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French Grand Prix 2022: Here Is The Information

The Dizzying Circuit Paul Ricard has already met the heroes! The French Grand Prix 2022 takes place over 53 laps of the 5.842-kilometer track at Le Castellet on Sunday, July 24.

What racing battles can we expect to see at the French Grand Prix 2022?

Scuderia Ferrari’s fight back.

“To be or not to be” captures the rush in Prancing Horse’s team after the Australian Grand Prix, as they rush to make decisions. Last time, they always had so many types of issues: from technical issues with the engines, like Carlos Sainz in Austria, to a tense situation within the team, like Silverstone.

Therefore, it seemed that Red Bull’s six straight victories made the case for the championship. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are focused on the prize. While Scuderia Ferrari has managed to find yet another problem in broad daylight. A false strategy, the wrong order, or a fight between the two. Chaos, as someone said.

Still, with the reliability issues, both Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc are fast enough to claim the advantage over Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. As Carlos Sainz won at Silverstone and Charles Leclerc took another victory in Austria, Red Bull has to worry as the Scuderia will fight. Needs to say, Red Bull is also facing reliability issues. Therefore, the battle is even more intense and fiery.

In addition, we’re most looking forward to the wheel-to-wheel battle between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen. Their battle may not be as thrilling as that between Verstappen and Hamilton in the 2021 Formula 1 season. Both drivers are very careful and respectful of each other. Well, as much as their team principals Mattia Binotto (Ferrari) and Christian Horner (Red Bull) in relation to each other. However, sometimes it makes us lose our breath.

The Mercedes F1 team continues to rise

Talking about the team principal, Mercedes’ boss Toto Wolff supported Scuderia Ferrari in their decision to make their drivers battle for the lead. Whether Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz deal with each other or not, Mr. Wolff is certain that the press and F1 fans will criticize their team. 

Meanwhile, everything is clear in Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are fast. During the race, Russell demonstrates the reliability and full adeptness of the car, while Lewis Hamilton attacks as hard as possible where it is needed. The order is simple.

It is hard to imagine that at the beginning of the season, both Mercedes cars were out of the top ten. But after upgrades for their car in Spain, the team became a step closer to decide their major problem – car bouncing. The issue was fixed partially, but again, it caused both drivers to get the pace. As a result, we saw Lewis Hamiton finish third in the last three races: Canadian GP, race in Silverstone and Austrian Grand Prix. 

What does it mean? The battle for the championship lead got a boost as Mercedes is rising to join the challenge in the top three. While both drivers have an opportunity to win the race. Their primary goal is the French Grand Prix 2022. 

Mick Schumacher shows off his teeth

Lastly, we anticipate that Mick Schumacher will continue to drive at his best during the French Grand Prix in 2022. It is about two different drivers when it comes to Schumacher before and Schumacher after the Austrian GP 2022

The Haas F1 driver, who had previously received a lot of criticism from the media and fans, quickly regained control of the situation and made a breakthrough, driving with champions like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. As the driver of the day in Spielberg, the younger amazed the whole racing world, regardless of whether it was at the difficult Red Bull Ring. 

Therefore, we expect Mick Schumacher to continue to impress us as well as he will get new points for the Haas F1 team in France. 

What’s the weather forecast?

Racing weekend at Paul Ricard will be hot, as there will be a lot of sun, while the temperature will not drop below thirty degrees over the weekend. 34-36 degrees in France. Also, according to the weather forecast, there is no rain, which is estimated at no more than five percent.

What does it mean for the Formula 1 French Grand Prix 2022?

In the first place, the dizzyingly hard Paul Ricard circuit becomes a test for tires. Due to the high temperatures expected over the weekend, drivers will need to maintain tire compounds. Soft will be going very fast. Those drivers who are skilled at racing fast and saving the tires at the same time will have a good advantage. Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc are the most skilled in this issue.

The second risk is engine-related. In terms of reliability, high temperatures are a real challenge, especially when it comes to engines. This problem could affect both Scuderia Ferrari drivers and Sergio Perez. Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is better at carrying his engine. However, the Mexican will need to sacrifice speed in order to save the reliability of his RB18’ engine. 

If someone asked about prospects and odds in terms of the weather forecast, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton would come as favorites. 

What are the odds for the French Grand Prix 2022?

Max Verstappen is the bookies’ clear favorite to win the race at Paul Ricard. Charles Leclerc isn’t too far behind as Lewis Hamilton is third. Something tells us not to rush this case. 

Lewis Hamilton is the expert when it comes to keep tires. Such a skill will be a key factor in winning the French Grand Prix 2022. 

Another question is will Mercedes have enough power to overtake Scuderia Ferrari and Red Bull? And the third question is will Red Bull and Ferrari have enough reliability to use their power against rivals? 

Few facts in pursuit

  • The French Grand Prix has a long history of motor racing. The 1906 Grand Prix de l’Automobile Club de France was the first as a Grand Prix, or “Grand Prize”, as they say in French.
  • The circuit Paul Ricard was built in 1969 and named after its sponsor, the pastis magnate. Formula 1’s greatest show began here, when Jackie Stewart won the inaugural race in a Tyrrell 003, in 1971.
  • You may wonder, but it is Slavica Ecclestone who owns Circuit Paul Ricard today. There is a rumor that Bernie Ecclestone’s ex-wife received the right to the track after their divorce. That’s that.
  • Sebastian Vettel has special feelings in France, as it was him, who set the fastest time at Circuit Paul Ricard in 2019 at the wheel of Scuderia Ferrari.
  • For the quality of the action, the French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard was rated by Racefans as unfavourable. It took the last place out of all 32 tracks that have hosted races since 2008.
  • Ligne de Départ or Main Grandstand is the best place to watch Formula 1 at Paul Ricard. The covered grandstand is the most convenient location to see the starting grid, pits boxes, race build up, start and finish.

2022 F1 French Grand Prix schedule (local time)

Organizers of the French Grand Prix decided to give F1 fans the most out of the racing weekend. The French Grand Prix will also feature W Series, Formula 2, and Porsche Mobil Supercup races in addition to the FIA Formula 1. 

Formula 1Team Track Walks09:00 – 11:45
W SeriesPractice Session10:40 – 11:10
FIA Formula 2Practice Session11:35 – 12:20
FIAF1 Car Presentation12:30 – 13:30
Porsche Mobil 1 SupercupPractice Session15:30 – 16:15
FIA Formula 2Qualifying Session18:30 – 19:00
W SeriesQualifying Session19:25 – 19:55
FIA Formula 2Press Conference20:30 – 21:00
FORMULA 1Teams Press Conference10:30 – 11:30
Porsche Mobil 1 SupercupQualifying Session11:10 – 11:40
W SeriesRace (30 Mins +1 Lap)14:50 – 15:25
Formula 1Press Conference17:00 – 18:00
FIA Formula 2Sprint Race (21 Laps or 45 Mins +1 Lap)18:00 – 18:50
FIA Formula 2Feature Race (30 Laps or 60 Mins +1 Lap)09:35 – 10:40
AlpineAlpine Parade10:50 – 11:20
FIA Formula 2Press Conference11:00 – 11:30
Porsche Mobil 1 SupercupRace (13 Laps or 30 Mins)11:45 – 12:20
Formula 1Drivers’ Parade13:00 – 13:30
Formula 1National Anthem14:44 – 14:46
FORMULA 1GRAND PRIX (53 LAPS OR 120 MINS)15:00 – 17:00
Note: Schedule is the subject to change,France is 2 hours ahead of UTC

The Alpine F1 team, returning to their homelands, scheduled special events with Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso to gain additional attention from race fans. Fernando Alonso proved he is unbeatable, but under the rainy conditions.

Sums up:

While the 2022 French Grand Prix won’t make us wonder, the race at Paul Ricard will be a monumental challenge for both the cars and the drivers. Hot, sunny weather conditions will be crucial. That is where surprises could appear. The driver who maintains the tires and drives carefully in order to avoid reliability issues will win. But who? Surely we will know.