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Formula 1 Miami: What Mood Are Drivers In Heading To New Grand Prix?

Formula 1 heads to Miami, the legendary capital of the sport. F1 races in the state of Florida will take place for the first time since 1959 and will provide the opportunity for each team and driver on the grid. In fact, Miami International Autodrome will be a brand new racing circuit in F1 2022 season. Basically, it equalizes the odds for drivers, as they say. All we needed to do after Imola Grand Prix was to set our minds on the right path. That was a precious lesson, both in triumph and defeat. What mood and expectations are drivers in heading to the F1 Miami Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton’s future rests on his shoulders.  

The seven-time Formula 1 world champion has faced difficult times. Following the nearly resolved Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021 scandal, Mercedes started the new season with an upgraded driver lineup to break records. However, something turned out wrong. 

The settings and upgrades result in the separation of airflow and the reduction of down force. The new Mercedes F1 car is bouncing. In fact, both drivers lost the ability to race to podium places. Therefore, people talked that Lewis Hamilton probably should not sign the contract with Mercedes for the 2022 season. Even Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s advisor joined the discussion.

However, Lewis Hamilton doesn’t care what people are saying. Ahead of the Formula 1 race in the state of Florida, the champion pinned a special post on Instagram in the background of his Mercedes F1 team’s boxes. Hamilton powerfully claimed ‘I’ll be the one to decide when my masterpiece is finished’. Powerfully.

Despite that, there is still time to rise, as the Formula 1 Miami round is one of the most coveted events among current F1 drivers and the seven-time world champion is one of those who looks forward to it with great eagerness. The Mercedes team is hoping Miami updates will help address the porpoising issue its W13 has suffered from in 2022.  

If the plan works, the battle for the podium will be even more interesting, as you will see three teams at once for wheel-to-wheel battle. 

Sebastian Vettel keeps pace in his Aston Martin.

F1 driver market talks usually occur in the middle of the season, not at the start. However, this is the first time that even journalists are talking about it right after the Imola Grand Prix. The motor sport journalist, Albert Frega, started the discussion. Sebastian Vettel was under the gun for all the reasons at once. The two-time F1 world champion missed the first two races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia because of a positive Coronavirus test. Nico Hulkenberg had to replace Vettel twice.

Stepping onto the ground of Emilia Romagna, Vettel felt insecure. Thus, disputes arose over the future of the German F1 driver. Alpine driver Fernando Alonso is likely to replace him at Aston Martin.

However, after the 7th place at the Imola Grand Prix, the situation changed. Sebastian Vettel was dropping out, but not from the Aston Martin team, rather from candidates for departure. Also, the Laurence Stroll’s team never ceases to repeat they keep appreciating Sebastian Vettel. Therefore, the Germane, German driver, is in excellent possession of the spirit and, yes, full of hope for F1 Miami Grand Prix, although the Aston Martin car still doesn’t meet expectations.

Fernando Alonso is fueling the rumors.

They have paid a lot of attention to the Alpine driver for the last two weeks. The cameras caught Fernando Alonso in the Red Bull boxes. Such a gesture opened the door to gossip. The Spaniard is an unexpected candidate for the Bull’s team. He does not meet the team’s criteria, as you know. 

Maybe after the failed EL Plan, Fernando Alonso is looking for new opportunities? There is no simple answer to this question, but his future depends entirely on the driver’s standings. With Formula 1 Miami being a brand new race, the most experienced drivers will get the advantage. It will be a new opportunity for the Alpine racer to show his full potential, and his experience will only strengthen him.  

Nicolass Latifi stakes his claim on Williams.

The F1 0222 season started for Latifi with a series of accidents. It is not the beginning they expected.  

Nicholas Latifi has noticeably improved over the course of the season, but it is clear he copes with the changed Williams’ car more poorly than last year. Talking about the early termination of the contract with Williams is premature, as it is possible, but only after the season.

Latifi’s father is, however, a major and direct sponsor of the Williams Formula 1 team. Therefore, the driver can get ready for F1 Miami at a relaxed pace. 

Ahead of Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix: Mick Schumacher and the bad luck.

Mick Schumacher had been racing well when Nikita Mazepin was his teammate. However, Kevin Magnussen replaced Mazepin and reached the top 6, breaking expectations. At such a background, Mick Schumacher found nothing to counter the results of Magnussen. Even the brother of Michael Schumacher, Ralf, is also claiming – “that was not a good race”. 

Although Mick Schumacher starts the season in the middle, as he needs time to get used to the brand-new car, he needs to improve his results now. Also, he has tremendous support from Scuderia Ferrari. In contrast, Miami Grand Prix will be a challenge and nerve-wracking experience for Haas’s driver; the reason is the same – a brand new circuit. 

The issues on the agenda for the FIA Formula 1

How many sprints are there in the season? 

The start of the first ever sprint race in Silverstone made it a real estate hotspot in 2021. F1 fans are happy with the updated weekend format, while some drivers race for the pole positions, but that was at the beginning. 

After three races, F1 sprint races are a very expensive event for the teams. Because of the high risk, the Formula 1 budget cap needs to be increased. So, the positive announcement that “all F1 races will include sprints” changes to “8 sprints for the season” and is lowered to six events for the 2022 season. 

The disputes are still on the agenda. The choice is between three and six sprints per season. Also, the opportunity to change the format of the sprints. Thus, Mercedes driver George Russell called for the mini race to be 50% longer than 100 kms. 

Among the technical issues, they also discussed the use of 11 compound sets of tires instead of 13 per weekend. Starting next year, they will introduce a mandatory helmet camera. In this way, we will actually see the race with “driver’s eyes” 

Who will be the race director for Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, or Michael Massi won’t be back?

Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich, both FIA F1 race directors, tested positive for covid-19 and both have a few chances to attend the F1 Miami Grand Prix. Despite the predictions, after the long story, Michael Masi is not on the replacement candidate list. 

Formula E and Extreme E race director Scot Elkins, FIA consultant Colin Heywood and Permanent Senior Advisor to the FIA Race Directors Herbie Blash are the main pretends. 

Alongside there were two days for Pirelli tyre testing in Imola. Robert Kubica got behind the wheel of Alfa Romeo, while Carlos Sainz faced problems with his Scuderia Ferrari. The Spanish F1 driver is not worried about the car’s reliability yet, but he still has reasons to hurry. Charles Leclerc racing at a step up from Carlos Sainz, or it’s just bad luck, as they say.