Rally Monte Carlo 2022

Five worthwhile reasons to watch the Rally Monte Carlo 2022!

It is said that the Monte Carlo Rally, as an event, has a dangerous charm that visitors will remember for a long time. It could change their lives and turn them into true racing fans. That is what it is all about! Traditionally, the WRC Challenge – Rally in Monaco brings together the stars of motorsport from all over the world, such is the size of the event. Rally Monte Carlo 2022 will be the 90th edition, and here are five worthwhile reasons to watch it.

Thierry Neuville
Thierry Neuville

#1. Touched Hyundai Motorsport Team.

After two years of leading the WRC Manufacturers’ Championship in 2019 and 2021, something went wrong. It was the unacceptable defeat of Hyundai Motorsport to lose the cup from their hands and give Toyota Gazoo Racing. Pretty clear that these guys will continue to struggle with more pressure, even if the situation has turned them upside down. Monte Carlo Rally is the season opener of the FIA World Rally Championship 2022 calendar and still a great opportunity to compete with the combative Hyundai as a rally team has plenty to offer! December brought the brave a lot of news, they had to fight a lot of trouble.

At the pre-season tests for new Rally1 cars, the main character of the cinema “fading WRC title” Thierry Neuville and co-driver Martijn Wydaeghe are involved in a serious crash. The new Hyundai car had to be evacuated from the river. Both drivers are well, but it is not a good start to get to know each other. Two days later, the new change came into the minds of Hyundai Motorsport. The conqueror of the hearts of rally fans, team principal Andrea Adamo retired. It is still hard to imagine anyone else representing Hyundai Motorsport’s interests better in the FIA World Rally Championship.

But let’s leave the sad tones behind us, because Thierry Neuville assures us that there is no reason to worry. It has to be said that he is telling the truth, because Hyundai is the only team presenting its new Rally1 car for the first time. Toyota and M-sport Ford proved to be more modest and are waiting for the official presentation on 15 January. Such a checkmate from the team proves once again – Hyundai will push hard at the every stage at the Rally Monte Carlo 2022!

Thierry Neuville,by WRC official
Thierry Neuville,by WRC official

#2. Hungry for the victories Thierry Neuville.

Yes, the defeat of Hyundai Motorsport was not only a problem for the team. Current HMSG driver Thierry Neuville was always so close to the coveted trophy, but… still not enough. From 2016 to 2019, there were too many drivers who were willing to do everything to get his talent and skills. He finished the season as World Championship runner-up for four years in a row. Thus, Thierry Neuville was already touched in 2020.

At that moment, 2019 World Rally Champion Ott Tanak left the Toyota Gazoo Racing to embark on the best adventure with Hyundai… to win with the team! To be fair, Thierry Neuville has driven for HMSG for more than eight years. He joined the team in 2014. Now is the time to prove everything he deserves, and Rally Monte Carlo 2022 is the best time to start doing so.

Rally Monte Carlo
Rallye Monte-Carlo

#3. Rally Monte Carlo 2022 opens the clear path to the top of the WRC.

Another reason why Thierry Neuville could not win the World Championship during his eight years at Hyundai is probably that Sebastien Ogier got it from 2014 to 2018. However, since 2022 in the FIA Rally World Championship, all driver line-up have the chance. Sebastien Ogier remains in the WRC, but as a part-time job.

There are all the drivers who want to proclaim themselves world rally champions. There is Ogier’s partner in Toyota Gazoo Racing – a talented man of speed – Elfyn Evans. He has already proved to everyone that “only one second” is his second name. Ott Tanak is a legendary Estonian rally driver who wants to prove his strength once again.

Toyota is ready to deal with all its heavy artillery of drivers endlessly. Finnish star Kale Rowanpera is already thinking about an insidious plan for the taking the top of the WDC. Japanese Takamoto Katsuta is also ready to answer. In short, everyone will fight and immediately at the Monte Carlo Rally. Of course, M-Sport Ford as a team is quite humble against such a background, but even they have a chance. And it is not that Sebastian Loeb is on board.

Breen crash ahead Rally Monte Carlo 2022
Craig Breen’s accident ahead Rally Monte Carlo

#4. The case is the golden hands.

We can probably keep saying that the FIA World Rally Championship 2022 is a whole new era. Everything up to the hybrid means brand new Rally1 cars, which means that the rule “the fastest wins” does not work. The most talented win. The driver with golden hands will be the fastest, that is, the one who finds a common language with completely new rally cars the fastest. By the way, that’s what the drivers are doing right now. Someone likes Rally1 cars, someone doesn’t fit, but the Rallye Monte Carlo is coming very soon. The event may take place in an unpredictable scenario, but the truth is that we will see and hear what Rally1 cars are only at the Monte Carlo Rally. A good reason to make an impression, right? Who knows, maybe M-Sport Ford has prepared a surprise for us.

French Alps at Rally Monte-Carlo

#5. Rally Monte Carlo 2022 is something special.

Monte Carlo Rally is a worthwhile event, as it is one of the most famous in motorsport. It attracts the attention of rally fans from all over the world. Alpine is also one of the sponsors, which means that, just as in 2021, the Alpine F1 drivers will also attend the Rally Monte Carlo. Once again, the central streets of Monaco will be bathed in colorful lights and illuminating with joy the main characters of the rally and VIP guests.

To see the event, you can as always on the WRC All Live. There are also available cameras on board, highlights and reps. Depending on changes of the Rally1 cars, there will be some new updates of reps of different cameras. The subscription is paid about 9 euros per month.