Sergio Perez Red Bull Formula 1 driver: It’s called Fortune!

Sergio Perez Red Bull Formula 1
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Sergio Perez Red Bull F1 driver – sounded unbelievable just three months ago. Mexican Formula One driver Sergio Perez’s career seemed to be coming to an end in the 2020 season, but at that moment things gone in different way.

When everything gone differently for Sergio Perez?

Checo announced that he will leave Racing Point at the end of the 2020 Formula 1, the Mexican driver said that the 2020 season would be his last with the Silverstone team, even though he only signed a three-year contract last year. The real drama that none of the thousands of Perez fans wanted to believe in. The more unfair the state of things is, which is impossible to accept, Sergio Perez is capable of driving Formula 1 car at his best, and he has proven once again that he has the ability to win Formula One races.

But Formula One is not just about racing, it is a huge business world with investments quantity, prices and high prestige. When it comes to business, the achievements are first and foremost elsewhere. That’s why reputation and social media are such a necessary part of Formula 1. Thus, the situation at the Bahrain Grand Prix seemed to destroy Sergio Perez at all. Before few laps to finish, his Racing Point caught fire and he retired from the race.

After a series of dissatisfaction and unfair treatment of Checo’s achievements just because it comes as it comes, this became point number two when things went wrong.


Sergio Perez claimed incredible victory at Sakhir Grand Prix

This Sakhir Grand Prix will go down in history. While Lewis Hamilton is getting Covid-19 positive, other drivers are getting closer to win the Formula 1 race in Bahrain. After the retirement of Max Verstappen at the start of the race, everyone was nervous with Sergio Perez. What about Mexican driver, he was pretty sure that he would stop dreaming and just racing for the maximum, no matter what. He wanted to finish the Formula 1 season 2020 and do it at his best, past all the hesitation about the uncertain future and possible minds “these are his last races in Formula One.”

Sergio Perez Sakhir Grand Prix
Sergio Perez Sakhir Grand Prix 2020

Happiness comes when you least expect it: Red Bull F1 Racing.

While Sergio Perez took the time feel the incredible but much-longed victory, Red Bull Racing saw the Mexican as a talented, deserving driver who needs a good chance. After a while, Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko will say clearly: “Sakhir GP victory does not affect Sergio Perez Red Bull scoring.Maybe he was right and victory at the Sakhir Grand Prix did not pave the way for Red Bull, but that moment was a key to it.


After all, Red Bull Racing has confirmed that Sergio Perez will sign a one-year contract with the team and will be a partner of Max Verstappen for the 2021 Formula 1 season, Alex Albon will become a test driver. 

Sergio Perez Red Bull 2021
Officially: Sergio Perez Red Bull driver

Sergio Perez Red Bull Formula 1 driver: the fortune.

Now it is hard to find another Formula One driver who is happier than Sergio Perez. The Mexican Formula One driver remembers well the time when it all seemed to be over. Being part of one of Formula One’s most powerful teams is a huge opportunity that Sergio Perez would probably never have had if his career at Racing Point had continued. So all changes, no matter how unfair the situation, for now come in the best way for Checo.