Romain Grosjean crash: Who and what worked a miracle in Sakhir?

What happened to Romain Grosjean?
Romain Grosjean crash

Romain Grosjean crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Romain Grosjean crash is the last thing Formula 1 fans could expect from this Bahrain Grand Prix. 
This accident impressed the whole racing world. Even now, yesterday’s event is still remembered by thousands of people. But, for the moment, we can talk about it with a calm heart, because we know that Romain Grosjean is okay. Meanwhile, the Formula One racing experts say all in all “this is a miracle.” Who and what worked a miracle in Sakhir?
Romain Grosjean crash
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What Formula 1 fans have seen?

Since first seconds, no one had a clue what is going on: 

Formula 1 fans seen the fire was set before turn 3, that was is a mystery. A few moments later, it becomes clear that Romain Grosjean is the last on the driver’s list. The worst thing about this moment is that the director of F1 live translation did not show how Romain Grosjean feels, only his face in the ambulance

The race is stopped, the drivers leave the cars, everyone waits and sees replays of the worst crash. The next 3 minutes people sigh with relief and thank God that Romain is alive.


Romain Grosjean crash
Bahrain Grand Prix live

What happened to Romain Grosjean? The question of speed. 

According to some Formula One sources, Romain Grosjean lost control of his Haas car in turn two 
and rammed the guardrails at around 250 km / h. But according to replays, after a collision with Daniil Kvyat, he shifted the gearbox to seven, meaning that he crashed at a speed of 270-280 km / h. By another Formula One source’s information, the driver only had 20 seconds
Sky Sports estimated that there were 18-20 seconds between the point of impact and Grosjean emerging from the flames. The mangled and charred front half of the car, from which Grosjean managed to escape on his own, was embedded in the track side barriers.
Lewis Hamolton about Romain Grosjean crash
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Pierre Gasly about Grosjean crash
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Reasons of Romain Grosjean crash Bahrain.

Officially it is being investigated, it looks like a technical problem, although the driver changed the gearbox from six to seven before the racing accident.

George about Romain Grosjean crash
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What happened to Romain Grosjean?
Haas F1 car after Romain Grosjean crash

Formula 1 Halo system 

As many times I told Halo looks not harmonious with the car as  much I’m glad Formula 1 cars have Halo system at all. 
Lando Norris about Romain Grosjean crash
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After horror replays of fire, Alan van der Merwe, the medical car driver, told Sky Sports: 
“In 12 years I’ve never seen that much fire,”
“Then Romain just started to get out of the car himself, which is pretty amazing after an incident like that.
“It just goes to show all the systems, the halo, the barriers, the seat belt, all worked as they should. Without even one of those things it could have been a very different outcome.” 
Romain Grosjean crash
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Today, no one has hesitated that the halo saved Romain Grosjean’s life
Some fans are sure this systems developer should be awarded after Romain Grosjean crash. 
The Halo system proved the safety for Formula 1 drivers not only in Romain Grosjean accident, but also in another Formula 1 car, Stroll’s Racing Point had accident.
Bahrain Grand Prix
Lance Stroll Racing Point
Lance Stroll Halo
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No one has a clue what could happen to Lance’s head without a Halo. 
Undoubtedly it is the first thing that helped the French driver to survive, but not the only one.
Alan van der Merwe and FIA doctor Ian Robertson
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Heroes of the Bahrain Grand Prix race / day. 

Less than 30 seconds passed when the Safety Team rushed to help and pull Romain Grosjean out of the fire! 
Imagine those figures! Formula 1 medical car driver Alan van der Merwe and FIA doctor Ian Robertson prevented the possible impact of Romain Grosjean crash in Bahrain. Although the accident was very serious, the fire was also very dangerous, all Formula 1 safety system was operating very well and quickly.


A few moments later Haas Formula 1 team boss Günther Steiner added on Twitter: 

As a precaution and for further medical evaluation, Romain is being transported to hospital.”

What happened to Romain Grosjean?
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How does Romain Grosjean’s being now? 

Romain Grosjean suffered burns to his hands and legs and possibly broken ribs and is now in hospital sending a message to everyone.


Everything worked at once: halo system, marshals, medical driver and FIA doctor. 
This Bahrain Grand Prix was a real test of the whole safety system of Formula 1
Now it is clear that the FIA passed the test superbly! Moreover, all these people who work backstage at the main show “Grand Prix“have worked a miracle.