F1 calendar 2022

Official F1 calendar 2022! Welcome to the sprints and 23 races a year!

Do you have plans for the 2022 racing season? Formula 1 President and CEO Stefano Domenicali has many of them. So the official F1 calendar 2022 has been announced with 23 races! And it will be the biggest Formula 1 season ever, complemented by a new venue in Miami and peppered with the F1 sprint format for 2022.

The greatest Formula 1 season ever!

The idea of staging a remarkable 23 races in the season is not new. It has been criticized by drivers and experts as “too many” but it is still the goal of Formula 1. Such a plan has was for the F1 calendar 2021, but unfortunately the ideal plan has remained too perfect. The cancellation of the Canadian Grand Prix, then the postponement of the Turkish Grand Prix, and it has not been possible to achieve this balance with goal 23. Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, Stefano Domenicali promises that the Covid regulations issued by various governments around the world will be treated with great respect.

The idea is to make sure there is the right rhythm to the calendar,
There are of course considerations related to periods to make sure logistically the flow has to be right.

Stefano Domenicali

The Formula 1 calendar 2022 and the main problem.

The 2022 season starts in March and ends in mid-November. The last time the season ended so early was in 2010. The reason for this decision was to avoid overlaps with the World Cup in Qatar on 21 November. Thus, the F1 calendar 2022 has become even more flexible. Now, we have fewer racing months, but more races. So our brave drivers will have to work to the maximum of their possibilities.

Welcome to Miami on the F1 calendar 2022!

Formula 1 returns to the state of Florida for the first time since 1959 as we prepare for the all-new Miami Grand Prix from May 6th to 8th. Held at the 5.41 km Miami International Autodrome at the Hard Rock Stadium complex in Miami Gardens, the new circuit will feature 19 corners and three straights, with the cars expected to reach a top speed of 320 km / h on a circuit designed to promote close racing – a theme close to the heart of the 2022 sport.

It seems that the race is the most ambivalent stage. There are as many fans of the race as there are opponents. For example, the residents do not entirely agree with the Grand Prix of Miami, namely with the noise that can disturb the citizens. Although the project is still awaiting its approval.

The East is a delicate matter.

This brings us close to one of the most topics in the F1 2022 calendar. Despite the heated debate surrounding the Qatar Grand Prix, which will take a break in 2022 to return in 2023, the traditional Grand Prix of Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia are also on the agenda. However, Turkey is not on the list, which is basically traditional. Do not forget here that they are always ready to insure Formula 1 with their promising Istanbul Park circuit.

Saudi Arabia’s debut, scheduled for the 2021 season, was supposed to be a huge success and almost everyone had high expectations for this stage. Jeddah was hoping to show its uniqueness and to put its traditions and customs in the best light. By a successful combination of circumstances, it would decorate the Formula 1 calendar 2022.

F1 calendar 2022: Latest updates.

At the end of February came the heartbreaking news about the situation in Ukraine. We pray for all the people in Ukraine and hope that the situation will end soon. We stand by all problems of our time can be solved peacefully.

F1 calendar 2022
Credit: motorsport.com

Formula 1 Sprints 2022

I can say we will not go everywhere with the Sprint format. It is something we want to keep for one third of the races more or less

Stefano Domenicali

The concept of qualifying on Friday, the F1 sprint on Saturday and the Grand Prix on Sunday is an “incredible success” and will be continued next year at about seven or eight events. Theoretically, Formula 1 can hold sprints at every Grand Prix, as Stefano Domenicali says.

Generally speaking, the Formula 1 calendar 2022 has proved to be more than a success and we are finally returning to our favorite circuits such as Suzuka, Montreal and Melbourne. However, 23 races from March to November are quite a lot given the short time of the Formula 1 season.