F1 testing days are over, what explanations can we derive from them?

F1 testing days
Formula 1, photo from f1.com official

F1 testing days provide an opportunity to get an impression: for the first time, racing drivers will learn “how the car feels on the track.” While Formula 1 fans will find the look of Formula 1 cars that only came onto the racing circuit a few days ago. Team engineers will also create the knowledge base about new cars. Together, we can propose who will take the lead in the new season, which F1 car is more beautiful, which is more reliable and which drivers have done very good homework to prepare for the new race. Each of the F1 testing days is the other day with a new dose of understanding about the car.


F1 testing
Formula 1 tests Bahrain Day 1


2021 F1 testing: Day 1 

The first day started happily for everyone except Mercedes F1 and Haas. Charles Leclerc also retired at the end of the session due to engine problems. Lap speed was in same time of last year’s Bahrain Grand Prix race, 5 seconds up to pole position time in 2020.

F1 testing
Formula 1 tests Bahrain Day 2


2021 F1 testing: Day 2

The second day brought an amazing performance of the Alpine F1 team, nobody knew what kind of magic Fernando Alonso uses, but it worked as well as he got behind the wheel of the Formula 1 car.

2021 F1 testing: Day 3

Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton were frustrated: Scuderia Ferrari had gearbox problems, Mercedes AMG F1 44 withdrew from Bahrain racing circuit. Although this day ended with the best results of Honda and Scuderia Ferrari engines.

Formula 1 tests Bahrain Day 3
Formula 1 tests Bahrain Day 3


What explanations can we derive from?

F1 testing days is acquaintances with new Formula 1 cars, it’s not time for getting bets for F1 2021 season. Although some secrets were find out.

P1: Unexpected Aston Martin F1′ beginning.

During past year Formula 1 2020 season, there was pretty clear Aston Martin’s goal to get the podium into the F1 world championship, Laurence Stroll is constantly makes it clear. But F1 testing days shows the opposite picture with gorgeous green f1 car. Maybe they hide the natural car”s power? Although even Sebastian Vettel ended testing session ahead of schedule, because of technical problems. Anyway, this is not the combat racing form that we expect to see from Aston Martin’s coming back.

P2: Honda’s power.

Honda will withdraw from Formula 1 after 2021, but it doesn’t prevent to leading the standings during F1 testing sessions. Red Bull F1 team as Alpha Tauri using Honda’ engines. If teams with Honda’ engines will having the same result at the races, then this is a clear contender for the leaders. However, Honda, as you know, has one thing – and that is reliability’s question. Will Red Bull and Alpha Tauri as reliable as it is fast?

F1 testing days
Red Bull F1 team charged by Honda’s power

P3: McLaren F1 – It’s plain enough.

Filled up with Renault’s engine, both McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo are ready for racing fight for podium prizes. Pretty clear, to be no lower than fifth place is the fixed task for McLaren this F1 2021 season. Being on shown pace is the achievable goal.

P4: Nikita Mazepin and bad karma.

Formula 1 drivers believe in signs, that’s no secret. Karma is a subjective thing, but it can accumulate, as in Nikita Mazepin’s case, as if an invisible counter puts a negative mark on each of his actions. Almost the entire Formula 1 paddock points the finger so that people don’t say anything unnecessary. It could work sooner or later. For now russian driver did comment about Lewis Hamilton.


P5: Dizzying Mercedes F1

In terms of pace, the Mercedes F1 team is not at the height of its racing form. Lewis Hamilton admitted that Red Bull is faster. It’s that we can all see, but is that a real Mercedes speed? What if the financial crisis due to a pandemic has affected the F1 team? The questions are unanswered, that we can only test it experimentally at the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix on 26 and 28 March.


P6: A class F1 drivers

No matter what anyone says, Kimi Raikkonen can drive with his eyes closed, because there is no other way to evaluate his work on the F1 testing days. Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen also deserve special attention, their racing talent grows with time. These guys are 100% ready!

We have an interesting 2021 season ahead of us. At the moment, most F1 teams are ready to fight Mercedes: a confident Aston Martin, a points-oriented McLaren, a supercharged Alpine F1 and an absolutely fast Red Bull. Moreover, today many drivers are hungry for victories and everyone would like to put an end to Lewis Hamilton’s proposals.