Toto Wolff and Mercedes F1

Try and forgive: Handling difficult situation like Toto Wolff and Mercedes F1

Toto Wolff and Mercedes F1 are under the shock and pressure of Red Bull.  After the obvious defeat at the Monaco race, the Baku GP hit only the most vulnerable spot.  Mr. Wolff described himself as “so angry,” and we know he is.

Meanwhile, Mercedes F1 team principal  is in charge of the situation and it seems we can learn a lot from him. As difficult as the situation may be, one should behave like Austrian investor!  Based on his comments to the media, we have noted the five-step system to help control the situation, even if it is as unacceptable to Toto Wolff and the Mercedes F1 Team as Baku GP.

Toto Wolff and Mercedes F1 team after F1 Baku 2021 Grand Prix

Step #1. Time for a break!

Valtteri Bottas finished 12th at the race in Azerbaijan, while Lewis Hamilton was so close to victory but made the fatal mistake and finished in 15th place.  Immediately after the emotions behind the closed doors of the Mercedes Petronas Amg box have won and flooded everything, it is time to switch off! After the race in Azerbaijan, team boss and Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas had to fly for four hours on a plane to forget that.

Well we [me and Lewis] have 4hours together on a plane now, maybe we’ll drink. […] He doesn’t make any mistakes and that is what you need to remember, that’s what I’m going to say to him”, – comment to TheTimes

No one knows how they spend their time: they may listen to music or dance, but they have undoubtedly taken the first step.

Step #2. No one is to blame, every mistake is a lesson!

That’s exactly what Mercedes F1 team principal tried to explain to Lewis Hamilton on the plane. And, yes, he’s absolutely right, because mistakes make us stronger.

“In Monaco and here we didn’t have a car that was competitive, full stop. We have underlying issues — we are not getting the car in a happy window for the tyres. We know the deficit and we know we have gaps which we simply have to overcome,”

The bigger issue that we have to deal with is that in the last two races we haven’t been good enough.

“Not fast enough, we’ve made mistakes, we struggle to switch the tyres on and we’ve been on the back-foot through free practice.

On the other hand, when mistakes happen too often, but even in this case you can’t give up! You have to accept the situation and assess your strength, then start once again!

“We know the level it takes to win championships and we’re not at that level right now so we need to re-group and come back performing the way we know that we can.

“We have the team, the car, and the drivers to win this but we need to be tough and honest with ourselves over the next few days.

“We’ve had days like this before and each time we’ve come back strong and we’ll look do that in France.” – comment to TheTimes

Toto Wolff for Sky
Talking with Sky

In front of cameras: just try and forgive.

Step #3. Keep your eyes peeled!

The series of points awarded to the Silver Arrows since the British Grand Prix 2018 seems to have come to an end. As luck would have it, tricky questions from journalists arise at this moment. Austrian investor and team owner first takes responsibility for himself and talks about it quite openly.

“It’s the frustration that dominates. For him (Lewis), victory was so close and then it was gone. For me, as a leader, we just have to be the best we can be.”

Speaking candidly to the Sky Sports journalists “cameras, Toto Wolff did not blame Lewis Hamilton and did not generally seek to blame anyone. He explained that the problem was caused by a switch on the steering wheel. Wolff, however, insisted that it was more than anything just bad luck and exclaimed:

“It can’t be called a mistake “

“It was just when Sergio when he came over… we have the same procedure. He touched the button that changed the brake balance and the brake balance went all the way forward and the car didn’t stop.”

“I think it was more a simple finger problem,” rather than the smoking brakes visible before the restart. – to Sky Sports

Mercedes F1 team, Valtteri Bottas pit stop
Mercedes F1 team, Valtteri Bottas pit stop by

Toto Wolff and Mercedes F1 as the warriors unit.

Step #4. I am the team, the team is me!

Without your team you are nowhere, whether in Formula 1 racing or in life. You cannot achieve much on your own. Therefore, in difficult moments you have to think not only of yourself, but also of the people standing next to you.

“It is not only the incident at the end that frustrates, it is overall not meeting our expectations, all of us together – Lewis, the engineers, myself, everyone in the team.

I’m so angry,” [But] have no doubt. This is a team that is so strong… that we’re going to transform the anger into a positive force. We’re warriors and we’re going to come back.F1 official

Step #5. Stay calm.

Your rivals will always be ready. Christian Horner is one of the most worthy opponents on Formula 1 track, an amazing strategist and a great politician. That’s why he has added his opinion at such a difficult time and added fuel to the fire.

”Well, a lot has already been said about Toto’s comments last weekend. But he is never afraid to burn down his own team and does so publicly. I’m not in favour of that, but of course, it’s his right,” the Red Bull Racing team boss, Christian Horner to

However, nothing should undermine your confidence in yourself and the team! Even if it is Christian Horner’s comments. Toto Wolff, despite his short temperament, holds out well. While others prefer to remain silent or pretend that nothing is happening, the Mercedes boss hits back and answers for the team as for himself. So we should learn from him! It is worth wishing him luck and patience and once again publicly declaring: Totto hold on, well done!