about S. Vettel after Baku GP

“Refreshed and reborn” – one of the best quotes about S. Vettel in 2021

The quotes about S. Vettel were full of negativity when most motorsport authorities mentioned his name. Somebody was sure that this four-time world champion would not rise, would not even make it onto the podium, but he did. despite all those who wrote him off and to the envy of the Scuderia Ferrari. Formula One team principal Ross Brawn expresses his opinion so aptly that this quote will definitely find its way into Netflix’s Drive to Survive.

S. Vettel, Sky Sports poster
S. Vettel, Sky Sports poster

First ever podium for Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel, who suffered for a long time in the Scuderia Ferrari in the last two years (2015 – 2020), signed a contract with Aston Martin for 2021. Wearing a green suit with a completely different team, the German driver finished second behind Red Bull’s Sergio Perez at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Laurence Stroll has eagle eyes because it is the first podium ever for Aston Martin as for the Formula 1 team.

Ross Brawn, the quote about Vettel after Baku GP 2021

“It’s a close call, but for me, my driver of the day was Seb,”

“It is a real pleasure to see him get going again. Seb’s had a tough last couple of seasons.

“I was one of the people who was uncertain about the decision Aston made in signing him up, but it’s looking to be a great call because of the way he’s driving and the results he’s getting.

“He’s reborn again. He’s refreshed,” “There’s a different vibe about him. And it just shows how the whole psychological aspect can impact performance.

“Seb has found himself in a much more comfortable place, with the right sort of pressure and with engineers who he is learning to work with. He’s getting results and he deserves it. Bravo.” – Ross Brawn to Formula 1 official

one of the best quotes about S. Vettel in 2021
S. Vettel, Baku GP, photo by f1.com official

“Refreshed and reborn” Sebastian Vettel

Ross Brawn has every word that all Formula One fans can agree on, and he named Sebastian “Driver of the Day” at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. In 2020, the words of Sky sports commentator Martin Brundle were very painful: after a long journey to this podium. Now mr. Brundle has to say how powerful the German F1 driver is because of the ability to listen to no one.

Ultimately, belief is what motivates you to get up & do what you do(…) I think the key is to not lose belief in the big picture & to believe in yourself, your abilities, the team you’re racing for and what you can achieve together“.~ Sebastian Vettel on Twitter

Such experience as Sebastian Vettel had at the Baku Grand Prix makes Formula One a special, more personal sense. I wish the four-time world champion the best of luck at Paul Ricard in France.