Mercedes Amg F1 team, Monaco Grand Prix 2021 by Photographer: Giorgio Piola

The hellion nut or how Red Bull taught Mercedes Amg F1 team a lesson!

Mercedes Amg F1 team on Monaco Grand Prix
Mercedes Amg F1 team on Monaco Grand Prix

The Mercedes Amg F1 Team will learn this lesson for a long time after the Monaco Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton had his worst qualifying since Hockenheim 2018, starting and finishing the Monaco Grand Prix in seventh place. No question, there are “tough discussions” between the Briton and the team. At the same time, it is also about Valtteri Bottas, who did not finish the race in Monaco. Mistakes make us stronger, but who is to blame and what does Red Bull’s A-Class lesson have to do with it?

As “Crayfish, Pike, and Swan” in Mercedes Amg F1.

As Ivan Krylov wrote “when partners have no accord, their business always go hard” When things don’t go according to plan at Mercedes, the team descends into chaos. A rarity for world champions, most recently when Lewis Hamilton tested positive for Covid-19. George Russell took the wheel of the car with the number 44 at the Sakhir Grand Prix 2020. And yes, nobody was prepared for that. All dreams of high positions, including Valtteri Bottas, are shattered like a house of cards.

Monaco Grand Prix 2021

Already in the free practice on Thursday it became clear that the car is not enough. Saturday’s qualifying session was a continuation: L. Hamilton-7, V. Bottas-3

Red Bull Max Verstappen and Christian Horner on Monaco Grand Prix, social media
Red Bull Max Verstappen and Christian Horner on Monaco Grand Prix, social media

Red Bull teambuilding as a single mechanism

After the Spanish Grand Prix, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner made it clear to all of us, and Sergio Perez in particular, that the Mexican F1 driver must work as hard as possible; after all, Red Bull Racing needs tactical skills against the Mercedes Amg F1 team, and how else can they overcome them? Only together!

Seregio Perez felt the responsibility on his shoulders, accepted the criticism with dignity and joined the team “all together” work, even though he still does not reach the pace of teammate Max Verstappen. What’s the point?

Mercedes Amg F1 team on Monaco Grand Prix
Mercedes Amg F1 team on Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix insights:

We are approaching the middle of the 2021 Formula One season, no, it is not about the championship, but about the signing the new contracts, new vacancies and new resignations of F1 drivers. At the moment, rumors are rife about the seats in the Mercedes Amg F1 team for 2022.

Rumors are different and the most hard thing is that Valtteri Bottas will leave the team next year. George Russell will replace the Finn. So far, this is only a rumor, but the chaos that is descending on Mercedes is giving rise to these rumors in Formula 1.

Mercedes Amg F1 team, Monaco Grand Prix 2021 by
Mercedes Amg F1 team, Monaco Grand Prix 2021 by Photographer: Giorgio Piola

The rouge nut is ruining Valtteri Bottas hopes.

What can stop the Mercedes Amg F1 from keeping Max Verstappen at bay? No, the Monaco Grand Prix means that anything is possible and even a small thing like a nut can destroy hope. What a rogue screw! Bottas racing second in Sunday’s first stint of the Monaco Grand Prix and was five seconds behind leader Max Verstappen when he pitted on lap 30 to change tires.

But Mercedes were unable to get the right front tire from Bottas, leaving him stuck in the pits. Mercedes technical director James Allison explained the problem was because the nut had been milled on to the axle with the wheel gun, causing her to get stuck.

If we don’t quite get the pitstop gun cleanly on the nut, then it can chip away at the driving faces of the nut,”

“We call it machining the nut. It is a bit like when you take a Phillips head screwdriver, and you don’t get it squarely in the cross of the screwdriverAllison to

The order in the Formula 1 pit lane!

Red Bull F1 Team holds the world record with 1.82s pit stop in Brazil, which was regulated in 2018. They polish this skill almost by army order, just as stiff and just as strict. That’s why Red Bull Racing makes pit stops so fast that you don’t even have time to blink. So you and I can’t imagine the adventure of rouge nut in the Red Bull boxes.

Discipline, only discipline!

Red Bull Racing is often accused of being quite cruel to F1 drivers, if you will. However, the closer the race gets, the more sense it makes. Formula 1 team has its own rules, an unwritten law that cannot be broken under any circumstances. A lot of drivers have gone through this: Pierre Gasly, Alex Albon, Daniil Kvyat, Daniel Ricciardo. But whether we like it or not, a certain policy is a guarantee of order in the race and off the track.

Red Bull taught Mercedes Amg F1 team a lesson on Monaco Grand Prix.

Team unity is one of Red Bull’s greatest strengths. They seem to be obsessed with one goal, everyone works for one: from Max Verstappen to the engineer in the pits. The ability to follow a clear plan and be ready for every situation without deviating from the main goal, passion and the will to win. If the whole team is like one, and one like the whole team – that is the main lesson Red Bull taught Mercedes Amg F1 team on Monaco Grand Prix.