New Year wishes to race fans

Happy New Year wishes to the motorsport fans

There are only a few hours to go until the turn of the year 2022. We are leaving the fight with time to set new records soon! We are coming to celebrate one of the most wondrous moments of the year. To say goodbye to the past goals and welcome the new beginning. Before raising your glass with the racing fanatics, with your family or even alone, you should know that motorsport passion unites millions of people around the world. So hurry up with Happy New Year wishes 2022.

Let us wish you and your loved ones happiness and well-being, and the racing trend also wishes you the fulfillment of all your dreams and personal victories in the New Year 2022, as well as setting new records for your favorite racers and idols. We hope you visit the Formula 1 Paddock Club in 2022, shake hands with the world champion, walk along the start line at sunset and fall in love again at the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

For those who have just discovered the world of motorsport, Racing Trend declares: “Rest assured, we will have fun.” Because in the New Year you will experience unforgettable emotions and the full range of different emotions!

In our order, we will try to keep you up to date with the latest WRC and Formula 1 news in 2022. Let’s try to open up what we couldn’t open in 2021 and make the information so convenient and useful that you can form your own opinion! And remember, never give up, dare to dream, especially on New Year’s Eve, because dreams tend to come true!