Max Verstappen British GP

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collide at British GP, differing opinions

What happened between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix has still not disappeared from the front pages and is causing a heated discussion on social media. Racing Trend is gathering the most diverse and weighty opinions on the incident between Red Bull and Mercedes drivers, so you have your own point of view.

Max Verstappen and Helmut Marko
Max Verstappen and Helmut Marko

Red Bull F1 team about incident

Red Bull not only trusts Max Verstappen’s innocence, but is certain that Lewis Hamilton must be disqualified for a race. Team principal Christian Horner is still confident in his position since the accident at the British Grand Prix.

Christian Horner about Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s crash

“It shouldn’t be like that to be honest with you” 

“Max has incurred a 51G accident, Lewis Hamilton is a world champion and he shouldn’t be making manoeuvres like that. It’s unacceptable.

“He’s put a driver… thank goodness the biggest result for us today is that he was uninjured. He’s having to go to hospital for precautionary checks after a 51G accident so I hope Lewis is very happy with himself.”

“He [Hamilton] stuck a wheel up the inside in a corner that you just know you don’t do that.

“You just don’t stick a wheel up the inside of Copse in that corner in that circumstance. He was nowhere near ahead, it was contact left-front to right-rear, and the speed that they’re travelling it’s one of the fastest corners in the championship.

“Lewis has got more than enough experience to know that is unacceptable. I’m just very disappointed that a driver of his calibre should make such a move like that. It’s dangerous, it looked desperate.”

“For me, that’s a hollow victory.” – Red Bull team principal told Sky Sports F1.

Helmut Marko’s position

At the same time, the current advisor of Red Bull, Helmut Marko, added that only a superhuman can endure such an accident. According to Dr. Marco, Lewis Hamilton needs to be disqualified for a race.

If a competitor massively touches our rear wheel with his front wheel, then that’s no longer a racing accident in the fastest corner of the track – that is negligent-to-dangerous behaviour.”

“You can’t do that with the normal sporting code. I don’t know what the maximum penalty would be, but such dangerous and reckless behaviour should be punished with a suspension or something,” Helmut Marko to Sky Germany.

There is something to consider in all the comments, but at the same time it is hard to expect the Red Bull team to say the opposite. Because even if Max Verstappen has made mistakes, all the team representatives will say the same thing, they will defend their own interests – the interests of Red Bull F1 team until the end.

Max Verstappen's car after collide
750 thousand euros, without the engine damage is the cost of the collision of Max Verstappen’s car

What did Verstappen say about Hamilton?

A few hours after the race, Verstappen criticized Hamilton for this move and his exuberant celebration with the fans at Silverstone after his victory, which he was still in hospital following.

“Glad I’m ok. Very disappointed with being taken out like this.

“The penalty given does not help us and doesn’t do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on track. Watching the celebrations while still in hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior but we move on“. – Max Verstappen’ tweet

After a few days, Helmut Marko talked about the amount of damage suffered by the team due to the collision of Max Verstappen’s car. The sum is 750 thousand euros, without the engine damage. During the budget constraints, this is a significant amount for Red Bull. But without the opinion of the opponents on the other side, the picture of the collision would be incomplete.

Lewis Hamilton British Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton British Grand Prix

Mercedes F1 team position

Lewis Hamilton and  Mercedes team take a different view: the world champion felt seen sufficiently next to the Red Bull to justify overtaking – and accused Verstappen of driving too hard.

I just don’t feel like he needs to be as aggressive as he is,” Hamilton told Sky F1.

“We are going down to Turn Six and he’s bumping wheels with me. But it’s cool because there’s footage of old Formula 1 great drivers bumping wheels on the straight. So I’m sure it looks cool and everything but I tried to give him space but I was quite a long way up the inside into Nine and none of us backed out and that was the end result.

“But I took the penalty of course and it’s never one person’s fault, it’s always a balance of the two. I don’t feel anything now, I just channel it into my driving, which I did, and I’m proud I was able to do that in front of the crowd.” – Lewis Hamilton to Sky Sports F1.

Michael Masi
Michael Masi

The opinion of disinterested persons: Michael Masi

The situation between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is very complicated. No matter on which side of the Formula 1 garage you listen to, it turns out that they are right. It is also important to understand that both Red Bull and Mercedes are playing their own political game. Let’s see what Michael Masi says. He is responsible for safety and does his job without prejudice.

I don’t know if [the stewards] expressed a view on what he should have done, but I think having looked at it all, in their view he was predominantly to blame for that.

“Similar to what happened with Charles [Leclerc] later on [when Hamilton passed the Monegasque for the lead at the same corner], he could have stayed tucked in closer to the apex, and that was where they found [the issue]. I think the wording was clear as per the regulations, he was ‘predominantly to blame’, not ‘wholly to blame’ for it.

“He could have tucked in further and that may have changed the outcome, but we don’t know – we have to judge on the incident itself.” – Michael Masi to

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen opinions
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crash opinions part 1

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen: Who’s to blame?

The truth is that there is no clear answer at all. So are self-confident experts on Instagram and Reddit, who claim theirs statements are true for 100%. Well, they are wrong, too. Because the opinions of the experts: experienced drivers of the past and present, commentators, specialists diverge.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crash opinions
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crash opinions part 2

Our initial view was that this was a racing incident. There is absolutely no driver who is 100 percent guilty or, on the contrary, innocent. What is certain is that the collision between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton should not be a cause of scandal or disrespect. Race at Silverstone has become a lesson for many and it is time to move on.