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Welcome to the Grixme’s Formula 1 blog category! We gathered all the informational posts about F1 under this label so you easily navigate the website.

What is interesting here? We tried to stand out from the traditional news and rumors. Therefore, here you can find insights into the F1 cars: their speed and technologies, explaining how they work.

Also, under this topic, we’re revealing insights on the F1 drivers’ personalities, who they are, what they like and do not, talking about their zodiac signs, musical tastes, who they are friends with and not, and even more, talking about the challenging profession of a driver in Formula 1.

We’re also publishing the information, based on the news, but as we decided to set apart the rumors, we’re suggesting our own opinion about new regulations, changes, and schedules.

As for the schedule, every race week, we’re placing the preview of the races on what to expect, including the facts and thrilling stories to keep our readers updated.

F1 fans can find tips, advice, and recommendations on good movies and books about Formula 1 under this topic.

In Formula 1, we stand for each one to have their own opinion on the sport, having their own favorite driver and the team as in this way, the sport develops right.

How much do F1 drivers make

How Much Money Do F1 Drivers Make?

Formula One (F1) racing is one of the most lucrative sports in the world. Have you ever wondered how much the drivers behind the wheel are making? The answer might…