Singapore Grand Prix 2023

Unveiling The Excitement Of The Singapore Grand Prix 2023

The Singapore Grand Prix 2023 is one of the most anticipated events in the Formula 1 season. You may say that everything is already predicted because the Marina Bay Street Circuit is not the best place for F1 cars to overtake. Indeed! In fact, before the reconstruction, the 5.063-kilometer circuit was still a very long racetrack and was not the best place for overtaking; however, the Singapore Grand Prix is still one of the most thrilling and action-packed events. Another reason for excitement was added after the Marina Bay circuit’s reconstruction. Let’s figure out why the Singapore Grand Prix is so special.

Formula 1 Grand Prix Singapore

Singapore Grand Prix is the Iconic race

Since its first appearance in 2008, Formula 1’s race at Marina Bay immediately suited its top place in the schedule. The stunning downtown location sees the track winding its way through the city streets under floodlights, creating a genuinely mesmerizing spectacle.

However, the race in Singapore was the first-ever night race in Formula 1. What about debuting in the 2004 Bahrain Grand Prix, you may? Bahrain has not had a night race since its introduction in F1 in 2004. Only a few years later, it held the race at night time. 

Moreover, Singapore’s Marina Bay has become the second street circuit after the Monaco Grand Prix. Legendary Baku and Jeddah circuits completed their slots later. While the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and Australian Albert Park Circuit weren’t streets at 100%. So, in these terms, Singapore was also first. 

Therefore, the street conditions add loads to the drivers and the cars, especially at night. 

If not for the two years of absence in Formula 1, the Singapore Grand Prix 2023 would have celebrated its fifteenth race. 

Singapore Grand Prix

Why is the Singapore Grand Prix a night race?

In short, there weren’t other ways. First, Singapore’s timezone is 8 hours ahead of UTC (GMT+8). So, holding the race earlier would make it uncomfortable for the spectators to watch live streams from different countries worldwide. Formula 1’s audience is estimated at millions of people, which makes sense. 

Second, the city state’s Marina Bay and Singapore is one of the most beautiful destinations. However, its bright colors get at night when the city is covered by different colors. So, promoting the city and country in this way made Singapore an original destination in the entire calendar of Formula 1.  

Last but not least, it relates to the climate. The average day temperature in the city is over +30C, which is increasing during the racing conditions. Therefore, the drivers’ participation in the race becomes more comfortable when the sun is gone at night. However, the Singapore Grand Prix is still a physical test for the drivers and the cars because the humidity comes to the game with high temperatures at the track. 

Add to these massive G-force loads and the average overall racing time for about two hours on Sunday, and you will figure out the entirely original race. That is why they call the Singapore Grand Prix an iconic. 

The Marina Bay Street Circuit’s changes

As mentioned above, the race at Marina Bay was always a long event. However, due to the revised track layout, the Singapore Grand Prix 2023 has a new appearance. The construction work surrounding the floating stadium section has resulted in removing the Turn 16 and 17 chicane. As a result, the track no longer follows along the waterfront and cuts under the grandstand for Turn 18 and 19. 

Thus, in the resulting changes, Marina Bay became shorter, and one lap consisted of 4.94km. Also, it lost its four corners by 90%. However, one lap was added, and Singapore Grand Prix 2023 holds for 62 laps. Does the race become shorter? Not at all. They may cut the overall race for 10 minutes, but it will still be a very long, thrilling show. Even with an upgraded track layout, drivers will spend 1:45 minutes at the track if nothing happens. But something inevitably will happen. That is for a reason. 

Singapore GP Schedule 2023

Singapore GP 2023 schedule

Drivers to Watch Out For

However, almost each Singapore Grand Prix has noted a safety car F1 deployment twice during the race. So, that is why all the drivers focus on their fitness to prepare for this ultimate endurance test. 

Among them is Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. To win the Singapore GP 2023 makes significant sense for Verstappen. Thus, Sebastian Vettel is the leader of victories at The Marina Bay Street Circuit, as he has five in his pocket. Second is Lewis Hamilton, as he has been winning four times here. Verstappen has second and third podium finishes in Singapore. 

Among the others is Fernando Alonso, who has two victories in this pocket in the Singapore Grand Prix. One of these two, he claimed, starting from 15th place. However, that was the Singapore Grand Prix 2008, one of the most controversial F1 races – one from the past on which Felipe Massa requires a justise today. 

Therefore, Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton are the drivers we’re betting on for the Singapore Grand Prix 2023. All of them have enough experience to claim the victory. 

Formula 1 Grand Prix Singapore

The Weather Forecast

Another thrill of the Singapore Grand Prix 2023 is the unpredictable weather. The heat with +26C will be holding for the all weekend long. 

However, there is still a high possibility of rain: 30% for Saturday and almost 50% for Sunday. The problem is that no one knows what time exactly rain comes. 

Drivers to Watch Out For

The Singapore Grand Prix 2023 promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable experience for motorsport enthusiasts. The best drivers compete for glory with the challenging Marina Bay Street Circuit, unpredictable weather, and picturesque views under the night lights. There will be no shortage of excitement and adrenaline. So mark your calendars and get ready to witness the magic of the Singapore Grand Prix 2023 on 15 – 17 September!