Russian Grand Prix: non-fancy tips for travelers

Russian Grand Prix
Russian Grand Prix

Not so long time ago I’d been collecting questions about Russian Grand Prix. I traveled to Formula 1 Sochi for 4 times. I produce a memo with the most important topics based on the questions that I received from other countries about Russia and my own experience. If you aren’t from Russia, read it necessarily.

PS: no commercial goals in the post, only information.

Russian Grand Prix
Russian Grand Prix
Sochi Train Station
Sochi Train Station

P. №1 If you’re at the train station or the airport.

We love foreigners in Russia, but hungrier and hurried we love even more because it is profitable.

Got it? Generally, hungry and hurrying foreigners loved by people everywhere, but that’s another story. Therefore, being hungry and hurried is not profitable for you. There are only two things that you shouldn’t do near the airport and train station: a. buying food and b. get into a taxi that you didn’t order, even if this lovely woman with a pie in her hands smiles to you beautifully and the taxi driver knows exactly where you need to go, but you did say nothing to him, no.
Just, nobody knows does the taxi driver have a license and what made these pies with potatoes. Actually, those two know, but they won’t tell, be sure. But no one is sure you’ll be in good health and getting where needed after, so no., drink water, turn on the Google maps if the absolutely extreme case.


P. № 2 What if I need a taxi?

And if you need a taxi, then use Uber, we use Yandex taxi, but if I continue, it will be advertising. So you’ll have to do it yourself: to pay attention to the map in advance and understand exactly where is Sochi circuit is. Everyone tries, but few succeed.

P. № 3 Where I can change the currency?

The best way to change the currency doesn’t change the currency in Russia at all, but do it in advance, quite in advance. In Russia, it is better not to change the currency, or do it near the hotel, if quite an extreme case. Pay card method is the best way. By the way, 1 dollar is about 65 rubles, and the euro is about 70, but to spend euros is obscene. Keep in mind: the average price of water = $1, taxi= $4, lunch at the cafe/restaurant = $20, but it’s for me only, and I’m dieting. So if someone asks you 20$ for water it doesn’t mean that someone wants to invite you for dinner at all.

P. № 4 How I can to refuse all these nice Russian people?

Someone says that you need to have a talent for getting a common agreement with people, but you need more talented in rejecting people. We’re good at rejection and you don’t need to have talent, but only know 5 Russian words. 

1. Privet – Hi! You can say ‘Hello’, but they’ll know you don’t understand in this way. 
2. Spasibo! – Thank you. Yes, t’s a complicated word, but it’ll make a good impression. 
3. Gde? – Where? Do remember this word, and you would be looking like almost one of Russians. Just if you’re going to ask “Gde” I know for sure you can’t get lost 
Gde (where) Sochi autodrome?
This word can be used much more than you think: 
Gde (where) is water? Gde (where) is food? Gde (where)is that woman with pies in hand? 
4. Izvinite – Sorry. It is a soft form of rejection, say sorry and leave, no talent, just the magic word – izvinite 
5. Net – No. This is more serious than that. 
“Do you want a pie? – Net! “
“Your car, which you didn’t order, sr” – Net!  
 If you learn all these 5 words, there would be a possibility that you will be taken for Russian but it is inaccurate. I didn’t add the other words, because we know the English language.

P. № 5 We know English language, but don’t understand it

Russians know English, but we just don’t know about it. Yes, Russians able to speak English, but it’s just intuitive. We can only listen if it’s without intuition. Therefore, if your new friends from Russia look at you with wide-open eyes while you talking about your achievements in life, most likely they not just admire you, but they just don’t understand about what you talking. But, you came here to watch the racing, but not to talk about achievements in life.

P. № 6 What if I want to communicate and talk a lot? 

Calm down hero, you’ll get the chance. 

*There would be a lot of foreigners from other countries, since Wednesday. They arriving almost tomorrow for Russian Grand Prix, and all nearby streets will be full of tourists.
*But others will be full of cafes and restaurants. Those are already moving on “24 hours open” mode, and the entire staff speaks English, sometimes they understand you not intuitive only. 
*Some Russians speak English really well.

P. № 7 Where should I go with my new friends? Is it a truth that do not walk in the late evening? 

You can walk by through the dark alleys, especially when guardsmen walking too. The policemen are walking everywhere but until 9 PM. There are two most popular quarters near Sochi racing circuit area.
 Sochi Personal Archive

Google map code № 1. CW9F+H8 
Area 1. There are a lot of young people walking. If they aren’t young, they walking by groups because the quay is very long for kilometers along the sea. Very beautiful and atmospheric place. Take your guide and be sure to go there, but before 9 PM. 


Google map code №2.CW9F+53 

Area 2. There is a quay (Radisson Hotel). It’s beautiful here too: there are a lot of yachts and the best coffee in the center.

F1 Sochi
Sochi Personal Archive
F1 Sochi

Google map code №3 CW5P+X6

F1 Sochi
Sochi Personal Archive

Google map code №4 CW5P+WH 
After Raddison Hotel alley already walks, who are going with guards together, but it is already boring. 

P. № 8 What if I want to buy some souvenirs?

If you have learned the Russian word “Net” from point № 4, you can go to the local market, but it is better to do before 9 PM.
Google map code №5 CW9G+JV 
There is another gift shop, the most popular, where I usually buy souvenirs too.

F1 Sochi
Sochi Personal Archive

Google map code №6 9XRP+MJ 

But if I keep this up, it’ll be advertising. 
Generally, I am beginning to repeat myself.

If you wouldn’t learn all 5 Russian words, remember at least 3, it wouldn’t be useful, but it will make a good impression.
*About google maps codes: checking Adler, Krasnodar before pasting codes.