The Juan Manuel Fangio Story: review that you didn’t read

Juan Manuel Fangio Story

Greetings, dear reader! How are you feeling this day? I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie A Life of Speed: The Juan Manuel Fangio Story or just going to watch, but this story made a strong impression. Let’s do a cup of coffee, I will tell you my experience…

You know, I felt a strange melancholy after watching the movie. The atmosphere of racing in “A Life of Speed” made me to deep into the difficult times of Motorsport. In one-third of the film, here comes a point when you realize that racing always had and will have a huge sense in people’s lives. Whatever happens, there’s something in sportscars, something more than just metal, fuel, tires, and steering wheel. I thought that this attitude was being only mine.

What’s the best quote of The Juan Manuel Fangio Story?

Never think of your car as a cold machine, but as a hot-blooded horse.

Then I realized that finding myself sadness. As long “A Life of Speed” going as more my heart sinking. And I thought we need such a great person as Juan Manuel Fangio so much. And it’s not about his victories, titles, or even his greatness, no. I realized, Today we miss the wisdom that Fangio had.
One says  – driving old Formula 1 car is an art, and you would get a champion if you’ll have the possibility to add this art into the nowadays F1 cars.

Next hour the great racers will be telling you that now we live in a completely different era, more computer-based, safety, and probably this is the secret. Whether it’s good or bad is up to you. However, today every Formula 1 driver knows his work from a to z. They know the combinations of F1 car settings by heart – like a delicate recipe, a unique chemical formula.

Why should to watch The Juan Manuel Fangio Story?

Atmospheric, kind, inspiring.

I realized that earlier the greatness of racing driver wasn’t in the number of victories, but in the ability. The ability to find a language with any race car, to choose the right setting, to make any race car go fast, even if there are 4 wheels only – this is an art.

Juan Manuel Fangio Story

This becomes even more art when everything is being done by a driver or mechanic without any technologies. How? Yes, by hands, by touch, if you want with the help of intuition or the sixth sense. And this is about Juan Manuel Fangio. I don’t say that today there are no such talents, they are, but there are technologies, computers system . Even there are Instagram and Twitter when every racing driver can tell about his lap, race, and SS. But in this storytelling will have no former human openness.

Unlikely we will not hear about people sacrificed their interests for other’s victories from these stories. What importantly the most, we don’t learn that race cars can go fast almost by one word.  What was this word for Fangio? It remains a mystery this day.
Wрere is to watch? Here is on Netflix.
Take care, have a good day.