These boys are risking their lives every time they start the stage. The adrenaline is pumping everything is going. If they had a great stage, if they had a bad stage, it doesn’t matter. All this emotion there.
  3. In rallying, one usually doesn’t get a second chance. It’s such a small community. When you mess up, everyone will know what’s the story and they don’t want to let you back in.
  4. The car has the ability to go fast. The driver has to have the braver, the skill, the experience to get speed out of it.
  5. Ott, you’ll never be a racer. Don’t even dream about it. This is what motivates. I said to myself “F*** it” I’ll go through heaven and hell, but I’ll make it no matter how. (Ott Tanak)
  6. When he looks at you, there’s no smile, no expression, he’s just staring at you. He looks like a serial killer, he takes all his energy on one card: to win the title!
  7. These boys will compete under any circumstance. Rain, snow, hail, hurricane. It doesn’t matter what’s happening, they’ll still go out on a rally car.
  8. You got the smell of hot brakes, and hot rally car, he tires are smoking and you just realise what man and machine have been though.
  9. I’ve learned that when I can’t analyze Ott or fail to understand the situation, silence is always the weapon that works. (Martin Järveoja Ott’s co-driver)
  10. I know they (co-drivers) work very hard, but all I say or wish they’d do is for our common goal. In the end, if I win, he wins. (Ott Tanak)

What is the value of this movie? It is a huge promo and it’s a great promo by Sterotek Film: first of all about Ott Tanak. Perhaps, you’ll get to know more about world rally and about the partnership with Martin Jarveoja. Secondly, it’s about world-class rallying. A great idea to make such a movie because to spread useful and interesting information is the primary mission of any media. 
What is the Ott Tanak film’s main thought about? Never thought how many people may stand behind the only one person even in world rally. Moreover how important to have people who never stop believing in you. 

One last go, let’s wish new great moments and best wins to Ott Tanak in world rally championships!