Silverstone grand prix 2022

The Silverstone Grand Prix 2022 is the gold race!

The Silverstone Grand Prix 2022 is going to be one of the best races of the season. Regardless of whether we see something even more exciting, the Formula 1 race in Great Britain is a true gold event. The 52 laps of full tension made our hair stand up and made us just stare. Here are the key moments from Silverstone GP. 

Zhou Guanyu’s enormous incident.

Just a few seconds after the start and almost three-car crashed. Mercedes’ George Russell, Alpha Tauri’ Pierre Gasly and Alfa Romeo’ Zhou Guanyu just rolled out of the race at Turn 1. It was like a chain reaction. Zhou Guanyu got a tremendous boom, and his race ended. George Russell, a hitter and the participant in the Guanyu’s crash, ran to check if the Alfa Romeo driver was okay. 

For the first twenty minutes of the race, F1 fans just stared as there were no repeats of the action. No one knew. We just waited with all the drivers in line-up during the red flag. After a while there came the messages that Zhou Guanyu was feeling well and all the grandstands felt breathed. 

How strong the new F1 car 2022 is, that was the second thought. The fans thanked Halo again for just saving Guanyu’s life. Meanwhile, Zhou went to the hospital, and the Silverstone Grand Prix continued. What could be more stressful, you may think? Until Max Verstappen faced the technical problems on Lap 12. 

Max Verstappen fought until the last lap of Silverstone Grand Prix 2022

Scuderia Ferrari is fast. Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc are the clear favorites for season 2022. But sometimes the Prancing Horse team makes such weird mistakes that it seems like it’s just a Friday leadership giveaway. Max Verstappen as his teammate Sergio Perez is taking a forceful way. Red Bull drivers just demonstrate pace and waiting when Carlos Sainz or Charles Leclerc make the mistake. And as the statistics show, there is no need to wait long. 

However, at the Silverstone Grand Prix 2022, Max Verstappen experienced technical issues with his RB18 on Lap 12. We’re through the problem of his pace losing was in the trash at the circuit. But after a while it came clear, the gearbox of his Red Bull acted up. But who could give up so easily? Not Max Verstappen. Even after the restart of the race due to Zhou Guanyu’s crash, he lost the position. Nothing could stop Dutch driver. 

The team decided to car to stay at the circuit. For forty laps, Max Verstappen drove his car hard. Sometimes he managed the car; sometimes he managed by the car. During this time, he raced like a lion for every point and every second. In the final 52 lap, Verstappen gave fans the beautiful battle with Mick Schumacher. Red Bull driver finished seventh. But he drove like a champion. 

Scuderia Ferrari’s again.

British Grand Prix came as that one, which Carlos Sainz dreamt about. But with what efforts! Carlos Sainz couldn’t convert his F1 pole into an early lead at Silverstone. Max Verstappen drove better to lead at the start of the British Grand Prix. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton got ahead of Charles Leclerc for P3.  

As soon as Max Verstappen tried to cope with his gearbox, two Scuderia Ferrari brought nervous drama inside the team. Being one-two, Carlos Sainz tried to maintain the lead, while Charles Leclerc was already stepping on Sainz’ heels. What a dilemma! To skip ahead of Charles could be a massive blow to Carlos’ confidence, but the Spaniard still didn’t have enough pace. Carlos Sainz was given a chance by Scuderia Ferrari. But, during the thinking, the coveted leadership and points were beginning to disappear, as Lewis Hamilton already ran in third place on lap 31. Even more, Sergio Perez rushed faster and faster. 

Weighing in the pros and cons, the simplest decision was to ignore Charles Leclerc, who is competing for the championship lead. Besides, unnecessary fuss made the team hesitate too long. Carlos Sainz won the Silverstone Grand Prix 2022. Lewis Hamilton took third place, while Sergio Perez finished second. Charles Leclerc was only fourth.

Draw your own conclusions. However, would Charles Silverstone have won if he had overtaken Sainz? But this is a completely stupid story.

Needs to say, both Alfa Tauti drivers also gave us brilliant drifting on lap 10. Silverstone, however, was filled with battle and nervous tension on every lap. The one that makes F1 fans glimmer with pride.