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Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen: Who will be faster at Hungarian GP?

The battle between Mercedes drivers and Red Bull’s Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen threatens not only to become the most glorious event of the 2021 Formula One season, but also to go down in racing history. We’ve collected the key factors and some details that will help you predict victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix even a little.

When it comes to winning the Formula One championship and the battle is not only so heated that emotions run high on the bridge of the F1 teams, it is important to keep an eye on all aspirants. Based on our experience, we will try to guess who will win the Hungarian Grand Prix. Let’s delve into the details so that we are fully armed with tactical misjudgments until the race weekend.

Hungaroring circuit
Hungaroring circuit

Hungaroring’ circuit features + 1 point for Max Verstappen

All of our brave drivers have to complete 70 laps on the track, or 306.63 kilometers. However, the configuration of the Hungaroring is also causing great difficulties for Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstapen. The track is winding and it is very difficult to overtake here, which is not so good for the Mercedes F1 cars. As Sebastian Vettel said, the position in qualifying will be as crucial as the tire tactics for the Hungarian Grand Prix. The most important rule for qualifying is not to get caught up in traffic during the session.

Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen
Red Bull vs Mercedes 2021 by motorsport

Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen: F1 cars comparison.

Comparing the performance and speed of Mercedes and Red Bull cars, Hungaoring is now more suitable for Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Thanks to Red Bull, that gives the wings or simply “flexy wings,” Red Bull has a lot of skill in fast corners. At the same time, Hamilton and Bottas do not like Mercedes cars in short distances and in many corners. As Lewis said in Moncao, his car feels like a bus.

What are the chances of who will be the fastest in qualifying at the Hungary GP?

As F1 official says, Max Verstappen is favorite for pole, leads here on the track where he secured his first P1 in qualifying in 2019, just ahead of Hamilton, with Valtteri Bottas third fastest as Bottas has never taken pole position on the Hungarian track. Here are betting odds:

  • Max Verstappen
  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Valtteri Bottas
  • Sergio Perez, Charles Leclerc
  • Lando Norris
  • Carlos Sainz
  • Daniel Ricciardo, George Russell
  • Pierre Gasly**

*** Powered by 188BET Odds in order of probability from F1 official

Here we are in complete agreement with the betting odds, so another point in the piggy bank of assumptions about who will win the Hungarian GP goes to Max Verstappen. Everything would be fine if there was only one thing…. thoughts about which we do not give peace.

Max Verstappen's car after crash at Silverstone GP
Max Verstappen’s car after crash at Silverstone GP

Results from the incident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at Silverstone: + 1 point for Lewis Hamilton for a “ready to start” car

Max Verstappen’s car suffered an average damage of almost two million dollars following the accident with Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix. The fact is that the affected engine of the Red Bull car has not yet been repaired and whether there is time to repair it is still an open question.

Although we know what these brave guys, who have set all the world speed record for pit stops. Althought there is still chance that the engine will not be repaired at all and will need to be replaced in this case, you and I know full well that there will be penalties for changing the engine. Red Bull is currently confident that everything will be ready for Friday practice. Hamilton’s car has not been damaged, so here is + 1 point to the Mercedes F1 team’s confidence pocket.

Lewis Hamilton Hungarian Grand Prix 2020
Lewis Hamilton Hungarian Grand Prix 2020

Hungarian Grand Prix: + 1 point for Lewis Hamilton

According to records, Lewis Hamilton is the undisputed leader in the number of state-owned enterprises won in Hungary GP in 2007, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 years.

Michael Schumacher has won here four times: 1994, 1998, 2001, 2004. Three times the great Ayrton Senna had won at the Hungaroring in 1988, 1991, 1992.

Lewis Hamilton, by the way, set the best lap time of 2020 – 1:16.627. Max Verstappen was close to taking first place but never managed to write his name into the history of the Hungaroring. That’s why a victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix is so desirable for Max Verstappen. + 1 for the Red Bull driver’s motivation.

Hungary GP, tyres
Hungary GP, tyres

Tyre strategy: + 1 point for Lewis Hamilton

The characteristics of the Hungaroring tell us that the tires are suffering a lot here, so the tactic of 2 pit stops for the main field and 3 pit stops for the fastest during the race is the best option. According to Formula 1 official, the drivers will be allocated two sets of hard C2, three sets of C3 media and eight sets of soft C4 tires for this weekend’s race in Hungary – the same mixture as last year – with the high temperatures likely to be a factor. In spite of the proposed tire sets, the C3 Medium will of course remain the most relevant when it does not rain. In the second part of the field, the C2 Hard can also be a “lucky card.”

Despite Red Bull’s obvious technical superiority, we must not forget that Lewis Hamilton is a master of working with rubber. With the tactic of three pit stops, the Mercedes #44 car can certainly rely on the C4 in the most important segments of the race.

Max Verstappen, photo by F1 official
Max Verstappen, photo by F1 official

The abilities of main rivals: +1 point to Max Verstappen, Red Bull gives you wings.

Red Bull F1 cars skills:

These cars cope well on short straights, the excellent manoeuvrability of the 2021 Red Bull with all the additions allows to quickly and easily change from different angles.

Mercedes F1 cars skills:

These cars do not feel safe on short straights and the abundance of corners makes the car heavy and difficult to turn. However, according to Mercedes’ Trackside Engineering Director Andrew Shovlin, the necessary additions that were retrofitted at Silverstone helped to make up for this shortcoming.

As Lewis Hamilton says, he did not notice any obvious increase. However, we noticed the fact that Mercedes is catching up at this point. Most relevant to this requirement is the direct “start -finish”. Thus, sectors 1 and 3 should be fastest for Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez by crash.net
Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez by crash.net

Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen: Team-mates take part in Hungarian GP: +1 point to Red Bull

Valtteri Bottas:

Dark and confusing, like a pair of wired headphones, the story of Valtteri Bottas “contract leads to insulting musings about when Mercedes will tell us. So far, however, we have seen that Valtteri Bottas is a valuable driver for Mercedes. The Finn is fully in line with the team’s image and is ready to do anything in the battle with Red Bull.

Meanwhile, the Hungaroring is another chance for Bottas to make it clear to the team that “guys, the contract should be extended”. To achieve this, he has to beat Max Verstappen from the start – if possible, but Sergio Perez will be the main opponent, and if Toto Wolff says “faster!”, Valteri has to draw strength from his car, whether through magic or the power of spirit, but to be faster.

Sergio Perez:

Red Bull is still not coming to its senses after the race in Great Britain, still insisting on the unsportsmanlike behavior of Lewis Hamilton. Although the drivers seem to have forgotten the conflict, they have long since moved into the position of “moving on.” At the same time, the “Gives you wings” team is understandable, its position at the top that they have occupied is very shaky.

That’s why Sergio Perez’s work is so important right now, which in his opinion is very difficult. As the number two driver after Max Verstappen, it is an incredible experience that always demands the maximum from the Mexican driver. Sergio Perez’s plan for the Hungarian Grand Prix is second place at the finish, which ensures maximum points for Red Bull.

With teammates from both teams, Sergio Perez looks riskier and ready for the team’s first call-up than Valtteri Bottas, so + 1 for Red Bull and Max Verstappen.

What are the chances of winning the Hungarian Grand Prix?

While Formula One published the betting odds, Max Verstappen is favorite to pull out and claim his first Hungarian Grand Prix victory this weekend, despite Hamilton winning eight times at the Hungaroring, while a ninth triumph this weekend would break the all-time record for most wins at a single venue – and it would also be Hamilton’s 100th victory in Formula One.

  • Max Verstappen
  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Valtteri Bottas, Sergio Perez
  • Charles Leclerc
  • Lando Norris
  • Carlos Sainz
  • Daniel Ricciardo**

** Pprovided by 188BET odds arranged in order of probability

Hungarian Grand Prix 2020
Hungarian Grand Prix 2020

In summary, who will be faster at the Hungarian Grand Prix?

Max Verstappen-3 overall, Lewis Hamilton-2. Theoretically, Red Bull drivers take precedence here. The Hungaroring suits Verstappen’s driving style better. Despite the fact that Lewis has won here eight times, Max is full of motivation to win here for the first time. Furthermore, Red Bull is ready to act aggressively after the incident at Silverstone.

We will not write off the drivers of the Scuderia Ferrari. Although the traditional updates in this stable either work immediately and effectively or take a long time to adapt to the car. If the updates work, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz can break the duo of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.