Jan Lammers on Formula 1

Jan Lammers smashes race committee and he’s tough!

So the story of the incident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at Silverstone seems to be the logical conclusion. What more can one add? But the subject is not closed! The race stewards become like the other main heroes of the narrative! Jan Lammers literally shoots a storm of indignation at them after Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification at the Hungarian Grand Prix. ”Isn’t there anyone who has the guts? “asks Lammers. What does Vettel have to do with Hamilton and Verstappen and why is Jan Lammers outraged? Racing Trend is ready to give the answer.

Are you surprised by the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel at the Hungarian Grand Prix for a violation of the fuel rules after the race? Still shocked by the incident between of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the Silverstone Grand Prix? So are we!

All these events are so extraordinary that they do not bring us to our senses in any way. So the ex-Formula 1 driver simply could not stand it and criticized race control for not having “guts”!  Well, what “guts”, you say?

Jan Lammers and Chase Carey
Jan Lammers and Chase Carey

Why is Jan Lammers outraged?

“Is there nobody with the guts to make the decision to give Verstappen and Hamilton both no points at Silverstone and in the case of Vettel to give him a warning and a 10,000 euro fine? I don’t think you would have heard anyone about it.” said Lammers at the NOS Formula 1 podcast

When a former Formula 1 driver says that, it probably means something. Jan Lammers is team principal, driver of 23 World Championship races and one of members of the Dutch Grand Prix!

At the Grand Prix at Silverstone nobody was sure what Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were thinking at that moment. Race accident and too many issues after. But the situation around Sebastian Vettel at the Hungaroring is different and looks unfair.

He lost the second place for Aston Martin (not enough 700 milliliters of fuel at the finish). The team has informed the FIA that they want to appeal the decision, but at the moment there is no clear situation. Lammers understands that drivers who previously received heavy fines for similar situations would be annoyed, but points out that Formula 1 must also have the courage to bring about change.

You have to go somewhere to break the era where rules are not only applied according to the letter of the law but also according to the spirit of the sport.”

Give him props!

What is Jan Lammers asking for?

The Dutchman is on the same level as Mark Webber.  He demands the courage to go beyond the letter of the regulations, and you know what, he is partly right! This is similar to 20 years ago in Formula 1. Like Mark Webber, Lammers not only wants to see the true spirit of motorsport on the track, but also that race regulations do not hinder competition and do not kill the intrigues. But it’s not so easy in Formula 1.

Not all fans will be satisfied and in any case someone will be disappointed – that is the first thing. Secondly, such decisions need to be made quickly, and that is exactly what takes courage. There is also a downside to this, because thanks to such letters of the law, we have definitely proved in the safety area.

Generally, this question has been brewing for a long time and there should have been one person among racing experts who asked it. Lammers became the one who asked openly and to the point, and he is tough!