Mercedes-Benz is advertising as art: All or nothing of the City Jungle’s King

Mercedes-Benz is advertising as art
 Today we are not talking about Mercedes cars, if only a little, and it is not a commercial. We can say: “The future of the automobile,” “Unlike any other,” “Designed to move the human mind. Over the years the company has not only become an epithet for the “comfort” and it was cult. What is the secret of the popularity of Mercedes-Benz? Why is this not a creation – is a work of art?
Literally a day ago I came across a new ad from Mercedes-Benz, called “King of the City Jungle.” I could not understand why it is so memorable? What is so special about it? Why do I always think of this lion? Of course not about the Mercedes. Why do I think about advertising? Don’t you think? Look at it.

 1. Mercedes-Benz. The future of the automobile.

 All that we know about Mercedes-Benz is not just luxury, comfort, quality. The advertising openly declares: Mercedes-Benz – The future of the automobile. Yes, that is the future. Why? Because over the years they have become a better company. Everything associated with the emblem has a special spirit. Impregnated and inspired by every slogan, every advertisement and carries meaning. As far as Mercedes-Benz advertising is concerned, many people remember it. Viewers of this work of art liked it, and it also triggered a storm of emotions.

“One of the best ads I’ve seen in a very long time“.
“One of the best commercials in a while!“
“The best commercial ever“
“At last, a good ad from Mercedes“.
“Hello! @mercedes plz tell me the song name at the end of the video!! “

(from YouTube) 

There is started a real debate about Leo in the main role in Mercedes-Benz “King of the City Jungle”. I will explain it to those who have not understood it and who have not noticed the “ALPHA” journal. Despite the hustle and bustle, the king of the modern jungle can feel nature when he sits in the Mercedes car. What nonsense? Everything goes against all common sense, common sense, which is not burdened with cases. Imagine what the car is supposed to be for the king of the beasts of the modern world, whom the animal itself turns into a lion, could feel in his surroundings?

2. Mercedes-Benz. Unlike all the others

Who else came up with this idea? Who else can come up with something similar? Not just create, but make it very beautiful. For why I am saying? Engineers and marketers of Mercedes-Benz must be awarded. The promotional video deserves to be among the firsts. These guys deserve to call themselves kings of the City Jungle. Although everything has already been invented, they come up with something that is obvious and not only makes it beautiful and memorable. Also they not afraid to be strange or do something stupid. It is a masterpiece by admirers who understand more than other people. These people came the idea of the concept, and it is not in the characteristics of the Mercedes car and not even that:

Innovation: Mercedes-Benz is constantly developing new ways to exploit the potential of the road head.of the road head.
Performance: As a brand, Mercedes-Benz combines all facets of performance to develop something that you cannot get from a specification’s list.
Design: Mercedes-Benz combines art and technology to develop vehicles that are visionary from top to bottom.
Safety: Mercedes-Benz develops new technologies that help to prevent and prevent collisions every year.
Environment: As a company, Mercedes-Benz  respects the planet and knows the impact the automotive industry has on it. For this and many other reasons, they work hard to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Everyone, even the person with the lowest position in the company is committed to the ideology of Mercedes, I am sure of that.
Mercedes-Benz is advertising as art

3. Mercedes-Benz designed to move the human mind. 

I am sure that the work at Mercedes is subject to ideology. Is it good or bad? We have no right to judge, but an ideology – something unique. When I look at the Mercedes car, I realize that every detail is imbued with meaning, always and everywhere. Everything is imbued with the spirit of patriotism with regard to the automotive industry and motorsport. There is the motto is comfort and the soul of the car. We have the same thing in common.
The guys at Mercedes-Benz are raising the bar year after year. They understand cars and motorsport better and better and are not afraid of being misunderstood, which is perhaps why they have plans for the year 2019.

As long as the atmosphere of these iron horses is saturated with meaning, a special spirit and a deep meaning in the slogans would be Mercedes-Benz at the top of the popularity. Because these guys have not repeated, they are done, but the most important thing is belief in creation and making is beautiful.