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Rally Sardegna Stages: Which Are The Most Exciting?

Frankly, choosing the best one among the 2024 Rally Sardegna stages is challenging because of their limited choice. Yep, compared to the previous 19 special stages with a total of 320.88 km, the racing program of the current Italian rally is pretty short, consisting of 16 stages and covering a little over 250 km. Just an experiment, at least I hope so. It is believed that the organizers cut the extra distance, leaving only the best of the Rally Sardegna’s route to make the race tighter.

Thus, the 2024 Sardegna Rally consists of 8 tests drivers will complete twice. Note that the shakedown starts on Friday. However, I explored these eight and found four that promise the most excitement for the spectators and demand the most skill from the drivers. Here they are.

Osilo-Tergu Stage 

The iconic Osilo-Tergu is the calling card of the Rally Italia Sardegna, which kicks off the event on Friday. Set as SS1/3, it offers a challenging test over 25.65 km. The first step on Italian roads forces the drivers to immediately face the ‘charms’ of the event: hot temperatures and much dust at high speeds. Despite its short distance, Osilo-Tergu is a fast stage.  

In addition, the surface changes quickly and becomes smoother when the racers enter the second pass – SS3. Tire strategy is therefore paramount, and the wrong compound can lead to a flat-out.


The 22.61 km Tula-Erula takes place in the Rally Sardegna 2024 on Saturday, SS6/8. The organizers promise that it will be the most difficult. 

Compared to last year, the stage became longer. That makes the difference. If you look at the rally map, Tula-Erula is composed of a variety; from the super-fast straights to the slow corners. 

It is a tough test for the hybrid system and suspension of the current Rally1 cars with a high chance of retirement.

I expect Tula-Erula to be a decisive stage, after which the possible winners of the Rally Italia Sardegna will be clearly determined.

rally italia sardegna fafe stage
KYN” by Kyn Chung is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Coiluna – Loelle

Don’t see that Coiluna-Loelle is only 14.53 km long. In fact, it is the most tricky among the Rally Sardegna stages, besides the dust, stones, and heat in the car. 

First of all, because of its speed. The drivers handle the section at about 170 km/h. 

Second, the long jump Crastazza is like an old-school one. 

Third, it is nerve-wracking because is set as SS10/12, Coiluna-Loelle completes the day, and those drivers who finish Saturday score the points. It is too easy to lose everything achieved in two days and be nervous enough to make a mistake that costs a worthy point.  

Monte Lerno 

My favorite one. Scheduled for Saturday as SS9/11, Monte Lerno is the most spectacular one among all the Rally Sradegna stages and attractive for rally fans for a reason. 

Double reduced, organizers promise all Monte Lerno doesn’t lose its legendary status. In the 2024 Rally Italia Sardegna edition, drivers race 25,33 km instead of the usual 50 km, downing and upping through the steep hills as fast, as reducing time to braking, moving on the residual power to finish the stage as quick as possible. 

However, the flavor of Monte Lerno stage is its iconic destination – Micky’s Jump. Yes, that’s definitely the place where rally cars are flying. 

Along with the Portuguese Fafe and Finland’s Ruuhimäki, Micky worthy sets its place as the best rally jumps in the FIA World Rally Championship.

Rally Sardegna Route

rally italia sardegna schedule route
by grixme.com


So, among all the 2024 Rally Italia Sardegna stages, Osilo-Tergu, Tula, Coiluna-Loelle, and Monte Lerno are pretty tricky.   

As organizers significantly reduced the racing program, I think these stages must be a high-octane drama, demanding for the drivers and spectacular for the fans.

Furthermore, Friday and Saturday are the longest days of the event, while the second one promises to be the most exciting.